Monday, November 30, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Christmas-y Nails for Beginners

Happy Monday friends! :)  Positivity is always the right attitude to start a Manic Monday like this!  A dear friend Anastacia requested for a very simple nail art that doesn't use any stickers, it has been a long time request so dear, I hope you like this! :)

Step 1:
Apply base coat prior to polish application.  Using ELF Polish in Gum pink, apply 2 coats and let dry.  You can use any matte polish as a base for this tutorial.

Step 2:
Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in White, quickly create several lines like the previous one I've done for my Fimo Nails.  

Step 3:
Using Prettynails' baby pink glitter 2 way nail art pen, create lines on top of the white lines to create an illussion of a "snow capped" pink mountain! hahaha

Step 4:
Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in Sparkly Red, do the same strokes as Steps2-3 and do not cover all the "white" portion.

Step 5:
Apply rhinestones as needed.  I want it simpler so I used one on each fingers and more on thumbnails.

Step 6:
Top your art with your favorite top coat.

Enjoy your simple nail art
It looks festive and you're ready for Christmas season!

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. pretty, as usual ^^ it's funny because here it's still sunday :p

  2. wow! i feel like its christmas time looking at ur nails!duh, its Dec anyway! as usual, well done!

  3. Cuuute! Reminds me of candy :D ♥

  4. wow, feel the Christmas atmosphere already!

  5. i want to try nail art, but i'm very clumsy! i don't think i could ever do it myself!!

  6. Soooo dainty, as always. Christmasy indeed. reminds me of candy canes.

  7. Aw... This is the prettiest Christmas Nail Art I've seen ^.^

  8. Love the nails. They're very girly and festive!

  9. Gorgeous!! Reminds me of candy canes and Christmas!

  10. Carine, that's why I'm tagged as the "future girl" by someone LOL :)

    kavukz, thanks dear!

    e.motion in motion, candy canes right? I'll do a candy cane nails probably in the future :)

    Lavender, thanks

    Catherine, I'm glad you find it cute! :)

    mimi, give it a try, who knows?

    Liza! thanks sweetie, how have you been

    Xin,sister! How are you? How's everything there? I do miss you!

    Chelle, thank you

    Gio, glad you like it

    JC, I seriously do not plan this to come out as Christmasy theme, but it did turned out that way :)

  11. This is beauitful! And looks fairy simple to do. I think I may give it a whirl!

  12. owh my
    pretty for christmas :)
    urgh i've been so busy
    havent had time to deal with my nails

  13. B, hey girlfriend! Have you received the package?

    LyNn, everyone's getting busy this Christmas season :) Take care!

  14. hi.. :) i really like your nail art tutorial posts.. i found this also on the net that i think you might be interested.. it is a blog about a girl who bought a lot of nail polish and challenged herself to do different nail arts every single day.. hope you enjoy reading it as i did.. god bless.. :)

  15. C U T E! till this day i'm still amazed by your ability to do both hands!

  16. Deeh, thanks for the visit

    Mona, thank you sweetie!

  17. Very creative! This would be perfect for Valentine's Day with the colors.

  18. Kassi, thanks dear

    Sugar Bunnie, thanks!

  19. Love everything about this mani!

  20. Very pretty...nice tutorial....:)


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