Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: H&E Restaurant

Heaven & Eggs has always been a favorite restaurant of ours, family gatherings, friends meet up, it's a perfect place to go.  It has always been known for it's "sky painted" walls, swing chairs, I love that place!

When we were strolling around Glorietta Makati, a new "vamped up" Heaven & Eggs was seen.  It's darker, edgier, and just plain opposite from the original! 

The moment you go in, it's a totally different ambiance and there's a song from the Beatles playing.  Yes, they are into "Rocker" theme.  The chairs are simple and not as cute as the previous one.  When menus are served, I've found a couple of familiar dishes but my favorite dishes are gone!  I missed the Oriental Salad with Hoisin Sauce..bring it back people!


Rock  You Like A Hurricane
Php349.00 (approx $7.60)

Grilled beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon
with strings of crunchy potatoes with quail eggs


Korean Beef Stew
Php245.00 (approx $5.33)

Seriously, why in the world would I order a Korean dish in a non Korean restaurant?
It's tempting!  And I'm glad I did, it tastes wonderful!  
The beef is soft to taste and the sauce blends in perfectly with the rice!  
It's served with shredded eggs, green bell pepper and crunchy carrots!


Rockstar Iced Tea
Php95.00 (approx 2.00)

Nothing spectacular, tastes like regular iced tea 
and I can find cheaper bottomless ones
(you know I can lol)


The food tastes great still, I don't know why they changed the look of their restaurant, whatever their reasons are, at least the food wasn't disappointing, we went out with happy stomach!

Oh yeah, prepare for an additional 10% service charge and they accept both cash and credit :)

Have a great day!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Mmmm..the dishes looks good esp the been tender loin.

    aw man, thats a bummer that they took out your fav dish from the menu :/

  2. Oh yum they look so good!!! Wow it looks like such a peaceful little place- so nice :)

  3. Sarah :) It does look peaceful coz there's not much customers when we were there :)

    Becky, yeah, I know! They should bring it back!

    Lipstck Rules, thanks Michelle!

  4. i haven't been in glorieta in such a long time, i didn't know they spruced up H&E!!!!! everything looks good!!

  5. i love the old theme of clouds and the sky. that's one of the reasons why i love it. i'm a bit disappointed they changed it.

  6. The food still look yummy but yeah, they vamped up the look of their resto. :P

  7. I am salivating over that beef stew!!

    Thanks for sharing...your tummy always has such great taste!

  8. JC, awwww I do have great taste when it comes to food :)

    Mimi, me too! I haven't been there for a month or more I guess, so it's nice to see something different and give it a try!

    Pammy,so true, the food are still consistently great, but they removed a lot of their bestsellers in their menu

    Dustbunny, same here! I miss the swing!!!

  9. It looks like a really nice place. And the food looks yunmmy too.

  10. Gio, it is a wonderful place! thanks for commenting Gio!

  11. Oh, I like this look better! Maybe they had trouble cleaning the interiors of the white and light blue concept. :)

  12. You're right Cara, could be, and maybe, they just wanted something different!


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