Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Zebra Nails... My First Ever

Seeing almost 50 Nail Art Tutorials, you wouldn't find any "zebra" prints, it's funny how I've thought about it but never tried to do it...why?  I am seriously not into zebra prints!  As you all know, my nail art is basically my personality and "feisty-ness" is definitely not Nikki-ness! But recently, I got so many zebra print requests, so I got to do what's challenging right?  Nothing to much to gain!

This nail art for the week is very special to me because I've done this for you.. my dear readers who are so nice to me!  I've decided to wear this nail art for one week and I am thanking you all for the requests because I am starting to love this!

Here's my first ever zebra nails on hot yellow polish! :)  I wanted it funky yet dainty at the same time so I added some rhinestones...

Step 1:

Apply base coat prior to nail polish application to protect the nails.  Apply 2 coats of Elianto Bright Yellow polish (thanks to my friend Shanna for gifting me this)

Step 2:

Making sure the base polish is dry, use L.A. Colors Art Deco in Black and randomly paint it in different directions.  

Step 3:

Using the same L.A. Colors Art Deco Polish in Black, create zebra stripes.  Always remember to take things slowly but surely, nail art doesn't have to be perfect! My trial and error paid off!  I can draw zebra prints with both hands!

Step 4:

Apply Rhinestones if you want.  This step is optional.

Step 5:

Making sure the black zebra stripes are completly dry.  Top the nail art with a silver polish to create a bit of glitter.  I am using Caronia's Silver Glitter.

Step 6:

Top everything with your favorite top coat to protect the nail art and the rhinestones.

My nails for the week!
Trivia: Guess where I studied in college with my nails! 

Now I want to know!
Are you a dainty flower girl?
Or are you a fierce zebra print girl?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Your drawing is actually very neat...for pattern like this I would probably go for those nail stamping tools to save some time and trouble. (But then my nail beds are too small so they will still make a mess)

  2. ooo I like it! This nice twist of a zebra print from the common black and white is really cool! I like bumble bee colors :)

  3. This is such a cute look! Love it!

  4. That makes it a tiger NOTD then! :) Great, great tut. I LOLd on feistyness is not Nikki-ness. Haha, I can't imagine you being feisty but I know you can be tough when the need arises :)

    Morning, Nikki! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, that looks amazing!
    AHHHHHHH, my FAVORITE nail art from you so far! :D

    (Mind the fact that my favorite color is yellow. But even without that factored in, I love it! It looks so Lady Gaga-ish. I luurrrve it! Hmmm I would definitely do this if I had the skill but without the rhinestone blingage, lol!) :D


  6. i am loving zebra prints lately.. this one is really cool!nice work nikki as always..:D

  7. What a lovely bright zebra nails!
    Love it Nikki!

  8. OMG Nikki!! This one's too adorable!! Me really likey!!! I adore zebra prints!! hehehe!! :D

    How i wish i'm as talented as you are!! :D

  9. your nails are soooooo awesome! you're the best!!

  10. I'm a fierce zebra print girl =D Can I tell you a secret? I'm sooo not into florals/daintyness, that I feel "bakla" when I wear one.Haha! I dunno why I feel that way, I absolutely adore daintyness when I see it on other girls, but it's awkwad on me!! Sad! LOL.

    Nice tut Niks, this will take forever for me to do! =P

  11. so so neat! love the bright yellow NP, can't wait to try this one nikki, thank for all the tutorials!

    God bless you!

  12. We have a Thomasian :) Cute nails!

  13. I LOVE this! I think this has to be one of my favourite tutorials from you!

  14. Citrine, I don't think nail stamping tools would work for my weird nail shape too! I've tried stamping tools but I think I enjoy drawing more than anything...well only on nails! I hate drawing on papers! lol I always get just the passing mark for drawing class!

    Lulu, thank you!!! I like the combination, probably got inspired by my school color LOL and true, they are bumblebee colors too!

    Catherine, thank you!

  15. Teeyah, hahaha you are so right, I may not be the feisty type but when the time calls for it, I will be as feisty as ever, come to think of it, you're right, I've gone through so much :) Thanks for the vote of confidence friend, hope to meet you someday :)

    Maggie, really? must be a zebra print lover then? Lady gaga-ish, you made me laugh!

    Donnarence, wow! thanks for liking this nail art, a lot of people who sees me find this quite over the top for my personality, but hey, its nice to shock people!

  16. Shuu, thank you!

    Jenn, you? Zebra print girl ? I've always thought of you as the sweet dainty flower type of girl!

    Yummy 411, thank you sweetie for brightening up my day

  17. The NeurochiQ, I can tell! hahahha I know what you mean about being "Bakla" when you're girly! I have a feeling we'll be cool when we meet, I have a lot of friends like you and sis! I can be as "bakla" as ever! :)

    Ela, thank you sweetie, you're very much welcome on my tuts! God bless you too!

    Karysa, go go go thomasian! Are you one too?

    Abby, I definitely didn't plan to do a school "rivalry" thingy, but I seriously did this and ended up reminded me of my school, not intended to do a school nails! :)

  18. your nails look so hot!! good work! :D i'm still struggling to do regular nail painting. hehe

  19. Nikki, you're a Thomasian too! :P I agree that your nails are screaming GO USTE! :P

  20. I LOVE IT! Would totally do it if I could but I'm not that talented ><

  21. cool nail art... ive always been wanting to do something like that :) keep it up

  22. Ang galing.... good job! nice blog :)

  23. I don't have enough words to say how much I love this zebra nails! Just amazing! wow! Very lovely colors combination!

  24. thats so cute...but for zebra look i much like to use the konad stamping plate for it easy to use & save not so into in animal print... have a day girl!!

  25. wow sis!!!! I really love this!!!!!!!!! I don't think I can draw this without using the stamp! awesome!! *impressed*

  26. Nikki, no, I'm from somewhere further north ;) But my parents, sister, and all my Mom's family is UST. :) I'm subscribed to your RSS feed, thanks for the daily entries! Something to look forward to when I log on to the internet everyday :D

  27. Just call me Dang, Niks =) Or I'll call you AskMeWhats forever, LOL.
    Haha, yeah, I mean being "bakla" sometimes isn't bad, gay means "happy" after all right =D

    And it'll be cool to meet you too, and share some of your daintyness to me naman ha! =P

  28. Ang gandaa!! But knowing me, this wil probably only last me 3 days max. Haha

  29. Arezu, wow ! This is your favorite? Thank you!

    Connie, awwww..onlyl my nails look hot? How about me??? *sniff sniff* :P

    Pammy, yes! I'm a Thomasian! *high five*!

  30. e.motion in motion, I'm sure you can manage :)

    Artistix , yey! I'm glad you like this post, I guess a lot of girls like the zebra print except me! What's wrong with me?

    DSK Steph, thank you! :)

  31. Aline, thanks for visiting and hope to see you again!

    Anastacia, girl! I've seen your nail art and you are good with color combination and art! so don't even think mine is amazing you've done enough amazing nail art yourself!

    Thriszha, I don't know why I don't use Konad...I have the plates and the stamping took gifted to me by my friend in HK, but I don't know why I still reach out for pens!

  32. Prettybeautiful sis! yes you can my dear! I'm your sister remember? You've always said you can't do it but when you try, I'm sure you can! You can even pull this off even better I can sense it li'l sis!

    Karysa, ahh wow Family of Thomasian, same with you, my brothers, sister, aunts are all from UST too :) Thank you for subscribing, that is too nice of you to say that you look forward for my daily post! That gives me the drive to post more useful stuffs for readers like you :)

    DANG! Ayan! hahah you scared me when you said you'll call me "Askmewhats" that doesn't sound nice! sure, we can be bakla and dainty together! Can't wait...probably meet up with Teeyah too! I'd love to meet her too!

    Caby, awww, really? Super scrub ka ba? Me, I'm used to being super careful with my nails, I still do household chores but I try not to use my fingernails to do stuffs :)
    But don't get me wrong, I've got a couple of nail accidents loads of times :)

  33. wow! Nice. I though you use the zebra prints sticker. Good drawing.

  34. i'll go for zebra prints nikki...i also feel awkward when trying to be girly girly. :D

    i wish i am talented as you. i can hardly keep a line straight when trying to draw using my left hand! lol

  35. i really like this one! I think I'm gonna try it :) thanks hun!


  36. nikki oh nikki
    how do you do it?
    drawing those nail art so neatly!

  37. Wow fabulous nail art! I think if u use black and white will be great too. Hope to try out one day....

  38. Omg! Your nails are HOT! I love them!! Keep up the great work!

  39. I love this SO much! My favorite animal print is zebra, I have it on so many things. Thank you for the tutorial too!

  40. Jyoan, wow! thinking it as stickers is a great compliment thank you!

    Sis Jheng! :) Thanks for saying so :) How have you been?

    Jo, goodluck and enjoy!

  41. LyNn, thanks sweetie, I guess its just time on my hands and passion :) Thank you for liking it!

    Lavender, I think it'll look great in black and white but I just want something out of ordinary :)

    Linda, thank you! I'll try to do more nail art in the future :)

    Neeyuh, thank you sweetie

  42. OMG *faints* it is fierce alright! And they look so easy to do! I have to try them out one day (hopefully :P)

  43. Love the nails, they are so pretty and cool. And what a nice color combo too! You did a great job!

  44. it's nice!
    its so wildly fierce
    parehas lang ata yung meaning

    pero i like how you add a touch of sassi-ness with the rhinestones!

  45. WOW! You did this free hand? I thought it was those Konad stamping kits!

    I love it, the color contrast is really nice and the rhinestones adds a feminine touch to the rather edgy-ish nails!

  46. Ohmigoodness Nikki, this is amaziiiiing!! I'm not a zebra print kind of girl either but I would SO rock this. I wonder if I have a konad that looks like this...I think I do. Awesome work!

  47. Sue, don't faint! :) thank you so much! You will try this soon! Give it a try, seriously, i thought it was super hard, it's not that bad, and it's stripes you can go wobbly and it'll still be ok :)

    Gio, thank you so much! I'm glad you like the "bee" nails! :)

    ~tHiAmErE~, hahaha so cute, wildly fierce! I felt so Tyra Banks :) hehehe

  48. ~Lisa, awww thinking this is Konad sounds wonderful! thank you!!!

    B, this nail art is so you!!! you can surely rock this!

  49. This is my fave! Love love love it! Maybe I should attempt to copy it or bring a picture of it next time I get my nails done? lol

  50. this is unbelievable nikki! you do the cutest nail art! =)

    and sush, what a great idea! lol.

  51. Wow, I love your nail art! I'm trying to learn how to do the zebra stripes so I'm glad someone out there made a complete tutorial. But I was wondering...what brand of black nail polish do you use? I'm trying to find one with a really skinny brush.

  52. Hi!

    I've been following your blog and I think it's really great! I just want to ask if you have a black and white version of the zebra print nails or if you have done leopard print nails already.

    Thanks! :-)


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