Thursday, November 5, 2009

AMW Reviews: L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray

HAIRSPRAY, I'll probably think about this...

Hairspray was never a necessity in my daily "beauty" living as I hate the fact of putting something stiff on my hair, I don't like it when my hair is constricted.  Being a makeup artist, hairstyles and hairdos are sometimes part of your responsibility, I may not be good with hair but when the need arises, just like my passion for make-up, I want to use the best hair products as possible!

I remembered seeing this really tall, bronzey gold packaging on my wedding day!  The first thing I asked?  "Is it good?" "How much does it cost?"  I don't quite remember the answer but all I remember was me thinking..."Damn!  That's expensive!"

I swear, it overcame humidity, stress, a lot of running here and there're intrigued what hairspray brand?

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray
in Strong Hold

L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray says ---

Classic hair spray that gives a flexible hold without leaving residues;  it easily disappears at the stroke of a brush.

Effect: Flexible hold hairspray, no flakes
Hair type: All Hair types
Hold Factor: Strong (4/6)
Size: 500ml
Made in: Spain

AMW says ---

  • gives a nice hold
  • hair stays shiny, no fake stiff hair look
  • non-sticky at all
  • no flakes after brushing
  • versatile (for upstyles, curls, volumizing)
  • doesn't feel heavy on hair
  • packaging is great, very professional looking and nothing fancy

  • smells like old hairsprays, think of Aqua Net but this smells a bit better
  • the scent stays :(
  • extremely flammable!  always be careful when using such products
  • quite pricey as compared to other hairsprays

This is "THE HAIRSPRAY" for a lot of hairstylist!  I've been to a couple of events or shoots and I never fail to see this around.  No wonder stylist all over the world rave about this hairspray!  I am glad my stylist used this on my wedding day!  I never felt a single strand of my hair fell out of place!

I am not sure if locally we have all types of hold available but I believe there's an Extra Strong Hold somewhere in the world :)

Moving forward, I felt comfortable taking this along to gigs!  As this product, is tested by yours truly and it passed!


from L'Oreal
  • apply to dry or slightly damp hair.  To add more volume, spray on the roots
  • never expose in high temperature
from AMW
  •  if you want your hairstyle to last, do not use conditioner prior to styling
  • use a wide toothed comb to detangle
  • it is best to wash your hair with warm water and clarifying shampoo to prevent product build up
  • try not to use in confined space, avoid spraying on eye area
  • if irritations occur, STOP using product completely!
  • for extreme hairstyles, do treat your hair with hair treatment to regain its strength and shine

Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?

At leading salons (ex. David's, Jesi Mendez, Piandre, etc...) for Php680.00 (approx $14.50)

Here's a stolen shot of my hair!  I'm glad someone took this shot as I don't even know how the back of my head looks like on my wedding day!  My hairstylist used L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hair Spray (yes, I took notice!) at around 7:00am...I was busy chatting with my Godmother I believe! :P

After Church Ceremony, Portrait shots, Long Reception program with a lot of table hopping and greeting of the guests... the photographer took this shot while Keith and I were resting on the "Emperor's" chair!  It was past 12 midnight!  Take a look at my hair!  My hair has always been layered and I've got fringes too, look at how neat it still looks :)

Seriously good stuff!
I love it!
Now, looking back at the wedding photos! 
Time flies so fast...
Keith and I just celebrated our 2nd year Wedding Anniversary :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. that's a classic! i love that hairspray too :)

  2. wow! can really hold for the whole day :) gotta recommend this on my sister's wedding :)

    Congratulations to you and your hubby :) More anniversary to come...

  3. Wow - looks great! If I am ever in the market for a hairspray, I will know where to look. =)

  4. this hairspray could really hold up. :) you're both so cute in the pic ni keith!! we'll steal this pose for our big day.. :) hehehe!

  5. Your hair looks so neat, and the hairpiece is lovely, but the best part is, the picture of you & Keith! You are so cute together Niks! =)

  6. Such beautiful styling! And you look cute, too.

    Ah, I should grab a bottle of this hairspray. I need something that can hold my curls really well. Speaking of which, does this weigh down curls?

  7. I super love your hairdo on your wedding day!! So classy and elegant!! :D Thanks for the review! :D

    And awww... you and your husband look too cute together!! :D

  8. loveeee the hair! so nice! er hem, its about time i need to survey for hair style. lol. happy 2 year anniversary sistahh :D and hope to see a baby nikki soonnn ^_^

  9. Happy Anniversary, Nikki and Keith! Any plans for a baby?
    I remember those Aqua Net sprays way back in high school--- ugh!

  10. love the hair nikki! gosh ang ganda ganda! and the spray net did a good job tlaga ha! can you post more wedding pix *wink*

  11. You look so good together. Happy Anniversary to you and Keith, Nikki. :) And the hair is fantastic. :)

  12. Ugh sometimes I just can't stand the scent of hairsprays. Too bad the scent lingers, huh? :(

    Happy anniversary to you & hubby. What a cute couple! hehe :)

  13. I used to hunt for this hairspray when I was obsessing on curling my hair haha! But I didn't find it so I opted for Citre Shine and up until now I can't finish a whole big bottle of hairspray, good for my hair though! =p

  14. Manju, thank you! :) It is a very simple 'do that I requested :)

    Ayn, yes, it held really well and it was super hard to remove though! LOL I had to wash my hair at 2am! Thanks for the well wishes!

    Catherine, yes, do take a look at it! :)

  15. Shen, thank you sis! Sure, I'm sure both of you can do more beautiful poses!

    Dang, awww thanks for liking the photos!

    Tish, thank you! To answer your query, no it doesn't weigh down your hair and it works to hold your curls with the bounce still :)

  16. Jenn, thank you too for enjoying the photos!

    prettybeautiful, sister!!! You gotta have a hairstyle in mind and let your stylist know so he/she will know if it'll suit your facial structure!!!

    Nikkiz, we are both ready for baby :) So anytime that the Lord permits, we are ready :)

  17. Elsa, hahahah I think I have them all at Multiply account :) you can check it out :)

    Pammy, thanks for the well wishes adn thanks for liking "my look" on my wedding day!

    Fifi, I know! it just lingers especially on a hot climate!

    Chelle, hahahha I know what you mean, I've been hunting for this hairspray too especially with readers query on how good this really is! :)

  18. Elnett is AMAZING, and so is your look on your wedding day!!

    You and Keith are so sweet together!

  19. I love your hair, it's so beautiful and classy! You and your husband look so cute together. Happy anniversary!

  20. JC, yay! you love Elnett too? thanks for the compliment :)

    gio, awww..thank you sweetie for always leaving me such sweet comments, you never fail to make me smile :D

  21. congrats on your anniv! i saw this hairspray when i went to france last summer and i seriously regret not buying this. how was i supposed to know that i'd go to makeup school and start "learning" how to style hair?? haha. and now if i want to buy it locally i'll have to deal with a big price mark-up LOL

  22. ThanQ for share the wedding day pictures! Feels so happy!!
    Lovely hair do! Looks amazing!

  23. Happy 2nd Anniversary to you and Keith!

  24. your wedding hair is soooo gorgeous!!

  25. Crystal, I know what you mean! It's always a package no? Makeup with hair talaga! and I saw how important a good hairspray is! And don't forget Crystal! The curl boosters :)

    Anastacia, thank you :)

    Liz, thank you sweets!

    Connie, awww.."hugs" my dear!

  26. this was the first time i see your adorable together!

  27. Oh! I saw this at my drugstore! When I saw it, I was like DANG, that's expensive for drugstore!! But this released TWO years ago? I swear, this released this year..-.-

    & You look great for your wedding day!! I love your hairstyle and you and your hubby is so cute together! Happy Belated 2nd Anniversary! =D

  28. jojoba , awww really? Well I'm glad you finally see my hubby on photos! :) he is an "unsung" hero who helps me take photos! :)

    Lisa, I believe this is quite pricey in the US and in Canada, but its darn cheap in Europe! I guess that's how expensive "importing" a product is :) thanks for enjoying the wedding photo and thanks for the greeting :)

  29. aww love the wedding picture! and your hair looks really pretty! :D

  30. oh! yes! the smells is so ugly! :(
    love your blog!

  31. I luuuuurv your hairdo on your big day. :-)

    As for hairspray, I'm not so into them. :-/ It's so humid here in SG, that hairstyling products, no matter how good, don't last.

  32. I was searching reviews on Elnett and came across your blog. Great wedding photos. They did a great job on your hair and and I see the hairspray helped to keep it in place. I purchased it and looking forward to using it ASAP. Thanks for sharing!


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