Friday, November 6, 2009

Reader's Corner

Happy Friday people!  Today's post is dedicated to readers' query.  I haven't been doing this much because I've been answering queries directly! I believe I have to learn so much still, so I will definitely open this comment section for people who can add up to the advices for our AMW Readers' Query.  :)
(note: all queries shortened to make it straight to the point)

Q: "Are waterproof mascara bad for the eyelashes?"

AMW says: Both waterproof and non-waterproof mascaras aren't bad for the lashes.  As long as you check on the ingredients and you are not allergic to any of those ingredients.  Your lashes will be fine!  To answer your query, I personally think waterproof mascara doesn't give out a huge negative effect on your lashes as long as you learn to remove the waterproof mascara properly.  It takes twice or thrice the effort to remove waterproof mascara so please use the right eye makeup remover to prevent lash fall out and eye infections!

Q: "I find a lot of good pressed powders are pricey, can you recommend a cheaper alternative that works just as well as the pricier ones?"

AMW says: I know I've reviewed a couple of pricey pressed powders or foundations, why?  Because I do makeup for clients and most clients, sad to say, are very particular with the brands I use so I have to invest on those pricier range.  Because of that, never think that I don't give chances to the cheaper alternatives!  Prior to all those pricier pressed powders, I was once a Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder user, back when I was still an "oily faced" girl! :)

The Clear Smooth's ultra-fine shine free pressed powder has SPF18 and it can control shine for almost the whole day!  The texture is finely milled and I use this to pat on the "oily" areas and it feels light, doesn't cake and it doesn't give out a "heavy makeup" look.  The best part is its price!  It's available at local Maybelline counters for Php199.00 (approx. $5.00).  Available in 4 shades: Natural, Honey, Light and Nude Beige.

My sister loves this too and finished 2 of these compacts and she's on her 3rd!  On the downside, well it's not really a downside but I prefer the old packaging!  The old packaging looks better and of course, the price was higher then!  Maybelline reduced the price so the packaging changed!  It's ok, as long as the quality is still the same!

Q: "What shampoo and conditioner do yo use?"

AMW says: I've been loyal to The Face Shop's Changpo Magic Straight line, I've used more than 4 sets of the shampoo and conditioner and I think my hair is already on its saturation stage!

I'm almost done with my current set so my next shampoo and conditioner set will be Shiseido's Aquair!  It was gifted to me by my brother :)  Will let you know if it works for me.

Q: "I've got dark elbows and knees, any secret?"

AMW says:  I smiled with this query!  I never even care about my elbows and knees til 2 years ago when I was preparing for my wedding!  Though I don't have super dark elbows or knees, I was quite conscious about them so I purchased Amira Magic Soap as I heard so many raves about this! 

I did not use this all over my body as I have very sensitive skin!  I purchased this specifically for my elbows and knees!  I lather this and rub it gently on my knees and elbow leaving the "suds" on the dark areas for 5-10 minutes!  I remembered taking before and after shots of these but I wasn't a blogger then so I didn't get the proofs (too bad).  If you plan to purchase this, be aware that there are a lot of fakes!  I purchased mine at Market! Market! department store.

Another secret you want? 

On my mission to "Be Stunning for a Steal", I got Garnier Light Milky Lightening Dew to take home!  I try to steer away from toners that has alcohol plus lemon due to my dry skin, I've found a great way to use this!  Like how I usually use a toner, I soak this on a cotton pad and gently wipe this on my knees and elbows every night before I go to sleep!  See? I don't waste products!

I am sorry my answers took some time :)
I'll do more Q&As in the future!
Keep the emails and comments coming!
You, my dear friends, rock my world!

Keep smilin!
Stay happy!


  1. It's really nice of you to take the time to answer your readers' questions Nikki!! :D

    I do agree that Maybelline makes pretty decent powders for that price. Their Angelfit powder is not bad too!! :D

  2. clearsmooth doesn't work for me. I have oily skin and i have to apply it after a few minutes. i bought CoverGirl that's used for oily skin w/c is better than Maybelline.

  3. Jenn, thank you! I do like to take time to answer their queries and share the queries as most readers are beauty enthusiasts and experts too and they can also help in answering :)

    Anonymous, thank you for giving us your experience! I am sure not everyone would agree with me :) I've used Covergirl too, but that was years ago too! And you're right, it works well, but I wasn't super oily, just a bit oily so I really can't tell how its oil control is, but if it works for you, that's great :D

  4. clear smooth is an inexpensive powder that really works! one thing i dont like is the smell, but it disappears after a few minutes..

    that AMira soap looks promising, how much is it Nikki? is it available in watsons?

  5. Thanks for taking the time to answer Qs from your readers Nikki, very nice of you =D

    I'm an avid fan of Maybelline because of its price and because I never get breakouts! (which is so great!) It's my everyday powder since I don't like a full makeup look or heavy feel for a normal office day =D

    Have a great weekend dearie! =)

  6. which reminds me, i still have a maybelline compact lying around. maybe it''s time for the powder to see some daylight :D

  7. Thank you for sharing these, Nikki. :P I want to try Changpo once my curls are gone. :)

  8. Hehe I've never paid much attention to my elbows/knees either. I think they were dark back when I was still in high school. I played too much basketball back then. But now I don't think they're as dark. I think the key is to keep them moisturized? It makes a great difference for my skin. =)

    Thank you for this post, Nikki! It was definitely a good read! :D

  9. Ohhh such great questions!!!
    Such a great post idea :)
    Love the look of that shampoo too!!!!

  10. I wish we have those in here.. (Maybelline pressed powder like that, amira soap, and garnier light) I guess my only choice is to ask my grandma to send me some.. ehehehe

  11. Hi Nikki, thanks for this useful post! hmm I am curious to try the Amira soap for my elbows!

  12. Khymm, I know what you mean, there is a hint of scent but i'm ok with it :) Amira soaps aren't sold at SM stores or Watson's, there are a couple of online distributors but to be honest, I can't tell which ones are the originals!

    Dang, thank you, I'm glad to know Maybelline works for you too :) My sister swears by it!

    Prettybeautiful, hahahhaa you've kept a couple of makeup too? Me too!!!

  13. Pammy, enjoy your curls first! I believe The Face Shop has the Changpo version that's for curlly hair :) Something that has "wavy" or something on its name :) Same packaging as the Magic Straight :)

    Fifi, you are right, moisturizer or lotion are needed :)thanks for the reminder!

    Sarah, thanks

  14. Iyah, hay, there are so many stuffs I want from there and there are quite a nunber of stuffs you want from down here, maybe we need to "speed" travel , even for a day!

    Lulu, actually Amira soap is for whitening for the whole body I just use it for elbows and knees ehehehe

  15. Nice sharing Nikki! I didn't have much trust on drugstore brand powders until I saw your sis is using Maybelline's one. Great to know that! :D

  16. Hi Nikki,

    im curious about that soap. but since a lot of us are gonna check that out, i hope everyone'll be wary about what its cream counterpart contain--- steroids (ack!). i learned about this through one blogger:

    she suffered some bad skin condition after withdrawing from the cream.

    anyway, i hope the soap's good. my elbows want it! thanks for this helpful post!

  17. and another sad story about the cream:,208079.msg5394178.html#msg5394178

  18. thanks for sharing this nikki! before i also used maybelline clear smooth face powder too, but i ran out and haven't had a chance to buy it again. it's a really great product and i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks so! =)

  19. i've never thought about dark elbows and knees but now that you've mentioned it, i'm thinking i should try doing something about mine hehe

  20. Sue, hey! thanks for the sweet message, but please...always check on testers ok? :) Goodluck drugstore hunting!

    herroyalbleakness, thanks for sharing the information, I haven't tried the cream and I don't plan to use it! :) I am not even that comfortable with the soap so I just used it on my knees and elbows and I didn't use it long term, you are right, people should research first before they try anything :) The cream sounds like "made from hell!" lol

  21. Jen, :) thanks and welcome back!!!

    Jo, oohh I don't think about those dark elbows and knees NOW..but prior to my wedding day, it worries me! LOL

  22. Very helpful! But sadly..most of these products aren't available in Canada. I so want to try the Magic Soap and the Garnier Light.

  23. Lisa, I know what you mean, a lot of stuffs are not available there right?

  24. hi..i am using this product (honey) suits me very well. do u know if there's other product that is also suitable for asian skin like this one?


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