Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Wonder: "What do you use to contour your nose?"

Contouring the nose isn't a daily thing for me, though I gives an instant nose lift, I don't think it's natural to do so daily!  But when the need arises, let's say important events, parties... I wonder...

"What Do You Use to Contour Your Nose?"

My take?

Coastal Scents Black Deluxe Shadow Brush
(you can read my review by smiling and click here)

I used MAC's Shadester, applying more to show up on photos
I blend this afterwards


If you have to contour now!

What do you reach out for?
I'm quite excited to know!
Enjoy your weekend!

Keep smillin'

Stay Happy!


  1. nice nikki.. the brush looks perfect!!

  2. It's so cool to see what other people use to contour!! I use the EDM small kabuki brush I think they call it the eye contour.. If my memory serves me right its meant for e/s..but its too big and fluffy for my eyes. Since its Synthetic and Kabuki-like if in any case I put way too much product, I can buff it out and the color appears very sheer.. :)
    Have A great day Nikki!

  3. i use almost the same brush from CS. :)ung pink one. :) hehehe!

  4. I don't dare to contour my nose cuz i'm not very good at it... i'm afraid that i'll end up looking like the taiwanese ruhua!! hahaha! XD

    Great pictures like usual!! i always love them!! So informative! :D

  5. i seldom contour my nose.
    but i used to use Nose Shadow from Daiso last time.
    not using it anymore cause the shade looks like rust on my face! :(
    might try contouring with my E.L.F Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder soon. :P

  6. very informative post! i just use an angled eyeshadow brush and a brown matte eyeshadow from my Jessie Glova palette to contour my nose during special occasions.. sometimes i use tropez bronzer..

  7. ugh, i contour my nose everyday! hahhaa.. i use MAC 175 brush (or Suesh angled eyeshadow brush) and Accentuate/Sculpt also by MAC.

  8. I seldom contour my nose but when I do, I use MAC wedge eyeshadow with my Shu Uemura Natural brush 8HR. :-)

  9. Thanks for posting this! I don't usually do contouring but now i know what to do when the need arises. :)

  10. i use my CS pink oval fluff brush, since it's too huge to use on my tiny lids :P

  11. hmm.. i haven't tried contouring my nose yet, but i imagine i would use an eyeshadow brush for it. maybe my elf eyeshadow brush would do the trick. =)

    wow! i missed reading and commenting on your blog nikki!

  12. Wow, contouring the nose used to be all the rage. I think no one in the 80s left the house without contouring. My mom did it to us all the time when we were kids, and I always thought it was unnecessary, because I'm fine with my nose as it is hehehe :D

  13. I use an angled eye shadow brush to contour my nose. But honestly I almost always forget to do this part haha :)

  14. Thanks bryna :) Nice to meet you

    Donnarence, that's one huge use I can think of for this huge brush, well aside from highlighting my browbone :)

    Lady Joan, I know, I believe each person has different tools for each application! Its nice to see what other people use and learn from them too! :)

  15. Shen, hahaha you have the pink one? hahaha Cute!

    Jenn, awww, I'm sure given the time and practice, you'll do great! But you don't need to do anything on your cute face I swear :)

    LyNn, me too, I don't contour much but I know what tool to reach out if I do contour :)I've seen the Daiso one and it looks great!!! But rust on face isn't great! Maybe you purchase something matte and steer away from "reddish brown" tone

  16. Khymm, Hmm..I will try to use the Jessie Glova palette to contour, I just have to choose the right shade for my skintone :)

    Jheng, sis! I know what you mean, contouring takes time a you really have to look back and make sure its straight! :)

    Monique, hey! i do blend with triangle sponges too!!!! :) thanks for sharing

  17. coffretgorge, no problem! it's my pleasure

    Crystal, that's a great one! Great Idea..anything quite huge on our lids..move it down to the nose! hehehe

    jen, do test on different shades of e/s or blushes..and see which one would work most and look the most natural on your nose area :) Welcome back to the beauty blogging world!

    Kaye, awwww..really? contouring is important to me only when I go to events or when I do makeup for special occasions for clients..but I never thought of contouring my nose way back! your story is too cute!

  18. I use shadester too! was a bit sad that the sculpt and shape that came out looked a bit off for my color.

    Anyway sorry off topic haha I use Loew Cornell's Maxine Mop brush in 1/2. I think it looks a bit similar to what you use :)

  19. I don't contour my nose because I personally don't think I see a difference...I think it may be my noobie skill. HAHA

  20. Nikki! You have a cute, tiny don't need the contouring!!

    I feel like contouring makes the tip of my nose more bulbous anyway, so I prefer to emphasize my cheekbones with blush to divert attention!

  21. Sush, I've been wanting to try leow cornell :) :) :) I know what you mean, shadester doesn't work well on everyone :)

    Lisa, hahaha i think we're scared to make it heavier as we're scared it'll look obvious :) don't worry, I know what you meean

    JC, hahaha thanks for saying so :)

  22. Short and to the point. I love this! I have readers asking me how to contour the nose and I've never contoured anything. I'll be sending them to you. :)

  23. i use a $2 medium fluffy brush from the drugstore though like you i don't contour my nose everyday


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