Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria

Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria has been around for quite some time but I did not feel "intrigued" to visit this place as I thought "It's just another pizza parlor"!  When I was at Save More supermarket, it was one of those days I am too hungry I can eat a horse moment, I wanted something fast and I was craving for pasta!

The place was warm and cozy, what the heck!  Pizza is pizza, pasta is pasta, a hungry crocodile has to eat!!!   A menu was given to us and it says... 

I wonder, How Pizza Should Really  Be?  A lot of us have our own version of a perfect pizza, my kind of pizza is thin crust oven baked to crispiness!  Real mozarella cheese with the right amount of toppings!  I am not asking too much!  Did Joey Pepperoni pass my expectations?  Read on...

Let's start with the service, I love it that their staffs are quite friendly and have a smile in their faces!  I was at Save More Sta. Mesa branch by the way.  Though the restaurant was quite small and it was in the afternoon, the food came in a  bit late but I was busy with their Fun Facts game anyways, as long as the food is fresh, I don't mind!

Bottomless Iced Tea
Php35.00 (less than $1.00)

It's bottomless, and it's only less than a dollar, what more can I ask for? Nothing!
But another round of iced tea please! :P

Pizza Messicana

Beef toppings, bacon, cheddar cheese, 
mushrooms and mexican seasoning

Php135.00 (approx $2.90) for SMALL

Thin crust - check!
Right amount of toppings - check!
Mozzarella cheese - check!

Crispy thin crust - well, it started out a bit soft, 
and we requested for them to oven toast it again, 
they happily finally...check! 

Chicken Parmigiana
Pomodoro sauce topped with deep fried chicken breast 
and melted mozzarella cheese
Php218.00 (approx $4.80)

It's actually just one order that's good for 2!  We requested for the kitchen to separate them in two!  I love how wonderful it tastes!  Fresh tomatoes oozes inside the mouth!  Though I'm allergic to chicken, I swear, I devoured the deep fried chicken breast and popped an anti-histamine tablet!


A closer look
Oh! Can I just add, the garlic bread is fabulous!!!

I had a wonderful experience and I'll definitely go back to try their other pasta and pizza dishes!  Oh yeah, they have rice dishes too and a whole bunch of set meals!  Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria is definitely not just another pizza place!  They do know how Pizza and Pasta should be :)

By the way!  US Readers!  Here ye!
I'll be having a contest for US readers up anytime soon!
So please check back :) It'll be fun!

Have a wonderful weekend food tripping!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh Nikki, you're making me drool!! :D~~ Both looks so yummy, and it's great that they have such wonderful service!

    I like thin crispy crust for my pizzas too! :D

  2. *drools* lol girl your pictures just made me craving italian food!!

  3. I love Joey Peperoni, the one in front of my old office closed down. Love their pizzaa yumm!!

  4. i love joey pepperoni! i eat there all the time because they have a branch in makati that's near my office. =) another food post to make the rest of us hungry!

  5. Yey! You tried Joey Pepperoni na. :) Glad you liked it in there. :)

  6. Oh Gosh! That looks soo yummy! I love love pizza!! Mmmmmm...I can smell it now! LOL

    And iced tea is so cheap there! Here, a can of Nestea is over a dollar!! It's usually more expensive than any other type of pop.

  7. You always have the best food porn pics :]

    Anywho, I pray for your mother's recovery. Hope she will feel better soon!

  8. bottomless iced tea at P35! u dont see much of that nowadays!

  9. Hey I drive past that place almost every weekend :) It's a lovely restaurant, but I haven't actually been inside yet :D This post of yours is really tempting hehe

  10. Jenn , yes, the wonderful service is the best of all :) They could serve crappy food and I won't take it against any restaurant if service is great

    Stacieee,hahaha so sorry, not intending to make you crave!

    Caby, I don't have Joey Pepperoni near my work, thank goodness! ahhaha

  11. Jen, I guess I'm quite late in trying this restaurant, almost everyone dined in here!

    Pammy! Sis! Please send me the link of your review! I was going to let people know where I got the idea to dine but I can't seem to find your link! Show me and I'll link you up! Thanks for your post, you made me drool that's why I gave in :)

    Lisa, yes, I can smell it too, you're right, its the cheapest bottomless Iced Tea I've tried!

  12. Iyah, thank you sweetie!

    Mia, yes, same here! that's why I have to order it!

    Kaye, ohhhhh you haven't tried it yet? Let me know if you did, I'd love to see what you ordered!

  13. Tried this, too a year ago I think, the one in Dela Rosa and I loved it! :) I'm not sure if it's still there, though. I've dated a guy who introduced this to me by having them deliver food while we had DVD marathons and I was hooked [to the pizza, anyway] :D Great posts as usual! And I have a house near Save More in Sta. Mesa, I do my groceries there, too, sometimes :D

  14. Pizza! Yum!

    I prefer my pizza to have thin crust too, and with sharp cheese, herbs and pepperoni. Mmmmmm...

  15. mmm... making me hungry!I remember when I was still there in the philippines I use to go to yellow cab almost every week! haha... i miss Shakey's mojo potatoes sigh.

    Thank you for the comment nikki! I know I have to but I think its just fair(?) to let these contestants know why I picked the winners. If people aren't happy about it then too bad. Its sad that a person who I consider as a "close" blogger would do such thing to me. But her choice, I aint stopping her for doing that.

  16. I love pizza with thin crust too. Th food looks delicious!

  17. DROOOL... like seriously.. DROOOL!

    btw i hope all is well with mum. i'm so sorry that i can't help much from my end

  18. teeyah, I guess it has been there for quite some time! :) Really? You live near Sta Mesa? I lived Sta. mesa all my single life and I still visit there almost everyday for mom! :) We should meet up sometime!

    Liza! me too! Thin Crust is the best :)

    Jbreezybaby, oohh Yellow cab?? You love it? You gotta try this! and there's a whole lot more!!! I am really sorry you have to go through those for a contest that you've done for readers, no worries, I'm sure a lot of people understand, not everyone are open minded though :)

  19. Gio, yes, they are lovely to taste :) Do you love Pizza?

    DSK Steph , thanks

    Mona, thanks for the well wishes, we are all surviving, I'll update you when I have the chance!


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