Monday, November 9, 2009

AMW Reviews: Rexona Skin Light with Sunflower Oil

I've always been a SECRET deodorant user for my whole teenage years!  I have tried several brands but I always ended up going back to SECRET.  When I went to the Rexona event last May, I learned about the new Rexona Skin Light with Sunflower Oil which helps in lightening up the underarms.  I told myself I will try this out but I'll definitely have SECRET at the backside to help me out if something goes wrong.  Well, nothing went wrong!

Rexona Skin Light with Sunflower Oil says ---

  • Reduce unpleasant smell underarm
  • Smoothen skin and minimize pore
  • Lighten & whiten your skin naturally
  • Protect 24 hour
Cyclomethicone, Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY, Stearyl Alcohol , C12-C15 Alkyl Benzoate, PPG-14 Butyl Ether, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Parfum, Dimethicone, Polyethylene, Helianthus Annuus, Steareth-100, BHT

AMW says ---

  • the lovely scent stayed for the whole day
  • no perspiration for the whole day, but of course, this depends on the work of each individual
  • no darkening of underarms as compared to other deodorant
  • inexpensive
  • no allergies on my underarm area
  • smells great
  • the stick is not too hard nor soft
  • one stick lasts more than a month for  daily use!
  • packaging is great! Love the combination of white and purple
  • I don't need to wait long before I can wear my top
  • expiration date printed at the bottom
  • well if you really have dark underarms, the result won't be as fast as 2 weeks as advertised (this is my opinion)

I am very picky with my deodorant.  I want both Anti-perspirant AND deodorant MINUS the darkening PLUS the wonderful scent. Since my last event report on the Rexona Lighten Up!, I've started using this and I chose the stick as I am always in a rush in the morning!  No time to raise my hands and wait for my deodorant to dry up.

I don't have dark underarms to start with so I cannot really tell about the "lightening" properties of this deodorant for people with dark underarms.  But I am happy to announce that there is a sligh lightening on my underarms!  It's not my imagination, I've raised my underarms many times to my husband and he said there is lightness, not much, but noticeable.  Keep in mind though that I've used this constantly for 5 months, and I only started to see the effect after 3 months!  So if you plan to use this, please be patient :)

I haven't bought any Secret deodorant now, enough said...

  • always twist down the deodorant stick before closing the cap
  • though instructions from Rexona says apply 4-6 swipes, I believe applying 4 swipes maximum is enough
  • if allergies occurs, STOP using the product

Will I repurchase?

Yes!  I did, after receiving freebies from the Rexona Event, I repurchased and I'm on my 3rd Deodorant stick!

Where to purchase and how much?

All leading department stores and groceries for Php150.00 (approx $3.30) for 40g


What deodorant or anti-perspirant are you using?
Keep smilin'

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  1. How does it smell? :) I've no idea how sunflowers smell but it looks great and I'm pretty sure Rexona works well. Have used it before I started using Nivea. The only thing that made me choose Nivea over Rexona even if they both work is that Nivea smells like milk :D But this made me miss Rexona so much! :)

  2. I'm currently using PerspireX, which is the only thing that works for me so far to stop the sweat 100%! :D

    I've always been a rexona user my whole teenage life! lol! :D

  3. i think i have only used nivea whitening one before, i didn't see any result after a week, so the impatient me decided that whitening was just a gimmick.. now perhaps i should stick to something longer to see the result :p

  4. i actually don't like secret. i have to admit that its a good anti-perspirant, but when i used it before my school uniform's underarm part looked yellow-ish...i have no idea what caused it to be so.

    I only used secret for a week & not only did it stained my white uniform but it also gave me dark underarms..

    i guess maybe the secret formula doesn't suit my body chemistry?

    but i like how fragrant it is & it really works..

    i've also been using this rexona & i like this better than secret. i like the scent & i don't have any weird reaction unlike i experienced with the other.

  5. I'm currently using this deodorant brand but the roll-on one. I've been using Rexona since my high schools days :) Though I change my deodorant from time-to-time. I have used five different brands of deodorants. Three of them gave me negative effects but the other two are on high notes! And Rexona is one of them :) It didn't let me down ;)

  6. i've never tried rexona. you know what, the first deo that i tried way back when i was in high school was secret and it darkened my underarms and until now i'm still on the process of undoing it :( now my underarms aren't dark but there's a bit of discoloration on some areas. maybe rexona will work for me :P

  7. im a rexona user when i was in high-school but i switched to DOVE UNSCENTED now. I tried this deo early this year, it gives wonderful protection protection but my nose cant take the smell ( i have allergic rhinitis!) Too bad Rexona deos doesn't have an UNSCENTED variant.. its good pa naman!

  8. You're lucky Secret works for you. Back in high school, Secret was all the rage and it gave me and my classmates dark under arms, ugh! Never again. I like Rexona skin light bec. it does whiten but the scent I just can't stand. The scent stays on the whole day and it gives me a headache. Hopefully they make an UNscented version of it.

  9. Your post makes me remember about my deodorant day back in HS XD haha..I was an avid user back then :) I used rexona before, but then I changed to AMWAY deodorant. Have you ever tried it?

  10. Teeyah, I smelled the Nivea na, hubby is using Nivea, so far, I love both scent, the Rexona one is leaning on the 'floral' scent, not too strong, just right

    Jenn, least you have something that really works for you! :) I haven't seen the brand you mentioned!

    Prettybeautiful, yes, 1 week is not enough for me! I usually finish up one whole thing to know if it really works or not

  11. ~tHiAmErE~ , you know what? After reading your comment, come to think about it, you are right, I wore pure white uniform during college and it does give a stain! thanks for the reminder, i don't know why I stick to it, maybe because it really works!

    Ayn, I've tried the old Rexona formula, in roll-on form, I don't like it! I'm glad they came out with something like SkiN Light! It works well for me!

    Crystal, oohhh guess Secret doesnt' have a good reputation! :) Thanks for sharing!

  12. Khymm, oohh unscented is what you're looking for eh? So definitely not Rexona! You're right, they should come up with an unscented version!

    Nikkiz, awww dark underarm? You know what? there are a lot of deodorants who gave dark underarms to people! My sister in law suffered from Dark Underarms from the old rexona formula, I've asked her to try this one and so far, it didn't give her the dark underarm as the old formulation :)

    Acutelife, I haven't tried AMWAY, I didn't even know they make deodorants!

  13. I haven't seen rexona in forever!! thats soo cool.

  14. Love deodorants! Actually using only them :) Now I am using the same Rexona but only in red. The smell is something sweet :)
    Nice review! Thanx for share!

  15. Becky, have you used Rexona in the past? :)

    Anastacia, so Rexona is available there too? that's great!

  16. Oh this is nice! I've always been a Marks and Spencer loyalist and a bottle would last me for a year :)) I'd try this out... Thanks for the review Nikki!

  17. I MUST try this! But...*cries* not available in Canada....booohooo..=[

  18. Chelle, I never thought Marks & Spencer has deodorant! :) thanks for letting me know! I'm so out of the loop!

    Lisa, really? this is not available? I do believe there are a couple of Asian stores there, maybe they have it :)?

  19. how about for men, coz my husband have dark underams too... isn't bad to use it to him?

  20. they say that if you use lemon, your underarms get lighter,i know its true
    but does anyone know how long it takes to see the results


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