Friday, December 11, 2009

AMW Reviews: Clinique Quick Blush in Peach-in-a-Pinch

First of all, I want to thank my dear friend B!  My dear Clumps of Mascara, thank you so much for sending me the love package! :)  She made sure I can try what's best out there and seriously!  I can't help but grab onto this and give this a try...ASAP!

The Clinique Quick Blush 
in Peach-in-a-Pinch

Looks like a big fat lipstick

Clinique Quick Blush says ---

Portable, all-in-one brush and blush, available in six natural-looking shades. Swivels up to reveal a full brush, pre-loaded with cheek color contained right in the cap.

Available in 6 shades: Minute Mocha, Hurry Honey, Pronto Pink, Peach-in-a-Pinch, In-a-rush-Blush and Berry On Time

AMW says ---

  • perfect for travel
  • brush bristles are well protected and hygienic
  • natural shade
  • brush is soft 
  • very nice packaging
  • no shedding
  • brush is useful even if you finish up the blush powder
  • if you love the natural blush look: this is it!
  • no mess
  • a bit troublesome to use at first, blush pigment won't show up 
  • brush hairs takes a bit of time to dry up after washing
  • does not last long, need to re-apply


Due to my high IQ level (Just joking!!! LOL) I didn't have a hard time figuring out on how to use this product.  I find it really nice and easy to deposit the blush pigment onto the blush and gently sweep it over my cheeks for a nice, natural shade!  Though I am a make-up artist, you would be surprised that I don't carry a lot of makeup on regular days, I hate bulky pouch and bags so I appreciate 2-in-1 products!  Clinique came out with a super handy blush with brush! 


from Clinique
  • with package closed, simultaneously twist the base clockwise and cap counterclockwise so the brush picks up cheek color contained inside cap.
  • Lift off cap and lightly tap brush to remove excess.
  • Sweep on apples of cheeks, gently blending color up cheekbone toward temple
from AMW
  • to make this last longer, apply a cream blush prior to using this blush
  • if you want a natural flush: twist the base and cap around 2-3 times then apply onto your cheeks
  • if you want a flushed look: twist the base and cap around 5-8 times then apply onto your cheeks
  • once you're done with the blush that goes with the product, you can re-use the brush for different blushes

Will I repurchase?
I'd love to!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Sephora website for $21.50 (approx Php989.00), not sure if locally available <-- let me know if you have information on this

A closer look on the product


The cap and the brush base


The shade Peach-in-a-Pinch


As I twist the cap and base 2-3 times
Here's the amount of blush pigments on the brush


Peach-in-a-Pinch on cheeks
applied no base

I do wish more makeup companies would create travel friendly products like this!
Don't you wish you have this inside your makeup kit?

Keep smilin'

Stay Happy!
Happy weekend!


  1. I've been looking at this product every time I pass the Clinique counter. It seems to be really handy and perfect for taking along with oneself. But the shades don't appeal to me too much.

    But it looks very pretty on you! you know how much I love soft and natural colors. Oh, and your skin is sooo flawless, Nikki! <3

  2. i haven't found any stick/cream/blush tint that could work for skin with hyperpigmentation without removing the concealer off. i love it on your beautiful skin but this will not work for me. i have to use powder and power only.


  3. Ive never seen this before and i love the packaging! it is indeed very portable. Also, the color looks so natural on your cheek.

    Thank you for always leaving sweet comments on my blog ^_^

  4. This one is really convinient!! The color looks amazing on you too!! Thanks for the review! :D

  5. THAT...IS...SO...Flipping COOL!!!
    I didn't know they had a product like this. Wonder if I can hack my retractable ecotools to do the same thing XD

  6. It gives a very subtle/natural finish which is good. I love travel-pack makeup too. They're compact and much easier to stuff inside the bag.

  7. Jess, I know what you mean, the shades are more on the safe side right? :) Thanks for the compliment !

    Jojoba, hmm, I wonder if this would work for you? this is in powder form :)

    Becky, thanks! I wonder if this is available in the US only?

  8. Jenn, no worries, my pleasure!

    Rasilla, hahahaha ALL CAPS huh? are you that impressed? :P Hack your Ecotools? Now if you were able to do it, share your secret! LOL

    Liza! so true :) Aye! Aye!

  9. that's a unique product Nikki! so pretty... i love the blush and brush in one!

  10. The blush looks very natural and soft on you, I love it! Seems very convenient and travel-friendly too.

  11. wow !
    the packaging is surely portable . very easy to travel .
    the color looks like natarul flush on yer cheeks :)

  12. Peach indeed looks lovely on you :) This is quite handy, as well. But I am kinda hoping it lasts longer.
    - Kaith

  13. Khymm, so true, I love the "idea" :) Hope other brands will come up with the same kind.

    Gio, thanks

    Streetsmartjunkie, thank you sweetie

    All Women Stalker, thank you Kaith for the sweet comment, true, i wish it lasts longer, but with a cream blush, it lasts way longer :)

  14. Whew! So glad to know I'm not the only one who didn't understand it the first 29 times. Hehe!

  15. very pretty indeed! :D love the shade - I've had a shimmer highlighter in this swivel brush format, but not for blush...time to go scrabble around strawberrynet! heehee!!

  16. B sweetie! super thanks for this! I wonder if you got my love package ? Update me ok??

    Bee, :) I don't think Strawberrynet has it! I hope they do! let mek now how your hunting goes :)


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