Thursday, December 10, 2009

AMW Reviews: Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten and Wheat

Stila has always been a part of my "I wish it's available down here" brand!  There's the oh-my-ultimate HG gel liner smudgepots!  The click-click lip glazes and of course, there's a couple of single eye shadows that are known to be very pigmented!  Just so you know, I hate purchasing eye shadows, why?  There are numerous shades of eyeshadows available in the market that are meant to confuse us!  And I know you gals agree with me, we hate making decisions!  So prior to purchasing, my researcher blood would do further investigation for the "best".  For Stila, there are 2 eyeshadow names that's constantly popping up! 

Kitten and Wheat!

Stila Kitten e/s says ---

Shimmering Nude Pink

AMW says ---

The Stila e/s pan in Kitten has been on top of my head for the longest time.  Various YT gurus, beauty magazines has named this the best eyeshadow shade from Stila as this was known to be universally flattering!  This shade is in the middle of champagne and light pink!  The texture is creamy and very pigmented.  Very shimmery and I find that patting this onto the lid using a flat shader blush  is the most flattering of all! 

Every Pros of course has its Cons, in my opinion, this is a bit too frosty for my taste, I don't have problems using this on my own eye but for someone who's got problems with "puffy" eyes should steer clear from this as this shade can enhance eye puffiness.

This shade is perfect to use on the inner corner of the eye to make your eyes pop!  I don't think I will repurchase this (sorry Stila Kitten lovers out there), I don't find myself reaching out for this during makeup gigs!


Stila Wheat e/s says ---
Pearlescent Beige

AMW says ---
Stila e/s in Wheat is a toned down version of the Stila Kitten when it comes to frostiness.  The texture is not as pigmented as Kitten but it still has the smooth texture that I love.  This eyeshadow is best applied using a flat shader brush or used with a fluffy brush to highlight the browbone area or even the cheekbones!

Compared to the Kitten, I prefer wheat, it's more natural looking and it gives a nice pop without the exaggeration or without me thinking of a disco ball.  I do reach out for this during gigs for the inner corners of the eye and brow bone to make the area pop!

Here are swatches of the 2 famous 
Stila Single eyeshadow

in Natural Light


With Camera Flash


Both available locally at Stila counter or for international readers, try, Rustan's for Php595.00 (approx $12.95).  The huge eyeshadow pan is the same size as Elianto e/s so it fits the Elianto e/s palette!

Side by side comparison with MAC eyeshadow, Stila eyeshadow pan is way bigger and lasts longer!

Now, did I make you want to purchase these?
Or did I helped you save money?

Keep smilin'!
Stay happy! :)


  1. Hi Nikki!!!! How're you doing? xD

    I missed you so much xD I love your reviews. I've heard of Kitten and Wheat quite a lot on MakeupAlley. Thanks for the review, I think a majority of people have mentioned as well that kitten is rather frosty. And since I'm the unfortunate ones to have puffy eyes on a regular day (heh xP) I should steer clear of Kitten then. I think I'm gradually pulling away from glittery eyeshadows in general.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi! :D

  2. Oh, wow! I never knew! Love the colors too! THanks, for sharing.. By the way, I'm following you on twitter! hahaha And that is yours, right? Just in case it's not. HAHHA!!

  3. pretty colors!! I like both hahaha *hate to make decision* at the moment on on the e/s ban (dunno hows that possible) because i have too many palettes that i haven't used> i wish i do gigs like you nikki, that way i have reasons to buy lolz

  4. Hi nikki! I have kitten and i lurve it because i like shimmer hahaha! i must try wheat! thanks for the reviews, love your blog! :)

  5. Thanks for the review Nikki!! Stila eyeshadows are of quite good quality!! Love their pigmentation and smooth texture! :D Both colors you own look so pretty!! :D

    Too bad they pulled out of Malaysia! :(

  6. I have both!! I got them not because of the reviews but sort of accidental find. And I am so happy I have them because I use them all the time! Love Stila eyeshadows. So Soft and pigmented and smooth and blendable... =] Glad you're liking them!


  7. I have both in a palette and I really like both :) Kitten especially helps me look more awake perhaps due to the shimmer but it can be OTT for those who don't like shimmer. Wheat is a great everyday base shade. Thanks for reminding me of these!

  8. i think stila has got some really nice colors, tho its not in msia nemore, but there is always strawberrynet!! :D

  9. Wheat has a nice pop of color whereas Kitten got this frosty pink undertone that tends to make me look tired :D

  10. i had the same reaction as you did when i saw kitten. i thought, what's the hype.. but then i never tried it on myself so i still don't know. :) let's play makeup soon! :) i'm lovin' the wheat ha. :)

  11. i had the same reaction as you did when i saw kitten. i thought, what's the hype.. but then i never tried it on myself so i still don't know. :) let's play makeup soon! :) i'm lovin' the wheat ha. :)

  12. the elianto palette is a good idea Nikki! Thanks for the tip. I have the Stila shadow mousse pots but haven't tried the pressed shadows though. will give it a shot one of these days.

  13. Kitten is SO pretty! I'm officially putting this on my wish list (:

  14. that e/s i big! haha.. nice neutral colors Nikki!

  15. I have both of those colors and I feel the same way you do about Kitten. I think it's completely overrated. It's so frosty to the point that it makes fleshy asian lids look really swollen.

    Good to know that Wheat is a better option! I have that too but haven't yet use it

    Thank you for letting me know the pans can fit into elianto palettes! All my stila eyeshadows (around 7) are in the plastic cases that they come with still.

  16. I'm using Sellout from the Urban Decay book of shadows vol.2 now ^.^ it's almost like Kitten, a champagne color with a hint of pink but I think it oxidizes on me because the color gradually becomes darker as time passes by... I'll try kitten eyeshadow ^.^ I have the smudgepot version of kitten but judging on the swatch it is a bit different from the eyeshadow itself...

  17. I likes Stila eyeshadows as I found them quite silky and smooth on lids... I bought mine during Stila Moving Out from Malaysia Sale.. is cheap only RM25 for a duo... but limited colors available as I went too late...

  18. Thanks for the review. Wheat looks gorgeous! Kitten is nice too but a bit too frosty maybe. Both look very pigmented but it's too bad we don't have Stila here.

  19. Okay... I WANT BOTH. These need to be in my wishlist. lol

  20. i swatched kitten. i actually think that it makes a good everyday shadow when i just want to put a wash of color on my lids.

  21. Innerchild! Dear! I haven't seen you for quite some time! How are you????I know! the 2 eyeshadows have been fighting head on since I can't remember! :)

    Jasmin, yes, that twitter is mine! :) I don't write much there but yeah, its me :)

    Acutelife, I know what you mean, I slowed down on eyeshadows too coz we just can't finish them!

  22. coffretgorge, great for you! I am not really a fan of shimmery shadows, that's why I chose wheat over kitten :)

    Jenn, I know, I am quite surprised they pulled out in Malaysia and probably transferred here lol!

    Dana, glad you like them :)

  23. Paris B, no problem I know you'll have it somewhere but forget about it! :)

    Xin, I know! Strawberrynet is the answer to our prayers lol :)

    NottyEvil, awww, so you're one of those "can't" Wear the Kitten girl!

  24. Shen, yes yes yes! I missed you dear!

    Nikkiz, no worries, my pleasure!

    Arezu, :) Hope you get it this xmas season!

    Khymm, yes, its the same as Elianto , really huge!

  25. Connie, swollen lids are no no for Asians right? So yeah, it could work well to others but not to alot of those puffy girls like me :)

    Chelle, oh yeah, Urban decay makes a lot of good shimmery pigmented shadows :)

    Caby, lol am I being helpful at all?

  26. Syn@3sTh3sI@, I know, I love it when Stila gets to be on sale in the US, but too bad I can't purchase them there :)

    Gio, no worries, my pleasure, yes, it is a bit too frosty :P No Stila there? I know how you feel, we just had Stila this year!

    Fifi, hahahah goodluck

    Crystal, :) Thanks for the comment dear!


    I was never fascinated with Stila's Kitten... parang pang Caucasian talaga siya bagay :)

    Wheat, on the other hand, looks interesing... Thanks for reviewing Nikki!

  28. Ive always wanted to try Kitten but have been steering away from the Stila counter haha not good for my sad little wallet. I didnt think it was that frosted though but to be safe I think im going to keep on avoiding the Stila counter, I might get tempted haha

  29. I LOVE Wheat, but yes, thought what the hype really was about when I saw kitten.
    If used sparingly though, I happen to like it as an all over base, for the days I really wanted to be shimmery XD

    ps nikki~
    Hope ur progress is getting greater~
    changes might not be evident day by day, but I've noticed difference with months~ so we just gotta hang in there! *^^*

  30. Both Kitten and What are lovely shades! I would totally go for it, but again Austria doesn't have Stila products. :/

  31. herroyalbleakness, you are too cute! Did you know that I took a good 10 sec to get the "AYNYUIT?" lol

    Sush, I know what you mean, Stila counter is just too cute to ignore!!!

    Rasilla, I tried using it sparingly too and it looks..hmm...just like regular eyeshadows lol Yes I do pray for greater progress too! You let me know what's happening on your side ok? goodluck to both of us!

    Jss, really? No Stila there? I'm not surprised though, they're not as readily available as other brands!

  32. Try Stila's Twig. I think you're going to like it.

  33. Gem, oohhh stila has Twig too? Thanks for the holler!


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