Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AMW Reviews: L'Oreal Tecni.Art Style Constructor

I must admit, I don't have perfect hair!  But over the years, I've learned a few tricks on how to take care of it, with the right styling products, you'll be your hair's boss in no time!

"If you can't beat your hair, you join 'em!" --- the so called silly motto of mine!  How?  By learning a few tricks and tips on how to care for it! Understand your hair, learn about your hair texture and styling lifestyle, then.. you deal with it!  Life has enough problems and dealing with hair problems shouldn't even be part of it :)  Now, ain't that a strong, empowered woman talking?  You bet! *winks*

My venture for the perfect styling product ain't over, you'll definitely see a lot of it coming and one product I've been using for quite some time is the L'Oreal Style Constructor, a spray type hair styling tool that protects our hair while we style!  Read on for my 2 cents...4 cents....

L'Oreal Tecni.Art Style Constructor says ---

It is a heat protective spray that is perfect for creating texture.  Spray onto dry or damp hair and use a blow dryer or curling iron.  This product should protect your hair from the effects of heat.

Effect: Heat-activated product for protection, volume and texture
Hair Type: All Hair types
Hold factor: Natural (3/6)

AMW says ---

  • easy to use, just a few spritz is enough
  • makes hair more manageable and hair doesn't get very dry or frizzy
  • aids in volumizing my hair with the right kind of styling tools
  • smells wonderful!  Lifts my mood every morning
  • never feels heavy on hair, hair feels light
  • quite pricey
  • not easily available, have to look for L'Oreal partner salons
  • spray can is inflammable, keep out of extreme heat or fire!
I've reviewed the L'Oreal Hot Style Iron Finish a few weeks back.  What's wrong with using 2 different products for one head?  Easy...

I use the Hot Style Iron Finish (cream version) when I use my flat iron.
I use the Style Contructor (spritz version) when I blowdry my hair or use a curling iron.

Simple right?

I never thought of using different products with different styling tools.  I've always thought one product is enough!  That's when I realized I could be wrong and it's good to be wrong!  Using the right product makes a huge difference for my hair!  The L'Oreal Tecni. Art Style Constructor is great to spritz onto my hair prior to blowdrying, my hair feels light and tangle-free!  At the end of the day, I don't have dry ends and my hair remains soft and manageable!

from L'Oreal
  • Spray on damp or dry hair
  • Work with fingers under the heat of hair dryer to create texture or style with curling iron
from AMW
  • Section your hair and spray at least 5-6 inches away from hair
  • I love working the product with a comb before I use a styling tool
  • I try not to leave the product overnight, styling products are styling products.
  • Wash your hair at least once a week with clarifying shampoo to prevent product build up
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  This is definitely with me every morning when I plan to curl or blow dry my hair!

Where to purchase and how much?
These products are available exclusively in L'Oreal Professional partner salons for Php965.00 (approx $21.00)

A simple "imperfect" blowdry 
using the Style Constructor


Now, even though you see my back, 
you'll know that the smile is still there!

I'll still say, keep the smile coming
Stay happy and jolly! :)


  1. it sounds like this product will suit me too since i have to blow dry my hair every morning! great review, will look out for this next time :D

  2. I use this too!!

    I use the Shu polishing milk on my hair while it is damp then this just before the GHDs come out to play.

  3. wow !it sounds what exactly I ws lokin for .
    maybe I'll purchase .
    Thanx :)

  4. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to styling my hair X( because it's really hard. I cant wait until the karmin gets here, maybe i will start experimenting with hair again lolz btw do you know any good hairloss products?

  5. Xin, I know what you mean! We are definitely sisters, I blowdry my hair daily too

    Old Cow :) Really? how do you like it?????

    Streetsmartjunkie, :) Let me know how you like it!

    Acutelife, hahahaha I was lazy myself but just recently, I started to take care of my hair. Congrats again on the Karmin!

  6. yikes pricey nga! haha. i'm not there yet, but i'll be there soon :P

  7. Crystal, don't worry, you'll be earning your money soon enough!!! :)

  8. From where I can buy it in India?wat is the cost of it?

  9. @swati Sorry I haven't been to India so I really can't tell. Do you have L'oreal products in India? If yes, you can probably check if they have it in hair salon These are usually sold in professional salons!

  10. Plz tell me if it makes hair sleek or adds shine

  11. Plz tel me can v use dis product before straightening my hair by straightening machine?? Can expect good result??


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