Wednesday, November 11, 2009

AMW Reviews: L'Oreal Hot Style Iron Finish

Are you into ironing your hair?  I found myself loving my flat iron!  I use it to volumize my hair, curl my hair and of course, straighten it!  I have been obsessed with my hair recently, that shows why I'm talking about hair products more often!

My hair goes through frequent styling, direct heat exposure which will definitely lead to damaging my hair.  Adding pain to injury, my hair has been colored and treated so many times that it deserves all the tender loving care in this hair world! 

I have used up my CHI Silk Infusion which I ordered on ebay, I tried to repurchase but looking for it online is quite tedious and the shipping rate turns me off!  I have to find for an alternative.  I'm happy to announce, I've found my partner for hair ironing! 

L'Oreal Hot Style Iron Finish

Hot Style Iron Finish says ---

If you frequently style with a straightening iron, try Hot Style Iron Finish.  This heat activateed smoothing milk contains a thermo-texturizing agent and Xyclose for heat protection, and Ceramides for a smooth and silk feel.

Effect: Perfect for smooth, silk feel.  For use with straightening irons
Hair type: All hair types

Hold factor: Natural
Size: 150ml
Life: 12 months after opening

AMW says ---

  • very lightweight
  • smells wonderful
  • hair doesn't feel dry after ironing
  • does not feel heavy on hair
  • a tiny amount goes a long way
  • doesn't dry out my hair after ironing as opposed of not using any product
  • convenient squeezy type tube
  • easy to store standing up
  •  quite pricey

At first glance, the price shocked the hell out of me!  But after several usage, I would say this is worth it as compared to purchasing something online and paying an arm and leg for shipping fee!  I'm glad I can purchase this and take this home A.S.A.P.

L'Oreal Hot Style Iron Finish is cream based, base on research on product usage, applying this product on dry hair is recommended.  For review purposes, I've tried using this on damp hair and dry hair!  (Note: I can do this test as my flat iron can be used on both wet and dry hair, be careful not to do this regularly as it could ruin your hair).  Both dry and damp hair works well with this product.  I came out with a nice straight hair that doesn't feel heavy and soft to the touch!

One thing to add, though the price is quite pricey, I think base on my usage, this can last me more than 6 months of daily usage!  Which is worth the price! 

  • always test on the amount of product that works 'comfortably' on your hair, I've tried pea size, a dollar coin size and for my hair length, a dollar coin size is perfect.
  • I spread the product all over the lower ends of the hair, then using the remaining product on my palm, rub it all over the root area to create a "lift"
  • use a clarifying shampoo once or twice a week to prevent product build up
Will I repurchase?

Before I repurchase, I also have the "spray type" counterpart called L'Oreal Hot Style Constructor which works for BOTH damp and dry hair, I'll see which one works for me and I can finally tell which one I'll repurchase.

Where to purchase and how much?

Leading salons across Metro Manila (ex. David's Piandre, Jesi Mendez, etc...) who carries L'oreal Professional products for Php975.00 (approx $21.00)

Here's the amount of L'Oreal Hot Style Iron Finish
used for my hair, I add more on some days

I spread it all over my hair 

Iron my hair section by section

Do you protect your hair when you iron it?
I hope so!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. yeh this product is great, i used this back when I was in australia. Its the same price there too, well maybe a bit cheaper. Smart thing your using this. Im workin in a salon every day and people always come in with damaged hair because of too much styling and little care

  2. thanks for the review! im GUILTY of NOT using any product to protect my hair before styling. This is a must try product!

  3. You always find great stuff, Nikki! =) I don't iron my hair, I may be weird because I hate it that my hair is naturally straight!

    I want natural curls or bouncy waves, I call it "just woke up" look of Western or Mexican girls. LOL.

  4. We don't have a lot of Loreal products here! But I definately want to get this one! Thanx for the review!

  5. I don't iron my hair (well, I don't really have a reason to since I chopped it all off) because I'm still a total klutz with the thing. If I ever grow my hair out and try my hand at curling or straightening again though, I'll definitely keep this in mind! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I ought to try this product. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm using Hoyu serum to protect my hair from heat styling, but I want to try other stuff too.

  7. Artistix, thanks for saying I'm doing the right thing and I am glad you think the product works well too :)

    Khymm, I know! I've been so guilty leaving my hair exposed to heating tools and not protecting it, that is really bad!
    ang, you are lucky, your hair is gorgeous! I do want curls every now and then too! I don't want super straight hair, I actually use my curling iron to give a bit of waves on my hair :)

  8. Anastacia, no worries :)

    Catherine, yeah your hair is gorgeous the way it is :)

    Liza! Hoyu serum? Never heard of it :) Same with you, though I have some products that works for me, I still want to try new stuffs :)

  9. L'oreal has the best hair care products around, I usually get a lot of falling hair so I try to protect my hair from the heat when I curl it...

  10. Thanks for the review. I don't iron my hair but I should! If I start, I'll definitely give this a try.

  11. im suddenly thinking of getting a flat iron or a curler... you see, im not really a 'hair person'. i just leave it as it is.

    hair looks great when it's so neat, noh? our long hair's fab nikki!

  12. Great review but I've never seen this before!! And the price for this L'Oreal product shocked the heck outta me!!

    And yes, I do protect my hair when ironing! ^.^ Your hair looks great too! So sleek & shiny *_*

  13. Chelle, you know what? I think you're right, most salons uses their hair styling products! But there's also Bed Head, I wonder if TIGI brand is good!

    Gio, :)

    herroyalbleakness, well, if you can leave your hair the way it is, then don't touch it! You're one lucky girl! LOL Being addicted to styling the hair isn't good! hahaha

    Lisa, I'm glad you protect your hair too :) yay for healthy hair!

  14. Please tell me if I can apply this product on towel dried hair before blow drying? Will it protect my hair from the heat produced by the hair dryer? I blow dry my hair twice a week so I am bit worried about the after effects.

    1. yes you may, and that's the best way to use this product


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