Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Wonder: "What 's Your Favorite Brow Brush?"

My first brush set ever, was a 7 pieces brush set from G-Lish, a local brand!  I wasn't able to blog about it because I have given away probably 5 out of 7 of the brushes!  Why did I gave it away?  It's not because I don't like it, actually I love them so much I gave it away to my friends to appreciate the beauty of brushes for makeup application!

Though I own a couple of brushes at present and can easily give away the old ones, there's one brush from the 7pcs collection that I just can't seem to let go!  It's the G-Lish Angled Eyeliner Brush!  And the funny thing is, I don't use this for eyelining!  I use this to fill in my brows!

After more than 3years, the short handled travel eyeliner brush still looks great!  I've owned a couple of eyeliner brushes but nothing seems to compare to this one!  I heart....

My set came in with a black pouch and the handles are black in color.  At present, I believe they don't have the exact brushes available, I've seen a "white" version around for the same price of Php550.00 (Approx $12.00).

A closer look on the G-lish eyeliner brush.  The hair is firm enough and has very minimal flyaway after gazillion times of cleansing!  This brush works great to fill in my brows using brow powders!  I don't use this for eyelining, I find the brush tip a bit too thick for my taste!


You can check out my tip on drawing my own eyebrows last year by smiling and clicking HERE, you can already see me including this brush!

Now, I've shared my ultimate Eyebrow Filling Brush!
I Wonder: "What's Your Favorite Eyebrow Brush?"

Or you don't even need one?
Let's enjoy the fun of sharing!

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  1. I'm using the bobbi Brown one when I do my makeup at home. And the RMK one for when I travel. I prefer the Bobbi one because it's more stiff but they're both really good! I won't need another brow brush for as long as those two are around and in good shape :)

  2. I use Bobbi Brown for everyday natural look and Japonesque for days I want my brows well made. Im happy with both though I think I'll get the one from make up for ever.:D

  3. I actually recently picked up the EcoTools brow/liner angled brush and I love it for my brows!

  4. I use an automatic eyebrow pencil to draw in color, so I just use an Anna Sui spoolie for softening the lines out.

  5. Usually I am using The Face Shop an angled brush. But sometimes I fill in my brows with a brow pencil and go through with a spooly brush cames separate with pencil.

  6. oooops! i hardly do my brows at all..but if i ever do, i will use which ever angled brush i can find ^_^

  7. I only use the TBS brow and lash comb to groom my brows into place!

    Ok, i better get around to use my MAC 208 brush! I havent started using it despite it being in my stash for months already!! :P

  8. I can usually use just about any angled brush as long as it isn't too wide. Currently I prefer the Annabelle (Canadian brand) angled brush. It does a good job both for brows and liner work too.

  9. My favorite brow brush is the little tiny one that comes in the EcoTools brow grooming set. It's softer, and so suits my sparse brows really well. I also have the f/s Crown IB series angled brow brush, but that one's a good bit stiffer, and so powder is much more obvious and harder to blend with that one. I think if I had fuller brows I'd prefer the stiffer brush though as it is, I need the soft one since I have so few brow hairs!

  10. I use angle liner brushes for my eyebrows too! haha

  11. I also have this Glish set and this angled liner is the one I always use too but for gel liners :-) I use the included brow brush/comb for my brows.

  12. I don't have a favorite eyebrow pencil, because I draw my brows with eyebrow pencils. ;)

  13. Now that you've asked this question, I realized that I haven't been paying good attention to my brows.

    I only have my 75-peso liner brush that I bought with my gel liner pot. I'll experiment with that and research on prettifying brows :)

    your posts are soooo influential nikki.

  14. Nikki, same as you, I use angled eyeliner brush to fill my brows everyday! And yep, I never used it to line my eyes. Weirdos. =P

  15. i use a brow pencil so i have never used a brush or powder before XD

  16. I use and angled liner too my favorite is the one that has a spoolie at the other end. I dont like it for eyelinig as well, too thick for me heheh

  17. Connie, ohh you use different one for home and travel? that's cool, I usually use just this one for both home and travel :)

    Jamie, Hmmmm..Bobbi brown seems like a good one! Thanks for sharing

    Arezu, I use the Ecotools one for my eyelining! :) I find it a bit too thin :) Thanks for sharing yours!

  18. Kuri, automatic eye pencil is great! :)

    Anastacia, ohh how's the Face Shop one? Are the brushes good? I never purchase any TFS brushes!

    Xin, :) lucky you for not needing to do the brows!

  19. Jenn, thanks for sharing! TBS makes great brushes! I want MAC208 brush too!

    * : . b | u 3 . : * ', Anabelle seems like a good brand! Seems I've read quite a number of raves about the brand!Thanks for sharing

    Catherine,I think the tiny travel sets make good brow brush eh? I've always wanted to try Crown brushes as I heard they are great dupes to a lot of more expensive brushes! Just like you, I prefer the stiffer brush for eyebrow filling too!

  20. Tish, yay!! We're both the same!

    Nikkiz, aaahh my brow comb/brush is not doing ok! hahah I'm losing all the teeth of the brow comb!

    Jess, eyebrow pencils are great too! I use eyebrow pencils once in a while!

  21. herroyalbleakness, awww you must have a naturally beautiful brows to not even worry about it :) do give it a try, prettifying the brows is fun!

    Dang, actually, I do use a different brush to line my eyes, but this particular one from Glish, I use it only for brows! I'm too O.C.!

    Yumeko, what brow pencil are you using? What's the best you've tried?

    Sush, I like the spoolie too, after I fill in my brows with brow powder, I set it with brow gel and comb it with the spoolie :)

  22. I don't do my eyebrows often as I like how they naturally are. But when I do, I use whatever angle liner brush I can find.

  23. I use the POSH Brow brush but it's kinda collecting dust here...LOL

  24. Gio, lucky you! You have naturally pretty brows! :) Keep it that way!!

    Lisa, POSH, I think I've seen them being reviewed on other beauty blogs, thanks for sharing :)


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