Friday, November 13, 2009

AMW Reviews: Elianto Aqua Shadow

Happy Friday the 13th!  The day could sound eerie to some but I like Friday!  I will be reviewing a cute liquid eyeshadow which I got from sweet blogger friend!  She sent me these together with other gifts for my birthday last February!

Elianto Aqua Shadow says ---

Shimmery liquid eye shadow. Long lasting, and natural.
Brush on with Tip applicator above eye lids for shinny make up look.

AMW says ---

  • very vibrant and shimmery shades
  • inexpensive
  • dries quickly
  • great to use as eyeshadow base to make the e/s more vibrant
  • cute packaging and can easily see the shades

  • if lids are oily , can crease up
  • quite difficult to blend because it dries pretty quickly
  • hate shimmery shadows?  Leave this!
  • not hygienic to use for others
  • you can't use everything as it tends to dry up before you finish this up
  • packaging is cute but you can't stand it up (for people who wants this standing up)



The Elianto Aqua Shadows have been around for quite some time, I haven't given them much time of the day because the shades are quite vibrant and I don't use much vibrant eyeshadow especially at work.  Thanks to Dustbunny I was able to try this and share my opinion on this for others who are planning to purchase this.

Overall, the Elianto Aqua Shadow is a liquid base eyeshadow that finish up as powder, application isn't hard with the applicator that comes with it, I find the packaging is cute but impractical because I find the shape a bit difficult to store in a traincase, I wanted this to stand upright during application, and I want to reach out all the product with the wand!  And of course, this is not Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) so there's no surgery needed for this packaging.  (Dangerous and not worth it!)
Who needs this?  YOU, who are into vibrant eyeshadows.  YOU, who owns a couple of colored eyshadows that doesn't come out nice!  This is an ok product, not fantabulous and not bad either!  This is actually a great 'addition' for makeup this.

  •  if you plan to use this for other people, make sure to use a brush instead of the applicator included for hygienic purposes
  • shade well prior to usage
  • dot the aqua eyeshadow quickly on the lids then blend with fingers
  • use your ring finger to blend gently!  Do not tug your lids
  • close the cap tightly to prevent the product for drying up
Will I repurchase?

For their full retail price?  No.  If they're on right at the moment...yes!

Where to purchase and how much?

At Elianto stores or counters for Php169.00 (approx $3.70) but guess what?  They are on sale NOW for Php95.00 (approx $2.00) at SM malls

Here's a swatch for the pink and blue
Elianto Aqua Shadow
Applied without base

take a look at the "shimmer" and vibrancy 


Have you tried this? 
Do  you like this?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!
Happy weekend!


  1. That's so frosty...(and when I saw the bright blue I was like forget about it...That color looks a bit trashy on me...)

    And I actually though it was from Kose Beaute when I saw the picture of the packaging...

  2. so nice! But i'm a bit suspicious about liquids. They tend to really run and well I'm a bit nervous about blending.

  3. these are the copycat of Beaut de Kose's. I didn't like BdK's as they were very frosty and creased on me INSTANTLY. I hated them so much I've moved away from that brand all together! (And to think there is a counter near me!)

    I didn't know Elianto also has the same products and equally as frosty. I'd stay away from them judging from your swatches.

    Thanks for another awesome review.

  4. Great review :) Although I'm not one to use light blue e/s cos I suck at blending them :( Happy Friday, too! I'm counting on this Friday to be just like a normal one, heehee :)

  5. the color is so wow! will look like some ice goddess after using it. i wish they were nail polishes tho :P would love the colors on my nails!

  6. OOh! Those shadows will look nice on christmas day! I love how frosty they look! :D makes me happY! hheeheeh!

  7. The packaging is cute. :-)

    It'll look good on fairytale(ish) photo shoots. Luckily, I saw an Elianto counter here. I might give 'em a visit one of these days.

  8. every time i see this i think of the beaute de kose eye fantasist!

  9. I'm not into frosty, because it makes my already oily skin, more shiny, so I'll leave this one. =)

    Have a great weekend, Nikki! Hugs!

  10. How gorgeous are the colors! I like both of thme! Very beautiful pearl touch to it!!

  11. Citrine, you know what? You reminded me! I did see the same packaging from Kose! Thanks for reminding! I think it would be something to use if I'm onto bright shadows, but I'm maybe just for those fashion shoots?

    Y, blending is ok but it does crease if you have oily lids!

    Jojoba, yup..the packaging does remind us all of Kose, its not the best product around! I didn't know Elianto have these, I'm glad it was gifted to me, at least I know such product exist :)

  12. Teeyah, :) you're welcome for my review and I know what you mean, super bright eyes isn't our thing!

    Xin, Ice Goddess? You're right, I may use this when I plan to be an ice goddess and barbie!!! :)

    Iyah, hahah it does look cute on swatch but on the eye area, it would be a bit too much for a neutral girl like me :)

  13. Liza! so true, I can't seem to use this on regular days, I'll probably use this if there's a fashion shoot or anyone who wants VAVAVOOM makeup!

    Mona, hahaha everyone thinks the same, i can't believe I forget about Kose!

    Dang, I have a feeling oily lidded peeps won't appreciate this :) Happy weekend to you too!

    Anastacia, these colors will look great on yoU! You look great on any shades of eyeshadows!

  14. I love bright colors and this look gorgeous! A bit too frosty maybe but I don't mind much. And I agree with you on the packaging, pretty but unpracticle.

  15. the packaging looks a lot like the ones from kose heeee

  16. It looks like kose products :D with much cheaper price tag haha...hmm i dont really like that type of eyeshadow/eyeglitter as the application could be messy...

  17. The packaging is soooo cute!

  18. Hmm the product looks similar to Maybelline's liquid stay long wear eyecolor! I bought one before. It's frosty and it dries up very quickly. It makes my eyeshadows crease up too. I probably won't touch this. Thanks for the review, Nikki!

  19. Gio, yes, its a bit too frosty but it works if you apply just a thin layer

    Yumeko, yes, it does right?

    Acutelife, it could get a bit too messy at times :)

  20. B, it is cute but its just that..its a dupe of Kose, I don't know who came in first :)

    Fifi, maybelline has one too? I haven't seen it! :)

  21. It looks so pretty! I love the little cute packaging. It's cheap too =P Unfortunately, not available in Canada..

  22. Lisa, aaahh I guess we've got so many stuffs down here not available there and vice versa!


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