Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eureka Moment: Tezaiku Brush Roll


A brush roll that's super cute and it's handmade by our blogger friend!  I finally got it! 
Brush Roll from Tezaiku plus freebies
A My Beauty Diary Mask
Japanese candies


I don't have to do a comprehensive review on this, the fabric used are very pretty and one of a kind!  Most of her brush rolls are sold within minutes and some fabrics she use are limited editions!   I am not a die hard Hello Kitty Fan but can you blame me for loving this at first sight?


You want to know how the insides look?  A simple baby pink fabric is used for the inside the complement the outer fabric.  The fabric used isn't too hard nor flimsy.  Obviously made with quality in mind!

I put in my brushes right away!  CLEAN brushes! :)  I can't wait to take this along gigs!  Now I'm not embarrassed as this is such a cute brush roll!  I'll probably be walking around with this brush roll like I'm holding a Chanel Pouch! :P  That's how much I love this!!!

Brush Roll costs $25.00
Shipping $8.00

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I like some of those handmade stuff she made but never quite brought myself to spend 15 dollars (with shipping) on hair tie...

    Anyway, I think these hand made stuff are well worth it but I personally prefer those pleather one as they are easier to maintain.

  2. cute! but won't she have a problem with copyright issues by using hello kitty prints? I remember one of fafinettex3's vid where she bought a brush roll with a hello kitty on it, days after, the supplier stopped making those due to copyright issues.

    anyhow, it's really cute!!!

  3. Wow! I love Hello Kitty too :) It's very pretty Nikki!

  4. So cute! I used to have Hello Kitty for everything! slippers, towels, pencil, pencil case, eraser, scissors, bag, lunch box, water jug, spoon and fork, plate, alarm clock, folders, PJ set, hair clips, ring, necklace and the list goes on...

  5. Citrine, the shipping of course is a bit pain in the neck, but I just went crazy with these and its so prety!

    Lelila, so far, I think she's not selling these in bulks and I think she sells these just to limited number of people, her buyers are mostly beauty bloggers so I don't think she will have problems with it :)

    Charry, I know, i can't help but stare at it!

    pammy, :)

  6. Aww, I really love Hello Kitty! This brush roll is just so cuuutttee!! But the shipping fee and the price of the brush roll are a bit stiff :(

  7. Mitch, I know, but if you really want something, darn, I totally forgot about the price lol

    lulu, thanks

    Crystal, it is super cute even in person!!!

  8. Very pretty! :) The color suits you well, with your bubbly self, sis :)

    Thanks for the comments! I am in love with 80s songs, lalo na sa videoke and mag:net. Haha. I saw your Stepford wife photo sa FB. I think your readers would love to see you in there. You're so pretty! :)

  9. woohooo!! yay for Yumeko's brush roll!! My brush roll is only for traveling.. i feel like I wanna order another one! heehee!

  10. Oh yay you finally got it!! I am always so tempted by Yumeko's amazing creations even though I already have a traincase with brush holders.....

  11. yeah you're right sis! hahaha.. As long as we satisfy our heart's desire, it's ok.. :D

  12. Such sweet brush rool! I am not HK lover but this stuff looks very cute!

  13. eeehh...ang cute!!!!sana meron ganyan na local eh noh..ehehe

  14. oh it's so cute! I kinda need this, as my brushes are all over the place at the moment haha!

    happy weekend!

  15. Chelle, me, I'm not really an HK fan but I went crazy with this print, I can't imagine how you'll react when you see this :)

    Teeyah, the color is so me! You're right! I'm a pink lover! hahha no way! Oh no you saw the Stepford wives photo? You're too fast! hahahah That was an upload by a friend

    Iyah, awww, me too, I wanted to order another one :)

  16. Catherine, me too, I have 2 traincses, a leather brush holder, but I want this, and I want more!!

    Mitch, we ladies know what's best for us :)

    Anastacia, well I'm definitely a BRUSH lover so protecting and housing my brushes in this cute roll is worth it!

    Shobe, I know, I'm sure this will be saleable locally! YOu know how much we love cute stuffs down here!

    Toothfairy, :) Happy weekend to you too!

  17. That's so cute! I love Hello Kitty!

  18. awwwww so cuteee! I usually dont like hello kitty but this brush roll is seriously cute

  19. Gio, it is indeed cute! worth it

    Connie :) hehehehe when you say Cute, I feel like you're saying that to me! not the brush roll lol

    prettybeautiful, I know!!! so cute no???

  20. Heehee! So cute! If I had one, I'll probably strut it down the streets like I'm carrying the most expensive and super limited-edition clutch! XD

  21. Lisa, same here! I want to strut with it EVERYDAY!


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