Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Sushi-Ya

Happy weekend food tripping everyone!  I am seriously busy with a lot of stuffs but I certainly do not forget to STOP, REST and EAT.  Dining and spending quality time with my husband is priceless, whatever anxiety or concerns I may be feeling can be temporarily put on hold.

This weekend's food tripping is all about affordable Japanese Restaurant.  There's always Teriyaki Boy, SumosamKarate Kid , Jipan & Sakura and Ajisen Ramen.  Those are a few of those affordable Japanese Restaurant I've tried. And the list will go on and on....

Sushi-Ya Restaurant has been around and visible for quite some time but I didn't take time to really stop and look at their menu!  I don't know why but I've always thought this restaurant is pricey!  As you all know, I'm a bit allergic to overly expensive stuffs!  Over the weekend, we were craving for something that warms the tummy, something filling as I have been stressing out on a lot of stuffs and I seriously needed a full meal! :)

Miso Soup
Comes Free with the Bento Box


Php140.00 (approx $ 3.00)

I love it that the sauce is all over the rice from top to bottom!
Pork is soft and obviously well cooked!


Bento Box no. 1
Tori (Chicken), California Maki, Tofu and Rice
with Miso Soup above
Php250.00 (approx $5.43)


If you are expecting to drink the warm house tea!  Well you won't have it here!  You will be served with their cold version of a house tea.  I missed the warm tea right after a meal but it's still okay.

Oh yeah, forgot to take a photo but Bottomless Iced Tea here costs Php50.00!!! (Approx $1.00)!  Another cheap bottomless iced tea find!

How's your weekend food tripping?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hey i've been following your blog for a while and noticed that food in the philippines is soooo cheap. ;; not fair haha

  2. looks soo good. i love bento boxes. they are so affordable yet you get really full coz you get a bit everything ^_^

  3. Ooh yum! I haven't eaten at Sushiya, too! Makes me want to try :)

  4. Yummy! I love your food posts. Never fails to make me hungry :P

  5. haven't tried sushi. hehe.. but the bento Box no. 1 looks mmmmm.... yummy!! and wow! for only P250. :)

  6. you're making me hungry nikki!!

  7. Love Japanese food especially affordable japanese food!! Drooling looking at your pictures =P

  8. YAY for japanese foods :) Im thinking to try making sushi because it's such a healthy alternatives. Im not a very good cook though, but hopefully I can master it without much hassle.. :p

  9. It's so yummy....make me hungry..

  10. hi Anonymous : )Thanks for following :) And thanks for commenting, actually, the cost of living down here is cheaper as compared to other countries but of course, everything is quite relative..the salary down here are lower as compared to other countries too! :) So it's just equal :)

    Becky, I love bento boxes because I love variety :)

    Jbreezybaby, it tastes yummy too! :)

  11. Teeyah, I think most of us haven't tried it as compared to Teriyaki boy or Karate kid :) It looks expensive kc :)

    Pammy, awww, I'm glad you enjoy my food posts as much as I enjoyed writing them!

    Nehs, well if you change the chicken to Beef or other choices, it can go up, but still its worth it! :) you get what you pay for..and more! :D

  12. Jo, you have to come back down here and meet up with me! I'll treat you! :)

    Stacieee, everyone loves cheap and affordable food that tastes wonderful :)

    goodfor2, I guess I have to try that next :) thanks for the suggestion

    Acutelife, I have't tried making sushi, I always cook Chinese food at home :)

    lavender, :)

  13. Such affordable food! Japanese food is quite pricey here...=[

    Mmm...sushi and miso soup!! ^.^

  14. Lisa, yes, they are affordable down here that's what I heard, but you know what? We have really pricey restaurants too! I'm just a cheapo to dine in cheap restaurants!


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