Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Sumosam + Fragrances

My dear friend Nica (hi Nica!) came back home for a visit, and the college friends decided to dine out at my favorite Japanese restaurant at Shangri-la mall


This is a Japanese restaurant and definitely a fusion with Filipino taste!

Check out what we had! Alert!!! Do not read if you are hungry! LOL

Dynamite Roll
Php168.00 (approx $3.50)

Tori Kawayaki
Php228.00 (approx $4.75)

Beef Asparagus
Php208.00 (approx $4.30)

Minced Pork & Chili Soba
Php248.00 (approx $5.17)

Yum, spicy noodles!

Who doesn't love?

Php328.00 (approx $6.80)

Php208.00 (approx $4.30)

Meat Fried Rice
good to share!
Php178.00 (approx $3.70)

Beef Teppan
Php328.00 (approx $6.83)

Before I end this post, a reader asked me in the past on what fragrance I love to use. I've written a quick post about it on "Gee You Smell Terrific!" and it hasn't change much. I added some on my collection!

  1. J'adore by Christian Dior
  2. Heiress by Paris Hilton
  3. Happy by Clinique
  4. Touch of Pink by Lacoste
  5. Cool Water Game by Davidoff
  6. Envy Me by Gucci
  7. Rush 2 by Gucci
  8. Paul & Joe Blanc
  9. Adidas Energy
  10. Beautiful Love by Estee Lauder (thanks Gracie)

I alternate fragrances base on my mood :)
What's your scent?
Have a wonderful week ahead!
Stay sweet smelling!
Stay Happy!


  1. wow I am full and your food pics still makes me hungry!!!
    wow so delicious looking. I'm going to be dreaming about this tonight! hehe

  2. I remember our fragrance talk from the early posts. :)

    At the moment, I rotate between three scents: Clinique Happy to Be, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, and Bulgari Eau Parfumée au thé vert. I really like the EA one and I always get compliments when wearing it, so I'm thinking about getting another bottle as the one I'm using is running low. I'm also interested in Clinique Happy Heart - if only I can find it for a bit less!

  3. Kasumi, lol good night..sleep tight and eat a lot in your dreams :D

    Liz, yeah! I remembered we had a good chat about it!!! Hmm...Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, everyone's loving it, I don't know why I haven't given it a try, I am still stuck with Elizabeth Arden's True Love (though its not made anymore). You are a CLinique Fragrance Girl! :)

  4. yummm the beef asparagus looks so so yum! i love asparagus with beef <3

    i love gucci rush too! hmm my collection is not as huge as yours..maybe 5 or 6 bottles

  5. MmmM. I'm going to eat right now! lol. I've been using heiress's so fun and girly! Nice collection!

  6. yumm!!
    by the way, have you tried dining at omakase? it's a good japanese restaurant at morato. though i think they have a branch at libis and alabang...try it sis!

  7. Prettybeautiful, I love asparagus too! we're not only the same with polishes, with food too!!! Gucci Envy me is my ultimate fave! I have to purchase again as I'm almost done with it, it's my 3rd bottle if I'll repurchase! 5-6 bottles are good enough! You have a lot too!

    Ladystarr, heiress is the only scent from Paris Hilton that I love :)

    Reynakatarayan, yes sis! I've dined at Omakase both LIbis and Tomas Morato branch :) I love their dynamite roll!!! The best!

  8. Haha I wasn't hungry when I read your post, but all the photos made me hungry again!! :P

  9. Omg!
    Those food look sooo yummy! And they are sooo cheap compare to how much I pay here in the states!!!
    Lovely, I hope you're FULL =D

    I loveee collecting perfume!
    I love everything you have =)


  10. The beef asparagus looks so delicious. I'm so tempted so eat there! I like perry ellis and clinique happy heart =D

  11. HI there! Whree can I buy Addidas Energy here in the Phils? I was leeming on it since I saw it on my dad's closet. It smelled fantastic! Howver, when I decided to buy one for myself, I cannot find it anywhere. Please help me....

  12. I had some samples of LACOSTE Touch Of Pink, and think it's a very fresh and young fragrance.

    I liked it, but didn't purchase it, since I think it doesn't suit me perfectly, hehe... I can be quite picky when it comes to perfume. :p

  13. *Droooolssss* Everything looks realllllly good Nikki!! I especially love the Chili Soba!! Noodles with eggs? Bring it on baby!! :D~~~

    Wow, you have so many perfumes!! I love J'Adore too!! I can't wear perfumes because they turn rancid on me (gross i know), so i don't own any!! hehehe!! :D

  14. I love dynamite roll!!! did you try the American dream roll?
    yum yum!!!

  15. I was look your foods pix ad I'm hungry!! All pix looks yummy yummy! MMM

    I love your parfume collection! so cool!

  16. I love Sumo Sam too! Almost as much as I love Omakase and Sugi. :) I used to eat there too often when my school was practically just a street across Powerplant! :) I can't get enough of their Tofu Chop Chop and Enoki. :)

  17. Wow sis! You've just made me very very hungry hahahahaha! Love Japanese food! Sis, would you like to have some more perfumes? You're just becoming as bad as me with collecting scents hahahahaha!

  18. i loooooooooooove japanese food. havent tried sumosam yet though :(. dynamite roll and beef asparagus looks delicious! agghh im hungry haha. anyways, i stick to one perfume. been using Anna Sui Wishful Thinking. Tried alternating it with other perfumes but I keep coming back to it. lol

  19. Ahh Japanese food!

    I was full when I read your post, but your pics made me hungry again haha.

  20. Fuz, i did tell you gals you will get hungry huh? heheheh

    Beeyoutiful7, yes I was so full! And the perfume collection? i'm glad you liked it

    Kim, Happy Heart, I wanted to purchase it before :D

  21. Aubrey Nicole Lee, I do know they sell it at SM Department stores, you know the health and beauty section? You can ask them coz I see some body washes from them. This I got from my bro who brought them at the airport in China.

    Jess, Touch of Pink smells wonderful :) Same here, I am picky with scents, I go for what I feel good with

    Ahleessa, YUP :)

  22. Jenn, lol you got hungry too? J'adore was what I've been lemming for , for so long! My mom in law gave that to me as a gift 2 years ago for Christmas :)

    Reynakatarayan, yes! I had the whole platter of sushi and rolls with my friends the first time I had it. I stuffed myself! :)

    Anastacia, LOL Thank you

  23. Sabine, Omakase, Sugi and SumoSam, I love them all!!! I love Tofu Chop chop too!! wow now you're making me hungry!

    Gracie, sis, no wonder we're sisses!!!! Are you my idol or something ? hehhe chat with you soon sis!

    Steph, Anna Sui, I heard so many good stuff about this brand, i think the SA let me sniff a bit of Anna Sui and it smells wonderful, not sure the exact name of the fragrance though :) I have to Sniff Wishful Thinking ! :)

    Blair, LOL sorry my bad!!!! You continued reading!!! hahahaha

  24. food looks really yummy! nice perfume collection, Gucci Envy me smells really good, i got one as a gift, but left it in uk >_<

  25. omg i want all that fooooooood!
    & yummm j'adore! i wanted that one
    & there was some paris hilton one that i liked but i didn't know which.
    my perfume i've used for the past 3 years has actually been discontinued. i'm pretty bummed about it. :(
    but i do use romance -ralph lauren from time to time, used to be a lot
    & recently (with alterating w/ the last bit of my usual perfume)
    brit sheer -burberry

  26. My favorite scent is gucci eau de parfum II, it smells absolutely amazing! I love your blog

  27. NicNic, my ultimate fave! Gucci Envy Me :)

    Yumyumsushi, I know what you mean about your favorite scent being discontinued! That would be Elizabeth Arden True Love and GAP Dream for me! :D

    Lvst, thanks dear!!!

  28. By the way, i'm always very jealous when i'm watching all that yummy food you've posted on your blog haha! It always looks delicious, in the netherlands and in the city where i live. You haven't got many places where you can eat like that. I love food =p

  29. yummmmmm! everything looks so tempting esp. the beef asparagus...mmmm..... *salivating* *tulo-laway* ROFL

  30. the noodles looks yummy

  31. lvst, hey I think you have great food there, you're just so used to it it's not exciting no more! I am jealous of you for living in a wonderful country! :)

    Aquaracer, hahahahhahahahh ROFL! Tulo Laway..eww..hahaha

    Gourmandtales, :) so true!

  32. i just love sumosam. i especially love their philadelphia roll. ^^

  33. Trina, Philadelphia roll! I've tried it, I love it too!


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