Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Bag + Bag Collection

Things you will know about me after this post...
I love bags! Any kind of bags, it doesn't have to be super expensive or branded,
but I love bags that fit my personality and style.
I love a bag that represents me! A bag that's so ME! :D

Here's a new purchase :)

Affectionate Bag

I like it that it's small yet spacious!

I carry around a lot of crap! LOL

And the most important thing
It fits my bag organizer perfectly!!!

I can still fit my makeup kit
and other miscellaneous!

I purchased the XOXO Affectionate bag at Very Sexy Store, a multiply online seller, they are actually my friends so I know that they are trusted and their products are original and new. I bought this for Php2,050 (approx $43.00).

This cutey "Nikki" bag
will join my
Nikki's Bag Corner

These bags are collected over the years.
I do take care of my bags so it lasts long,

some are with me for more than 5 yrs :)

Askmewhats Asks:

"Are you a bag person?"

if so...
"Are you going for the branded ones or not?"
I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Stay Happy!


  1. oohh that is a cute bag! your collection is growing!!
    I love dreaming of bags to get lol. Does that count?
    I want a Balenciaga bag next XD

  2. Oh that is *so* cute! Ahhhh, now I want it for carrying around in the summer - it just looks so bright and fun! I love XOXO bags. They're always so cute. =)

    I used to be more of a bag person than I am now. When I left for college, I told myself I shouldn't buy anymore because I already have so many! (They're all at home though ;_;) But... maybe I'll reconsider that, lol.

  3. i looove bags and i do buy a lot of them hahaah

  4. yes i am a bag person.
    i do go for brands.
    most of my accessories are branded
    cause my tees and pants arent.
    so it balance up?
    and i seldom buy bags since i go for branded have to save :P

  5. I am a bag person. Bags and shoes are my luxuries of choice. I tend to prefer the branded ones since I consider these bags as investments.

    The brands I like aren't that popular in the Philippines, though (except for LV). I like Tano, Hayden Harnett and Linea Pelle.

  6. I love your bags :D!
    I do like bags ;), but I don't own any really expensive ones...Yet :-P ;). I love mine though :). It's not about the price, it's about falling in love with that item and having it really become part of your life, and mine have ^_^.

  7. Hello Nikki!

    Cute bag! I like that it's small yet roomy.

    I love bags, I try not to go for branded bags, they break the bank haha.

  8. Love your new bag! Unfortunately, I AM a bag person! I like quality bags which usually means more expensive which means I can't buy too many. Hahaha... One of my favorite bag is from BANANA REPUBLIC! You should do a post of your hand bag collection! :)

  9. Your new bag is soo cute!

    I love bags!! I don't really care about brands, I just buy bags I like.

  10. the bag is cute! :D
    i'm looking for a nice bag organiser!! anywhere to get?? ^^
    i love bagsss! since i was a lil girl... hahas. my mum always complain over my mountain of bags! :p so in recent years I try to sort them and give them away to salvation army or other people in need whenever I clean up my stuffs (once a year). That way i can make way for more bags without wasting my old but still new bags. :))

    I love leather bags, not looking at branded bags yet since i'm not loaded :p and i tend to get bored with stuff really fast! so I dunno if it's worth to save for a branded bag although it's very tempting! :p

    P.S: i also carry around alot of crap everywhere i go! i will feel very insecure to go out without a bag :p

  11. Ohhh!!! You have lots of bags! :D That Xoxo bag is cute! :D

    Yeah I love bags.. especially big bags! :D I only have a few.. Yes I prefer branded ones but I also buy non-branded ones :)

  12. oh, that's cute!! :) i love love bags, too. If I have the budget, I go for branded ones. If I don't, then I stick to anything that's within my means but something PRETTY! haha!

  13. Holy moly, that is one collection!
    Bags are sooo cute, lately I've fallen for the big bags so that I can carry EVERYTHING. haha

  14. oooh~ nice nice~
    I actually like collecting shoes first, then bags.
    I take care of both (im a little insane at times) so just like you some of them have easily surpassed 5 years. It totally makes it worth it :) especially its a bag/shoe thats very versatile^^

  15. how cute nikki! I love bags too! I have quite collections too. I like the huge and colorful ones these days. :)

  16. wow that's quite a lot of bags. i'm not really a bag person. i have very few bags :P

  17. I love all kinds of bags too, I don't care what brand!

  18. Kasumi, dreaming of bags count because I dream about them too! LOL

    Catherine, same here, when i got married, I only get those that I use often and left a lot at home ! We really need to see what we have before we keep on purchasing :)

    Melvel, actually if I buy leather bags, I'll go for the real ones, you are right about them being an investment :)

  19. Yumeko, I know you are a bag person!!! :)

    LyNn, I am saving up for one branded and really good quality bag too :) it's nice to have an investment and something you can pass on to your

    Cris, same here, no matter how discounted a branded bag is, if it's not my personality and I don't feel wonderful holding it, I won't even purchase it!

  20. Blair, I hear ya!

    Just me myself & I, ohhh Banana rep, I just know about their clothing line, I haven't really thought about their bags!

    Gio, *high five* fellow bag-a-holic!

  21. Miracle, back in college or when I was just starting to work, I change bag everyday! LOL It has to go with my outfit..that's where bag organizers come in ! where to purchase? I'm not sure where in Singapore but Paris B of My Women Stuff featured and talks about bag organizers, maybe that seller ships to Singapore?

    Iyah, I go for big bags too, if they are small, they HAVE to be spacious!

    Aquaracer, definitely something pretty and made with quality!

  22. Jojoba, oh no! I can't compete with your bag collection dear! *winks*

    Fuz, thanks sweetie!

    Xoannie, same here! But if I use a smaller bag, I tend to carry 2 bags! LOL that is crazy!

  23. Rasilla, I go for bags first..because I have really weak feet and there are just limited brands or kind of shoes I can go for! :) Yay to both of us for taking care of our stuffs!

    Nehs, oohhh that's the "in" thing..the huge colorful ones!

    Musicalfanlovesminerals :) So you are a what type of person then? shoes? Makeup?

    Lydia *winks* WOMEN! lol

  24. the bag is so colorful! :) I borrow mine from mom a lot since she collects designer bags. :D Im more like a shoe-and-makeup-person! :)

  25. Your new bag is sooo cute!! I love the adorable heart prints on them! :D

    you have SO MANY bags!! I think i need to show my husband yours so that he'll stop nagging me about mine... which really isnt alot at all! hahaha!

    I love bags... most of mine arent branded though... i just buy whatever i like! hahaha!! :D

  26. very roomy n cute! im a bag lover tooo =D


  27. Yes yes try the Clinique Mild. I'm so in love with it.. :) I love the ingredients because its very mild. I keep on coming back to it :D I used 5 bottles now for a year.. hahah!

  28. Your new XOXO bag is so colorful! I thought it was a Coach bag (very similar!). Nice and lovely like you are :)

    I'm a bag person too. Usually I go for a decent affordable kinda bag, but when it comes to the high end brands, I love to keep it simple so I always look for a classic timeless piece (instead of limited edition one which likely more pricey with animals skin and diamond stuffs) :D

    Conclusively, I love branded bags for its quality. Of course I have to pay a bit more, but heyy when it lasts forever, why not? Too bad for me, I haven't got my own salary just yet. So I can't always extort my mom's money only to satisfy my passion for fashion :P

  29. I love bags. I have so many but I don't collect designer ones. I like changing bags depending on my mood or outfit =D

  30. What a cute bag!

    I have a few bags that I like. I'm pretty picky when it comes to bags... Hopefully I'll find more that I like!

  31. Care G, my mom-in-law is into designer bags gave me an idea, I can borrow from her! :D

    Jenn, hahahha I permit you to show it to your hubby, but my advise? try to look for blogger who's got way bigger expensive bag collection, your hubby will feel good! hahhaa

    Lipstick Stain, I think there's a lot of us bag lovers out there

  32. Iyah, I don't know why it takes me a year to finish that big clinique toner and moisturizer but the facial wash just lasts for a month or 2! LOL

    Devi, we're both the same, the Coach bag I owned is plain leather brown, I'd rather go for classic if it's an expensive one :)

    Kim same here! :D

    K, oohh show me yours! :D

  33. Very cute bag!! So pretty! Love your bag collection!

  34. oh yes Im so a bag person!! hopefully one day I can buy the branded one,but as for now Im settled with what I have ^^

  35. what a nice bag!! LUV IT

    btw, greetings from SLovakia :)

  36. I love bags! I have a mix between designer and not so much designer bags. I used to only have Coach or expensive bags, but I get bored of bags quickly so I stopped paying alot of money bc they always end up in my closet.

  37. Anastacia, are you a bag person yourself?

    Acutelife, true, we should look at our collection and be contented, even for awhile lol

    Lenia, thanks for the message, it's nice to know you :)

    Kendall, me too! I'd rather go for mixed rather than all expensive!

  38. I wont say I'm a bags lover... but I do have a few bags for different occasions. I have mixed between branded expensive bags and ordinary not so expensive bags.. I'm using a bag only worth RM10.00/USD2.70 for some shopping days.. kekekeke.. pricing for a bag is not an issue, but I'm more on the practicality of it...

  39. Sis, You've got a serious bag collection there hahahahaha! I'm trying to stick to designer bags for now otherwise, I end up buying loads and finding a place for them is becoming a nightmare. As you probably know, I'm turning into a Vivian Westwood fanatic when it comes to bags and owns 5 bags and 4purses so far. I'd like to add at least one bag each year, that way, my purchases on bags would be limited but it would be great piece (pieces). This is of course my own preferences ;)

  40. I love your purse collection. And the new one is soooo cute.

  41. Syn@3sTh3sI@, I know what you mean about practicality!:)

    Gracie, hey! don't talk about YOUR bag collection, your bag collection swipes all my collection !LOL I do remember those Vivienne Westwood you had and they are wonderful!!! Buying 1 in a year works great!!!

    B, :) thanks!

  42. Yes I'm a bag lady and I can never get enough :P I won't put up my collection though - people would hate me LOL... :D

  43. hi nikki! i am a bag person, and a shoe person too! few years back i loved big bags, but nowadays i can't stand the weight (big bags are heavy already without things inside..)

    i think we girls will never have enough of bags do you agree?

    as for branded or not, i do love branded bags, but i can't afford them, so i buy non branded ones for now.

  44. I am such a bag person. I love them. Some love shoes, I'm into bags. I haven't been buying much these days. Wanna save up and buy a good classic piece. I love Coach; that I'd spend on.

    Cute bag you have there ;)


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