Saturday, March 21, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: The Face Shop Base Coat

Good happy day everyone!!!
Let me get back to my nail loving mojo!
Here's a requested review for The Face Shop's Base Coat!
I love The Face Shop branch at Glorietta, Makati, the sales staffs are super friendly! They are super nice, no pressure in forcing you to purchase anything and answers my queries well :) I'd buy from them anytime! :D

TFS Base Coat says ---

This soft base coat creates a strong bond between nail color and nail which prevents future chipping peeling and splitting.

Askmewhats says ---

  • affordable
  • dries quickly
  • doesn't change the color of your polish
  • it's just nice to know that I got a protective coat between my nails and the polish
  • not too runny or too thick, consistency is just right
  • there is a huge difference of using a basecoat, my nails are SUPER hard compared to the weak nails I have before
  • none

I have decided, to purchase this together with my HG Top Coat which is The Face Shop Top Coat. Both of these work so well on my nails that my nail art doesn't chip or peel even after 1 full week! And no, I'm not a princess, I do work! I wash dishes, I do chores like there's no polish on my nails. I also type really fast and hard for the whole day at work and night time blogging! If my nails can talk, they are screaming their cuticle out! LOL

The Face Shop base coat is harder to review as it's beneath the nail polish, in the long run, I may do a revisit, but I am impressed for now!

  • apply 1-2 coat, let dry before applying the base color
  • always twist the polish tightly for it to stay longer
  • keep polishes in an airtight plastic to prolong the life of all your polishes
Will I repurchase?

Yes! I already bought backups!

Where can you purchase and how much?

At The Face Shop stores for Php99.00 (approx $2.00)

Close up look on the Base Coat

I still alternate my Sally Hansen base and top coat with The Face Shop one. I may purchase The Face Shop one in the future as it's cheaper.

Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. wow $2 is really cheap haha.
    Love base coats! can't live without them!

  2. yay.
    the review is up.
    but somehow mine seem to take a long time to dry.
    how long does it take for you to pain another layer on it? :_

  3. sometimes i dont use a top or base coat and find my nails start to weaken after only a few days of wearing nail polish on your nails ... do you get that too?

    i've since started wearing it so we'll see if it makes a difference. thanks for the comment nikki!

  4. That is such a cutie shade and small too! haha! perfect for traveling :D

  5. Kasumi, me too! Before, I never bothered to use base coats and my nails are brittle

    LyNn, really? Mine takes really easy to dry I just wait for a minute, then it's ok! Don't use too much! :)

    Jo, yes ! You are right, I can literally fold my nails ! Its yucky, and it gets super yellow, so base coats really help :D

    Iyah, yup! :D Gotta love The Face Shpo products for having cute packaging!

  6. i like the size of the polish and the price is great!

  7. LOL!! MY NAILS IS SOFT LIKE URS TOO!! it bends whenever it reaches a certain length, which is not even long. -.-

    I applied this base coat and realized my nails did hardened!! cuz it's no longer bending!! hahaha!

  8. Cool review! this nail base coat looks very pretty!

  9. Thanks for the review! I'm in need of a new base coat and this sounds nice. It's cheap too so I'll get myself one soon.

  10. i have this too and love it too! it's really cheap and good.

  11. awwww man i don't have any The Face Shop here in Texas (u.s.) :( i wish i can get my hands on these cuz they are so freakin affordable and they look like they really work!!!

    my sally hansen ( a diff one from urs) isn't working good and TFS looks so much nicer.....i sooo wish i could know where to find TFS over here.

    thanks for the review! i always love reading ur reviews cuz they're so thorough.

  12. Thank you for the review sis! :) Im going to try this one, my polish chips off easily :( I really love the face shop's nail polish collection because of the yummy colors! :)

  13. M so true

    Miss Hazel, I'm glad you feel the same with base coat! Some people thinks its not even important, I think it's the most important step!

    Yumeko, definitely! :D

  14. Anastacia, thanks

    Nikkiz, yay! let me know your thoughts if you got this

    Aichaku, I feel the same, it works really well !

  15. Ichigobunnie, thanks for saying so and for appreciating my review, email me if you want me to help you purchase :)

    Care G, yay go for it! :)

  16. Thanks for the review Nikki!! Yeah, i think TFS nail polishes are great and oh so affordable!

    If only the sale girls at my local TFS outlets were a little less intimidating... they watch you like a hawk and follow you around the store!! :S Me don't like!! >.<

  17. MAN! all these amazing things from the PI! i gotta write all these down for the next time i go to the PI

  18. ohh i wish there was a face shop here.. i think there is... but so difficult to look for it lol.

  19. I have this also but I can't make my nail polish last for a nails are pretty weak. =(

  20. I also use this base coat!! It's a good product isn't it? Nice review hun :)

  21. Jenn, some branches of TFS down here are the same, that's why I talk about this specific branch because they let you roam around and only goes up to you if you ask something :)

    Shades of U, thanks lol

    Jensmakeupbag, you just have to let me know if you're coming over, I'll list down stuffs you have to visit or purchase! BWHAHAHHAHA :)

  22. Nicnic, it's weird, they should have The Face Shop in Japan, it's just close to Korea, but It's just my own thinking! lol

    Kim, how about top coat? maybe you need a nail hardener too instead of using a base coat :)

    naomi, thanks!

  23. ahhh finally this review is up! i am definitely going to grab some for myself!! bye bye to expensive sally hansen, welcome faceshop!

  24. we are too funny with our "finding the best polish/nail products" I love how we learn a lot from each other, well it's definitely bye bye sally hansen for now! :D

  25. few weeks ago, i passed by The Face Shop and they are having sale... all nail polish is only RM3.90 / USD1 per bottle. I've grabbed 2 bottles.. hahaha...

  26. sorry for another msg here.. i left out the base coat pricing just now.. it was RM5.90 / USD1.60 during sale

  27. Syn@3sTh3sI@, wow for the great price! we never have sales down here on polishes..lucky you!!!! How'd you like it?

  28. you think it's also okay to use this as a top coat? so that I'll just have to purchase one to make way for another nail polish. haha.

  29. i bought one last year, the base coat color is pink, right? but after a few months of using i noticed that the color has turned white. i tried using it still, when i removed my polish after one week, my nails were all yellowish. so i thought maybe the base coat has already expired. i bought another one last month, yesterday when i was about to use it, i noticed that it has again turned white. has anyone experienced this?? does it mean that it has already expired again? help!

  30. @Anonymous no, this is not meant to be used as top coat.

  31. @Anonymous Hi there, it's actually very light pink in shade and it does turn lighter when you use the product because the product is lessened in the bottle which shows hint of pink. No it's not expired. If your nails still turn yellow, that means you need to search for other base coat. Not all base coats work for all people! Try to apply 2 coats of this basecoat and see if your nails still turn yellow! :) Goodluck!


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