Friday, March 20, 2009

CS Gel Liners vs. MM Gel Liners

You gals thought this showdown will take long???
Why would I do that? I love my readers so much so I try to do what they want...
well around naked...or....stop blogging! LOL

*ahem ahem, wrestling announcer voice*
the most requested showdown!
CS gel liners versus MM gel liners!!!


CS - frosted glass jar with plastic cap, small and easy to take along but no label
MM - clear glass, size is bigger than CS, labeled

(not including shipping)

CS - $6.95 (approx Php330.00)
MM - $7.95 - 9.00 (approx Php390.00-440.00)

Amount of product

CS - 3g
MM - 3g

Gel Color

CS True Black - matte, darker than MM (can create a more dramatic dark eyed look)
MM Inky Black- matte, plain black (creates a natural look, can build up the color for dramatic look)

CS Truffle- matte, reddish brown
MM Cocoa - matte, real brown


CS True Black - very creamy, spreads easily but have to wait a bit for drying time
MM Inky Black - creamy, spreads easily, shorter drying time. I like this texture more

CS Truffle - not too creamy, a bit on the drier side but spreads really well
MM Cocoa - same texture with MM Inky Black, just the right kind of creaminess, easy to spread the color

Drying time

CS True Black - due to it's texture, has to wait a bit to make sure completely dry
MM Inky Black - dries right after application, no waiting time, imagine using a pencil liner

CS Truffle - dries right after application, no waiting time
MM Cocoa - dries right after application, no waiting time

Smudging Factor

CS - no smudging when completely dry, but if it's not too dry yet and you rub it accidentally, it smudges a bit (photo below, and I only talk about the CS True Black color)
MM - once you applied, it doesn't budge and smudge

**note, if you let CS liner dry up further before smudging
there won't be any smudges

CS Truffle - no smudging
MM Cocoa - color doesn't smudge but it disappears if you rub SUPER hard

**Note: I rubbed this super hard! Look at the redness of my wrist!

How long does it stay on your eyes?
(for both colors)

CS - the lashline stays long until you remove it. For the waterline, it starts to smudge a bit after 4-5 hours.
MM - the lashline area stays long until you remove it. For the waterline, it is the same with CS, it smudges depending on how watery your eyes are

Versatility and usage (for both colors)

CS - the other colors can be used as base
MM - I'm not sure if the other colors for MM gel liners can also be used as base


Both liners work well. It all boils down to your own preference. If you ask me who the winner is for me, I personally go for MM Gel Liners. Why? Because I own a lot of shades of CS gel liners and I find that their gel liners aren't consistent. Though the price of MM gel liners are more expensive, I still save up a lot on shipping as I can have free shipping for orders $20.00 above. Or even if I don't get to order products more than $20.00, shipping is affordable and costs less than $5.00.

Of course, these are my opinion. Feel free to let me know your thoughts if you also own these 2 brands! :)

I hope this helps to ladies out there!
Feel free to comment or email me for any questions! :)
Stay Happy!!!


  1. Yay! For the review! I just got into gel liners. I only have 2 MAC Blacktrack & CS in Platinum..... For some reason I only like myself in black liner. I'm such a creature of habit!
    Thank you for forgiving for my "sin"

  2. OK. is it just MM or MM stands for something??? (hide...) i have bad experience with CS so i am not going to try this. but i am very curious about MM. Love your review!

  3. Kendall, to be honest, I get too addicted to gel liners but I always reach out for browns and black daily! LOL what am I thinking? :) You are welcome! I forgive you because we are all sinners hahaha

    Jojoba dear! hey Morning to you!!! MM stands for Makeup Masala gel liners (MM liners in short) :) I know about your bad exp with CS :) Understandable

  4. Thanks for the showdown! I've yet to try gel liners, but I ordered some when huatelook had a sale on stila and I got 3 stila smudgepots for only $12!! Hahah soo I'll be doing a review on those. :)

  5. thanks for the review!
    the CS liners in black and indigo are giving me utter hell because they just won't stay put on my lids, underlined, or on my waterline.
    which sucks cause i do like the colouring. and i do agree they aren't consistent...cause the platinum and 24k is absolute love for me.
    but definitely looking forward to trying out MM's when I eventually work down to half a pot...or...get really fed up with the cs ones :P

  6. this is indeed a great showdown. lol. so far i have only used CS a couple of times, but nv on MM. and i am quite liking it already :) perhaps my next choice will be the MM! thank goodness for makeup masala shop! :D

  7. Wow, great review! Nice to know there are good things about both!!

  8. Great reviews again! You did a great job comparing them

  9. You make it so hard to resist the gel liners! I forgot to go get some today even though I did go by saks. I think I did enough damage though. Maybe next time! I gotta remind myself!

  10. Just close your eyes and "gladly" hand over your credit card lol.
    I'm working on getting more of there stuff but a girl can only get so much when she's unemployed lol.

  11. thanks for the review girl!
    but still hard for me to decide la :(
    i wonder how much is MM in Ringgit Malaysia.
    their website is alittle difficult for me to navigate.

  12. Xoannie, you are going to love Stila Smudgepots :) I have that one too!!!

    Rasilla, it is definitely not consistent, but the good ones are great right? I love 24K too!

    Prettybeautiful, I have a feeling we will be great roomates, we love the same stuffs!!!!

  13. K :D I'm glad you enjoy this showdown

    Fuz, thanks!

    kasumi, I saw your damage! It's big! hahahha but your skin will thank you for it! Le Lamer! Woohoo Goodluck, better find a job! hahaha or do the voodoo dance for the money to grow on trees, share with me? hahaha

  14. LyNn, I helped you convert the USD to Ringgit, I used the online converter, for the black and brown MM liners, it is $7.95 right? so it'll be around 29 Malaysian Ringgit :D Hope this helps!

  15. i am still not good at gel liners
    i bought some from kate but havent really gotten good enough to buy from other brands yet

  16. yes yes i bet we make great roomates. lol. and our room will be stinking with nail polish all the time. lol. and hey then we dont need to buy so many different nail colors, can share and all!

  17. I like MM gel liner better. Thanks for the review! :)

    It doesn't sound weird telling me my lip shape is nice... hehe~ I think you got nice, full lips yourself. :)

  18. Thanks for the review Nikki. Glad to know we have so many options for gel liners.

  19. Yumeko :) Really? let me know how you like Kate's!

    Prettybeautiful, oh yeah! I'll definitely borrow some of your polishes! I'd love to borrow the one you had on recently! LOL Yeah, i would never complain about the scent of polish.

    Ahleessa, yes you really do have nice lips! Mine is too thick and full good! hahahhaa

    Kim, yup we do! No need to pay expensive for good gel liners!

  20. I love gel eyeliners as I just cant keep my hands steady to use liquid eyeliners and Pencil smudges me like no other. I got a few KATE gel liners and tempted to try MM...

  21. Great review! I've never tried gel liners before, so maybe I'll try some soon :P Just thought I'd leave a comment to say how much I LOVE your blog. You do the best reviews (:

  22. hm I would love to use gel liners cept my hands r not steady enough to apply them right LMAO

  23. Syn@3sTh3sI@ , hey! you know what others do ? Those who doesn't have steady hands? They use the pencil liner, dip it on a gel liner and apply eyeliner like a pencil liner! :) It works! :D

    Ect, thank you again for such a sweet comment! Its nice to get to know your blog too

    paint Me Gorgeous :) if pencils work for you, it's not even important to use gel liners! But I like the extra "oompph" gel liners give :D Happy weekend!

  24. Whoa! This was one thorough showdown. Great post, darling!

  25. I want these eye liners more and more hehe

  26. ooo thanks alot girl.
    that price includes shipping to my doorstep a?

    then its cheap lor.
    cause cs is rm 27 for us with shipping to the malaysia spree person

    but from the spree person to send to our door step need to add postage

  27. B, thanks mi dahling!

    Anastacia, sorry I don't mean to make you want it! LOL Whatever you're using now..really works for you!

    LyNn, well the amount I've written is for the product ONLY, if you want to have free shipping, you may need to combine orders with your friends to reach USD20.00, shipping is free worldwide for above $20.00 orders. Prettybeautiful also orders from her and received it already, check out her blog :D

  28. good review! how do these compare to fluidline?

  29. wow good review! now im wondering if I got a bad batch of the CS truffle. it seems okay in your swatch. mine doesn't spread well and it disappears when i rub it! lol

  30. Very thorough review.. thanks!=] I haven't triend any gel liners yet.. I should though. I only have cream, liquid and the pencil one.. mmm.

    Yup, the essie polish is so cute specially with the topcoat. I stare at my nails all day hahahaha lol kidding! Oo, almost 8 years na.. super daming changes.. lalo na physically. So much fun looking through the pics.=]

  31. hehe i do read pretty beautiful's blog :)
    thanks for the assistance ya :)

  32. Ren ren, sad to say, I don't own any fluidline I just used it once or twice from a friend's, so really can't give my thoughts on them :)

    Steph, I guess it is easier to get dry because it's dry to start with

    Miss Katin, oh, if you can use liquid, you can definitely appreciate cream liners! I started liners with so now..everything is a breeze to apply coz liquid liner poked my eyes many times when I started :)

    Lynn, no worries :)

  33. wow your review is very detailed!! im glad those liners are working out for you. my bobbi brown liner has probably dried out by now haha. thanks for the sweet comment on my last post!! we need a video of you now, added to your fab blog :D

  34. wah! you are making me want to try MM gel liners! and i just bought MAC fluidline in blacktrack today :(

  35. Nicnic yup, I'm glad it works for me too, as my Stila is dried up too and I dont' know where to get them! LOL No Stila down here :)

    Musicalfanlovesminerals, oh sorry..but I'm sure blacktrack works great for you, so it's still worth it :)

  36. omg nikki! just so u know, CS gel liner smudged on me!!! I have even used primer and even with tht it smudged! and it only took an hour or less for it to smudge :( and i look like a stupid panda in the mall! helpppp nikki!!!!

  37. Prettybeautiful, what color of CS Liner are you using? If it's the black, it is creamy and you have to really wait for a bit for it to dry up ..then my suggestion is to pat it on with a black e/s to "set" the liner in :) I am so sorry that it smudges on yoU!

  38. yeah its the black! and true that its creamy. it seems to have dry up on the lid, but why does it smudge? so, i draw the line, the pat some black shadow on it? :( :( :( saddening. will this happen to MM gel liner?

  39. Try to swipe just a thin layer of line, do not put so much on your brush, if I let it dry, so far it doesn't smudge on me. For MM gel liners, it never smudges on me and it dries way faster than CS True black liner, but you may be a special case. Have you tried your colleague's MM Gel Liner? give it a try first before your purchase...I am reaching out MM liner more often because there's no waiting time

  40. ok..thanks for the tips. i will go home n try again. hopefully i can solve the prob :(

    and yeah i told my coll to bring the MM liner tmr for me to try too.

  41. Yes, prettybeautiful, do try it and let me know how it goes! :) Goodluck

  42. Thanks for the review on the gel liners. I'm still trying to get the hang of it though. My hand is too unsteady to put it on :(

  43. Tine, girl! just practice, I poked my eye with a brush many many times in the past I think my eye balls hate me so much it wants to pop! I gross? hahahahaa

  44. Hey.. I just got the Makeup Masala Gel Liner in Inky Black and I've ordered one bottle extra. Anyone interested please leave me a message @

  45. hi where can i buy those makeups??!1 thanks.

  46. Makeup Masala gel liners
    can't be bought anymore :(


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