Thursday, March 19, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: MakeupMasala Gel Liners

Good day my friends! :)
Topic for today is something I am passionate about!
Gel Liners! I fell deeply in love with gel liners on my "Love at First Swipe" moment. I saw the huge difference it can make on my Asian eyes :)

So you gals know I am always on a lookout for good quality gel liners that's affordable of course! :)

Makeup Masala Gel Liners say ---

Unbelievable wear! This liner glides smoothly with no tugging. Once dry, it lasts all day, with no smearing or fading. Completely waterproof!


Available in:
  • Inky Black
  • Cocoa
  • Fiona
  • Indigo
  • Sugar Plum
Ingredients: (sorry if they're misspelled, I typed them from the small box)

Isododecane, Cyclomethicane, Ozokerite, Trimethylsiloxysilicae, Polyethylene, Silica, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Propylene Carbonate, Phenyl Trimethicane, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lecithin, Propylparaben.

May contain: (sorry if they're misspelled, I typed them from the small box)

Mica and Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide, Ultramarine Blue, Carbon Black, FD&C Red No. 40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow No. 5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue No. 1 Al Lak

Askmewhats says ---

  • long lasting: I applied it around 6:45am, got home at 8pm and it's still intact
  • no smudging: I did used my finger to rub the liner and see if it smudges
  • waterproof: I did not cry but I was in tears due to some dirt that got in my eyes! LOL talk about testing a product and darn dirt cooperates!
  • creamy, definitely no tugging
  • consistency is wonderful
  • very pigmented colors
  • easy to remove with make-up remover
  • affordable
  • very nice glass packaging
  • they are all labeled well
  • the product will last me for more than a year, til it gets expired
  • for those who doesn't have online purchasing power, these won't be available for them

I am so excited to try this new gel liner. Everyone knows my HG Gel Liner is my Stila Smudgepot, but my Stila Smudgepot is getting drier as days goes by as I've used it for quite some time. I tried checking at Strawberrynet where I bought my Stila and they don't sell it anymore. So a back-up plan for a gel liner is very important for me. I own Coastal Scents Gel Liner and I can't wait to try these 2 out.

Be patient, I will definitely do a review for both CS Gel Liners and MM Gel Liners! Who will win? Wait and see.

I like the Inky Black and Cocoa MM Gel Liners, the colors are not sheer and it's not too dark. I actually used these liners for a couple of days without using an eyeshadow base, my eyeshadow disappeared and creases on me, but the MM Gel Liner stayed put. I also like that the gel liner isn't too runny or moussey in consistency so it dries up quickly right after application.

I advise everyone to still use products reviewed here with caution, some people could be irritated with certain products so if your eyes are itchy after application, do wash them immediately and STOP using the product. That goes for ALL PRODUCTS we use.

This gel liner is already my personal favorite, I reach out for both of these every morning!

  • always practice with different eyeliner brushes and find which one is more comfortable for you to use in gel liner application
  • always start with a thin line going thick as desired
  • gently run the brush on the gel liner, do not dip the brush into the gel liner and create a HUGE hole, less is definitely MORE with these liners
  • close the cap tightly so this won't dry up easily
  • apply close to the lash line for a more natural look
  • this CAN be applied on waterline but you have to test it first, it CAN irritate other people's eyes
Will I repurchase?

Yes! MM Gel Liners are available in different colors too! I am dead! lol

Where to purchase and how much?

At Makeup Mix Shop
$7.95 for Inky Black and Cocoa (approx Php380.00)
$9.00 for the rest of the colors (approx Php440.00)
free shipping worldwide for orders $20.00 above

Here are visuals
to satisfy your curiosity

Labeled with MM logo
and color name

This may look bigger than CS
but the amount of product is the same with CS
3g worth of gel liner

Feel free to click to enlarge
This is how Inky Black Looks

Very pigmented and pretty!

I used CS White Angled Liner brush

MM Gel Liner in Cocoa

A rich real brown color
Not reddish brown

but Real Matte Brown

I created a thin and thick line

using CS Pink Angled Taklon Brush

And here's my recent
Everyday Ullzang Look
Using MM Gel Liner in Inky Black :)

I will try to do a face off between
CS and MM Gel Liners!
Please be patient :)

I know a lot of you have bought from the Masala shop too!
I want to hear your thoughts on these liners too! :)
Stay Happy!


  1. that gel liner look real good !!

    love ur eyes =)

  2. Nice review, twin. Love the fake lash effect on you. Very pretty :)

  3. the liners look really good and pigmented... i have currently using the JANE but it gets chalky.. also before that was the LOREAL but its tooo waterproof.. sigh* i need a good kind at a decent price.. any recommendations? + somethin that s/h is chea too.. cuz costalscents shippin is A LOT!


  4. wow the application on your arm looks super smooth.
    I've never tried any gel liners but have been wanting to for a long time.
    But I gotta try it now since you said you even tried rubbing it off with your fingers! My MUFE aqua eyes smudges a bit if i apply it on my lids..
    Do they not sell Stila over there?
    I feel so unworldly to not know what sells in what country >_<

  5. i remember one SA (i forgot which brand the SA was from) told me that if the gel liner if getting dry, try mixing baby oil. i haven't tried it personally but it's quite logical lol. ^0^)/ but if you don't want to risk it (>w<) then try it first in your cheaper liner before trying it on your smudge pot ^w^)v

  6. I just got my package yesterday and i can't wait to use it today! It doesn't budge! No smudging! I rubbed my hand til it became red and no smudging! O_O

  7. i was just about to request if you could do a comparison when i saw those swatches.
    haha. :P i cant waitt :P
    but coastal scent is cheaper no?

  8. nikki!!! i cnt wait to know which works better - CS or MM?
    plsplspls post sooN!

  9. Oh wow! I looooove how the Cocoa looks like! my HG is MAC fluidline. I tried the CS liners but it didnt work for me especially the truffle. I had to run it twice/thrice for a solid line and had to wait for it to dry in between. I wanna try those! but maybe in a month coz i might have maxed out my online purchasing power LOL. thanks for the review nikki! :D

  10. Beeyoutiful, thanks for liking my eyes, you wouldn't like them if you see them in person without so..ordinary! :)

    Ebeautyblog twin, thank you!

    Jesmakeup, you can try MM gel liners, they are good and really waterproof and smudgeproof and you get free shipping for $20.00 above orders :)

  11. Kasumi, no Stila products down here, I usually order Stila online, give gel liners a try, I have Urban Decay 24/7 liners and they still smudge on me, so Gel Liner is really the answer to a hot weather like ours

    Gia, you are right, I can give this a try if I really cannot use my Stila anymore, I scraped off the top portion and it's creamy again LOL

    Connie, yay! can't wait to see your reviews and your thoughts on it!

  12. LyNn, I knew you gals will request for it! as I haven't reviewed this yet and someone has requested for a showdown! :) Yes, just by looking at the product CS is cheaper but I find MM cheaper because of the free shipping because I'm living outside the US :)

    Prettybeautiful, soon!!! :P it will be within this week! :) I promise!

    Steph, you are right, truffle is not as pigmented as CS True black :) Can you believe that I haven't bought any Fluidlines from MAC? I have only tried them from a friend

  13. Yumeko sweetie :) Good day to you!!!!

  14. i want that!!sad to say im one of those people who doesnt have credit cards or paypal or amex.hahah hope makeup masala have G CASH ahahahahah.

  15. Finally, Ive been waiting for this. lolz (joke!)
    it looks super pigmented and i wonder how will it look on me? (mischievous grin)hehehe
    thank you for this review

  16. ooh the liner look really rich! they looked great on your last look! My bobbi brown has been drying up too!

  17. hi nikkI! would you know how much shipping to the phils would cost? i so wanna try these....

  18. Ooo love the ulzzang eye! The lashes look really good!

  19. Eeeek I waaaants this! CS liners, although long lasting do smudge on me if I sweat or umm... oil up too much.

  20. Wow, those are impressive liners! :)

    Too bad I don't have online purchasing power..and too bad I don't know how to line my eyes! LOL!

  21. i'ma sucker for gel liners ;P

  22. Camille, you made me smile with the GCASH! hahaha :)

    DeBi, you liar! hahaha you weren't waiting for it! hahahah well as I said over your blog, it'll look wonderful on you coz you have wonderful eyes!

    Nicnic, i hate gel liners when they're drying up! So difficult to work with

  23. Color, if you order $20.00 above, shipping is free (so try to order together with your friends). If it is below $20.00, i think the shipping is around $5.00 or less! :)

    Fuz, thank you!

    Kahani, i wish you can try this, I think some CS gel liners are quite mousse-y in texture so it still smudges...

  24. Gingerbee, oh, if you start to learn to line your eyes with gel liner it's not good! LOL You'll want MORE! just like me! :(

    M, me too! :) *high five*

  25. That's what I forgot to order together with the ecotools :-( I'll try it next time. I haven't tried CS gel liners but I have the Indelible gel liners that other companies sell.

  26. I thought this and the CS liners are the same...I also love gel liners but I'm too lazy to use it daily for the past weeks. I just use UD 24/7 pencil.

  27. Nikkiz, I've read so many good stuff about the indelible gel liner, I think this works almost the same!

    Kim, oh no, this is totally different :) Different brand :) I am not lazy to line my that's one thing I look forward to every morning LOL Addict no?

  28. Those are some rich and deeply pigmented gel liners! Love how they look once you apply them!

  29. great review sis. Many will be converted o gel liners i'm sure. :) as for me, i'm on a rehab. too many makeup, just one face. :) lol! the ulzzang look is so fab!! :) pretty! ganda the lashes ha? :)

  30. ur eyes are so hot sis! lol.

    miss you miss you! hectic maging mommy hehe. am a kitchen slave nowadays!

  31. wow! that really look pigmented! if UD 24/7 liner smudges on you and this don't, maybe I'll get this instead..I don't want to purchase another MAC fluidline coz it dries up...thanx for the review..oh by the way, how po shipping here If I'll just get 2 liners?

  32. Yas, they are super rich and pigmented for sure :)

    Shen, sis! REHAB?? IKAW?? hahaha I find it hard to believe but sis, I totally support you :D I know about the lashes, everyone's been saying its pretty and I want to hit myself for not knowing the brand :(

    Mhean sis, awww..I know , being a SAHM is super difficult, it's one of the most difficult job, but I'm sure your kids appreciate you for the time :)

    Gale, I can't tell about how this will dry up on me..or us..but so far, this is way cheaper..well UD 24/7 doesn't smudge on the upper lashline, it only smudges on me at the waterline :D Shipping for less than $20.00 I think is approx 4.95 or something basta it's less than $5.00 :D

  33. Love the falsies in the last picture (assuming its falsies but if not, please forgive!).. What brand is it?

  34. Just me, myself &I, yes you're right! I have falsies on! but sorry I bought it last year and I removed the box and just put it in a nice case, so i really can't remember what brand it is now :(

  35. Hey, Nikki! you did this review gorgeous as always! Like your all details information! And I have never experienced this product before, but I think I totaly need this gel stuff :) Thanks for your great reviews!!!

  36. Nice and smooth....they look good on you!

  37. Anastacia, hey pretty girl! Whatever you're using looks gorgeous! I love the way you line your eyes!

    B, thank you sweets!

  38. Sis, hmmm... this is just a mere display of gel liner fetish ;).. Just kidding... I envy you because you seem to have mastered applying gel liners and I'm still learning. You've got to show me how you do it in August :)

  39. Love the lashes! What are you using?

  40. Sis!! I thought you're a friend! why are you telling the world about my gel liner fetish??? hahaha Humanada ka this coming August! LOL

    Fab Beauty, I really can't remember, but its locally made!


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