Saturday, May 10, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Stila Smudge Pots Gel Eye Liner

Stila Smudge Pots Gel Eyeliner deserves a space in my really does! I can't seem to stop giving praise to my gel eyeliner. Definitely my HG!!! I have bought Stila online through Strawberrynet I haven't read any reviews actually about it. All I know is I wanted something just like the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner that I've tried and love but a bit cheaper. Since I was buying a couple of stuffs at the website and I wanted to reach 3 products to get the additional 5% discount, I gave in to Stila since I've heard so much good stuffs about this brand.
I MADE THE RIGHT DECISION... This is my best online or even best BUY EVER!!!

As seen in the picture below, I have been using it to EVERYONE I'm putting make-up on. I felt so guilty that I kinda didn't give my other liners their time of the day... it took me a whole lot of practice and brush choosing to finally..finally...get comfortable in applying this both to myself and to others.

Here's how "black" Stila is, photo below...

I am using my Smashbox No. 28 brush above. I sometimes would use my Body Shop Slanted Brush or my SUESH eyeliner brush. As long as you're comfortable, any eyeliner brush will do :)

I won't be breaking down this review with Pros and Cons, the only CON would be...IT IS NOT available here in Manila!!! I have to order online!!!! Stila people? If you can read this, please!!! Come to Manila!!!

This will last me a long time, just to make sure to close it tightly so it won't dry up :)

My dear readers, Any ask-me's? Don't be shy!

Have a great weekend!

Your askmewhats,


  1. Yes I've heard good things about Stila's Smudge Pots and indeed, it looks good. I use MAC Fluidline (have three colours) and I like it. As one pot lasts forever, it'll be a good while before I buy anything similar. :P

  2. Oh! Lucky you! You've got Stila! I love to have them too but I haven't seen them in the UK yet... Might have to try other counties. Well, at the moment... I can't afford more shopping really because of my high expenses in the past 2 weeks as you know ;)

  3. Wow, you definitely have me wanting to give that gel liner a try. Hmmm...I wonder if it's comparable to fluidline by MAC, which I am currently IN LOVE with. Thanks for the post!

    P.S. TAG! You're IT! See the blog for more details...


  4. Liz, you're right, if you have 3 colors of MAC Fluidline, don't bother to get another one :) hehehe it takes too much time to use them up :)

    Gracie, if you want can try they ship for free, but i advise you not to buy mascaras as they tend to be old and dry :) But if you're saving up, forget I told you about it! hehehe

    Virtuous blue, thanks for dropping by, and yes, Stila Smudgepots is really really good :) and thanks for the tag, I'll take a look at it soon :)

  5. you have no idea how i've been waiting for your rev on this.. :) wow!! you're so loving it. :) i'm sooo happy for you! i found mine in fluidtrack. i must say that this is worth a try. :)

    i need to to catch up on my reviews!! i'm so lagging na!! :)

  6. you're right, gel liners take a lot to use up. :)

  7. Hey thanks for the recommendation. I think I'm going to give this a go :)

  8. Shen, hahaha thanks for waiting, but i've been trying out products before I do reviews on them :)

    Tine, aaww..thanks for trusting my review :)

  9. I use fluidlines as well, and I'm always hearing Stila and MAC compared to each other. I think Stila is slightly more expensive (correct me if I'm wrong), and I'm still on my first pot of fluidlines, so I think I'm set for a while!

    Have you heard about Indelible gel liners? They are very similar to MAC/Stila, and a lot cheaper! I just ordered three this past weekend. :)

  10. the Phlippines, we don't have Stila, and if I buy it online, it's cheaper compared to MAC. Maybe Stila is more expensive to other countries. LIke their e/s, i believe their e/s are more expensive compared to MAC


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