Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Green Tomato

The Green Tomato, is a newly-opened restaurant at the Shangri-la Mall. Your askmewhats gave this food a try for 2x already. This food tripping would be my 2nd time. I am loving both times!

The prices are affordable as seen in a sample "one page" menu that we took a shot of...they have a lot of variety from pasta, pizza and rice dishes ...and of course..desserts!

For Php 205.00 you get to eat their Chicken and Mushroom pasta! (photo below)
It tastes really really good, and they have a good serving of chicken pieces

Craving for a meaty pizza?
They have their version of a Meat pizza called Mighty Meaty,
an approx 8inch pizza good for 2-3 people for only Php 190.00
Affordably Yummy!!!!

I will definitely come back and give their other food choices a try.

I got full and happy...

Love pasta and pizza? The place to be!!!!

Your askmewhats,


  1. Happy Mothers day to your mom too :) our mother's day's gone over here but thank you anyway!

    the food is making me go hungry hehe.

  2. ginugutom mo naman ako sis...i am literally drooling sa pasta. i love pasta!

  3. i just wana inform u that this resto is not new.. its been here for 2 yrs already if i am not mistaken...:)

  4. Nic Nic, I get to be hungry on food photos too!

    Jheng, i know you love pasta, your previous pasta posts made me so hungry too! gandihan hahha

    Sakai, thanks for the update :) It's been there in Shangri-la for 2 yrs na? Coz I don't think so, i saw it recently lang, maybe I'm wrong :) Or maybe you're referring to another branch?

  5. i love this.. but i've tried it in their Philam Bldg. branch in Makati!

    Love the chicken pomodoro and aglio olio! :D fave namin ng officemates ko.. too bad layo na namin dun ngayon.


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