Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to All the Mom's Across the GLOBE!!!!

This post is dedicated to my mom....
and to all the moms around the world

I love you mom!!!

above pix, mommy and me

I look totally different! hehehe

And below, present pix of mom and I taken early this year
on our Tagaytay Trip

What I learned from my mom ---
  • help other people, without asking anything in return
  • always smile
  • always be thankful of what you have
  • never complain
  • be patient, as good things will always come your way
  • money is NOT everything
  • never lie
  • never cheat
  • do as many good things as you can, as you can make other people happy
The list can go on and on and on....that's how great my mom is, I learned so much from her!
I knew whatever decisions I make, she would always love me,
accept me, with open arms and not judge me!

Mom, this is dedicated to you, you are the best!!!
I love you so much!!
Happy Mother's mom, my bestfriend!

My dear friends, what's the best thing you learned from your mom? I know lots, but what stuck on your head til now?

Your askmewhats,


  1. my mom has taught me to always be independent and not rely on anyone, especially a man. she has taught me to always try hard in college, because i will be thankful in the future. she always told me, "when parents have babies, they want them to hurry up and grow up, cause when they're sick, you don't know because they can't tell you where they're hurting or what's wrong. then when you grow up, parents want you to be little forever so they can always protect you from all the hurt in the world and getting your heart broken." i thought it was sweet of my mom to tell me that.

  2. OMG your baby pic is so cute hehehe

    Mom is awesome, I hope I can be a one awesome mom someday, so my daughter would rave me in her beauty blog


    j/k, I love my mom and I love your post.

  3. Spankedelic, that's one great lesson your mom has taught you :) it was indeed so sweet of her! Thanks for sharing

    Nanzy, I am hoping I'll be even "half" as good as my mom :) And that is so cute that you would love to be in your daughter's beauty blog someday hahaha my daughter maybe reading your daughter's blog too! hahah

  4. Awww thats such a sweet post and im loving the pic you posted of you both :). I learned loadsa lesson too from my mom, great post :)

  5. How cute are you as a baby!?

    It's touching that you consider your mum to be your best friend. I'm my mum's best friend, but not the other way round, if you catch my drift. But it doesn't bother me. :)

    Something I learnt from my mum: Always wear gloves when doing dishes and cleaning. Your hands will thank you when you are old!

  6. Aww this is a sweet post!! hope your mum has a lovely day with you <3

  7. bliss, thanks, i know you learned a whole lot and thank you mom for such great looks :)

    Liz, aww..that's sweet of you, i understand you totally, but I believe some mums had a bit of a hard time expressing themselves..but you know they love you!!!! They do, and that's a sweet tip from your mommy

    Nic nic, yes we had a lovely lovely day :) thanks

  8. what a cute baby pic!! i posted mine as well. i got inspired from your post so i posted one myself. :) hope you don't mind. :)

    I learned from my mom TO BE STRONG. :)

  9. Shen! Of course I don't mind! I'd love to see all baby pictures of our fellow bloggers! :) thanks for doing the same, i'll check on it!!!


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