Monday, May 12, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Fashion 21

**available at all beauty stores for Php85.00 (approx $2.00 each)

A stick e/s or liner is really useful to complete your whole EMU. We always love to use our eyeliners in browns or blacks, but really, having a different colored liners can really brighten up your eyes.

One local brand I've used and really love is the Fashion 21 Stick e/s or eyeliner. I've used 2 colors and I'm planning to buy all their shades.

Fashion 21 says ---

For the website, smile smile !

  • Gentle
  • water resistant
  • hip and trendy

Askmewhats says ---

  • really affordable!
  • color payoff is really good
  • their choices of colors are wonderful! (available in wood, sable, smoke, clay, pearl, lotus, gold, lilac, grass, aqua and lagoon) --- all wonderful colors
  • can really be used as eyeshadow base (to make the e/s powder color comes out even brighter)
  • can be used as eyeliner, tried this too many times, really good outcome
  • doesn't smudge (unless you want a smudged look)
  • easy to remove with make-up remover

  • easily breaks as it gets really creamy and soft
  • do store them in cool dry place
  • the lagoon (is my personal fave) can be used as eyeliner and it can really really make a person looks totally HIP and different
  • draw a line, then smudge it with your fingers, or brush (lovely e/s color!)
  • use the white liner in the corners of your eyes, really nice brightening color!
Will I repurchase?

Have anyone tried this? How do you like it? It's great for a good price.

Your askmewhats,


  1. I'm a boring person when it comes to eye makeup, I stick with neutrals because they go with everything, and I'm too lazy! :D You should do a FOTD with those liners! Or maybe you have but I need to scroll to your previous posts to check them out?

  2. Hi there dear! Yes, I've used it in the past, I'm not sure if you can see the effect of it as the photo may not be too clear. Just holler if you want another FOTD or EOTD for these 2

  3. hey again, sorry the link won't work, so I guess you can just click on the Month APRIL and the title would be Askmewhats Update on "daytime blues" hth tks

  4. thank you. i've just been doing my hair for a loooong time. i'm used to foiling it. it's a little hard for me to see the back of my head, but i still manage! practice makes perfect. i kinda do a little bit of everything - hair, nails, facials, etc...that's why i am going back for nursing/respiratory therapist. i get so bored easily! i think it's cause i'm a gemini!

  5. That's a beauty addict, collect 'em all! I remember blue/arashi's post on a maquillaque commercial, where they used blue eyeliner and mascara on the top and gold eyeliner on the bottom. I tried it and it's a nice combination! Problem is, the blue eyeliner sucked and faded later on.

  6. Spankedelic, hahha that's a gemini's trait? that's interesting!!! Thanks for dropping by .

    Jie jie, really? it faded on you? wow...hmm..maybe because I don't have oily lids, my lids are dry!!! hahaha so that's why it stayed on me :) and I've used some base before I applied this :)

  7. oo love the blue.. they dont sell fashion 21 here though >_< ahh well, save me some bucks :)

  8. nikki! napansin ko lang ganda ng nails mo ^_^

  9. Nicnic, yes, if you don't have something in your country, you just don't know if it's a bummer or it's a blessing, hahaha

    Vannie, thanks :)

  10. hey ate nikki, i have those eyeliners too! i have the white, gold and silver. i want the blue one right now!:D

  11. Mie mie, OH DEAR!!! The blue one called Lagoon is my absolute favorite of all time!!!! I wish you'll have it NOW as well! hehehe

  12. yeah agree with u that fashion 21 is cheaper but the quality is really good i have fashion 21 palette. it's shimmery and it last longer... doesnt smudge and crease

  13. Chulalouise :) I'm glad you love your Fashion 21 :) my first set of make up is from Fashion 21 :)


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