Thursday, May 8, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers

I was in need of a natural brown e/s that I can use for more "formal" look. I wanted something matte, and I wanted something shimmery as well. I walked by Cinderella of SM Megamall and the lovely B.A. who assisted me at the other mall was there! She told me CoverGirl (CG) just opened that day in that branch!!! And I'm one of the few who was lucky enough to give all the product a try with BRAND new testers :) hehehe. Since it's all brand new, I literally sat down and tried on everything! (well Almost! hehehe)

Cover Girl has always been famous ever since I was in grade school. I always loved their print advertisement and I do want to get my hands on them. Too bad they were NEVER available here and I can do was drool.

That's why last year, when I accidentally saw a new counter of CG, I am super ecstatic!!! I've used their foundation, mascara, lipsticks and now..I'm going for their eyeshadows.

If you're a type of person who's looking into bright colors, this is NOT the place to be. CG has a whole lot of neutrals and nudes. Some of the colored e/s they have that I've seen are blues, greens, plums, creams and more browns. No wonder they call their e/s quads their Eye Enhancers....

Here's a picture of what I got...

From Left to Right: Coffee, Mink, Barely Beige and Mocha
This collection is called COUNTRY WOODS

**approx Php450.00 (USD10.00)

CoverGirl says ---

This collection of great shades is hand-picked by our make-up pros and designed to make your eye look go from day to night. They blend effortlessly to bring your eyes out beautifully, without overshadowing. Experiment using them together or as single shades.

Askmewhats says ---

  • with it's price, it's considered ok and not too expensive, you get a whole lot in one color with it's rectangular pan
  • you get to have 2 matte and 2 shimmer e/s in one palette
  • easy to apply and easy to blend
  • lasts all day
  • doesn't crease (on me) --- no primer nor bases used while testing
  • it won't be as pigmented as those high-end brands (but for a drugstore brand, this is good!)
  • you don't get to choose the colors you want (some colors in the palette you may have it already but since you have 1 or 2 colors you're eyeing for, you are stuck with the whole palette. (hmm, maybe they would try what ELF has been doing, choose your own e/s shade and you stick it to your pan and create your own palette)
  • the applicator...please...CHUCK it! I just tried using it to swatch my arm and it's sharp!
  • the packaging isn't the greatest, be careful not to drop it as it cracks EASILY
It's a great product if you're starting up on make-up and you want affordable yet of good quality.

Askmewhats Tip
  • You can wet it to make the colors more intense, but make sure not to wet the whole area, choose an area you will wet it so it won't ruin your e/s
Will I repurchase?

How'd you like your CG product?
Any queries? Ask me...

Your askmewhats,


  1. Ah the neutral is pretty!! Great for every everyday and any occasion :) Shame they dont have CG counters over here ;_;

  2. I've heard quite a lot of good things about Covergirl. Too bad we don't get this brand here. That palette does look pretty.

  3. Nic Nic and Paris, really they don't have CG there? hmm..maybe ..they will soon :) It's all about neutrals and everyday look for CG, i hope you guys can reach them soon! Just like me wanting NYX here so bad!

  4. No CG here, so I have no idea what any of their products are like. :B

    For some reason, I've never warmed up to browns. When I want the natural/neutral look, I simply go without any makeup! :P I guess that's taking it too literally...

  5. Good point Liz, hehehe But i would sometimes needed "depth", and this one helps in giving the "deep set of eyes" look not in a "KAPOW!" way :)

  6. hellooo :]
    i happened to somehow enter your blog.
    i really like the covergirl makeup.
    i own some and have had no complaints.
    anyways, i believe that ill be a frequent visitor to your site :]

    take care<3
    - kristin

  7. Hey there Kristin, thanks so much for visiting my blog :) Glad to know you've got no complaints for CG as well, I would love to hear more from this brand on whats not so I won't give in buying those :) take care too

  8. I've seen this palette here, and the colours are quite nice. A bit bland for me, but overall, I think it's nice for those who'd like a bit of colour to enhance the eyes, and yet not over the top. Good one :)

  9. yes you are absolutely right Tine :) I can't imagine myself buying all their collection, but having a couple of them would be great for those enhanced look :)

  10. Oh the new Revlon Quad have got various colours and they're matt as well if you'd like to try them Nikki! But this CG looks nice too!

  11. thanks Gracie :) I will give this a try someday :)

  12. havent tried any CG e/s, Ive only tried their water-based foundie.. it was just ok so I gave it to my friend who liked it =) I had revlon quad e/s I didnt like it at all... I had to pack its colors for it to show. Thanks for the review dearie.

  13. chloe, nice to see you here, thanks for visiting and no worries about the review :) I enjoy doing reviews and glad you find it useful even a bit :) hehehe

  14. ahm... what is neutral? hahaha. i really love 'em eyeshadows bright and vivid! but thanks for sharing this! ;) i'd like to try their foundie though.

  15. I used to love covergirl when I was in high school.

  16. Mhean, hahaha i know you love vivid colors! hahaha :) But give their foundie a try, but you really have to test on them, they come with more than 5 i remember..around 6 or 8..not sure hahaha

    Beautytalk, you "used" to like CG? What made you now like it now? I hope you don't mind telling me :)

  17. I have a habit of buying so many browns/taupes and I need to break out of this! Great review!

  18. I always see Cover Girl on the shelves when I got to drugstores, but I haven't really bought anything from them in a while (except their lip glosses are kind of fun). Their eye shadows are pretty good quality; Aqua Paradise (I think that's what it's called) is a great dupe for MAC Parrot!

  19. Really ? thanks emilee, I saw their blue but I just dont' want to buy 4 in one! A lot of their colors I already have :)

  20. the quad looks pretty. hope you'll post an fotd. =)

  21. Lei, thanks for commenting, no worries, I'll be giving an FOTD next on that :) I hope it'll show up :)

  22. great tut sis! :) i saw this and was quite attracted to the colors as well.. what can you say about their liquid foundation? i'm thinking of getting myself one. :)

  23. ahh Sis Shen!!! I am loving their liquid foundation!!!! They have a whole lot of choices, but you have to choose well and not base your decision on the SA. Coz I got mine in a bit pinkish base and I'm yellow toned! hahaha, Tell the SA your skin type as they have different liquid foundation for different skin type. I bought mine the Radiance something, the one with OLAY? It works wonders!!! It really does have good coverage :D


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