Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nail Art Tutorial: Berry Pink Florals

A romantic person will always be a romantic person!  Florals are definitely "in" for any season!  So let's get back to the romance groove *winks*

Step 1:

Apply 2 coats of ELF Berry Pink Polish.  Let dry.

Step 2:
Apply 1 coat of The Face Shop's Top Coat

While top coat is still wet, drop 5 drops of Prettnails' White Art Pen

Step 3:
While the dots are still wet, drop on another Prettynails' 2 way Berry Pink art pen on top of the white dots.  

Step 4:
Using the needle, create dimension to the flower petal.

Step 5:
Add several dots on top and bottom of the 2 toned flower.

Step 6:
Apply rhinestones if you like to.

Step 7:
Apply a think coat of glittery polish on top of the nail art.

Step 8:
Top with your favorite top coat to prevent the nail art from chipping and rhinestones from getting lost in space :)

I hope you find this tutorial helpful! :)
Keep smilin'
and keep that happiness flowing!
Stay happy!


  1. Hi Nikki!

    You know I recently painted my nails due to lack of time and I envy your talent all the more! I couldn't even paint a straight line, lalo na siguro draw like you do. Ang galing, Nikki! :) Kakainggit hehe.

  2. omg!!! your nails r sooo cute

    love this design!!

    your so great at doing nails :)

  3. This is sooo cute! I love the double flower in the middle!

  4. So sweet!!! This one's definitely perfect for the girly girl!! It'll look perfect on the toes too!! You're too talented! :D

  5. Berry cute! Such sweet design. Girl power! :-)

  6. soo soo adorable!!
    i would never have the patience to even draw one flower! :P

  7. *clap clap* Bravo for the flowers on all 10 nails!!! long live little dainty flowers :D

  8. So creative
    i thing its really hard for me to do

  9. this is really cute...i hope u visit my blog too...

  10. Galing! You know, my company party theme is futuristic & I'm clueless, so I'm digging on your nail arts for reference! =)

  11. This is so cute and girly! Love the little flowers, you're so talented!

  12. Pretty design!

    Check out my blog too if you like. I do some nail art too :)

  13. Teeyah, hahaha no worries, if we have the chance to meet, lemme paint your nails :)

    Emily, thanks dear :)

    Catherine, I know! I love two toned flowers too! :)

  14. Jenn, hahaha yes, I do have the same design for toes too! I always have it packaged deal! Toe nails and finger nails! :)

    Liza! Thanks girl!

    LyNn, awww sweetie, it doesn't take a lot of time if you're addicted to it :)

  15. Xin my dear sis! hahahah what are you clapping for ??? You do great nails yourself!

    Sugar Bunnie, awww, maybe just the look of it, but it does take time and practice and you'll get the hang of it!

    e.motion in motion, thanks

  16. Shaimaa, it takes practice and like I said, you'll get the hang of it :) soooonnn! :)

    Thriszha, hey there, nice to meet you :)

    Dang, really? Futuristic theme? our company is going for OSCARS theme! What do you plan to do with your nails?

  17. Gio, than you girl!

    Kittynail, thanks for letting me know about your blog, I'll check it out :)

  18. Very sweet and girly design!

    I popped a couple of extra goodies in with your bracelet, which is speeding it's way to you!

  19. This is such a cute and girly design!

  20. That's such an adorable design. Too bad I still can't do that needle technique properly...

  21. This is such pretty nails! Lovely flowers!

  22. I'm still clueless as of the moment! But something silvery for sure =)

    OSCARS is a nice theme, Nikki. I remember we had RED CARPET theme before, and it was glorious! =D

  23. JC, thank you so much! can't wait to receive it :)

    Jess, thank you sweetie!

    Cucumpear, it takes practice for me to be able to use the needle technique too, but once you get the hang of it, it'll be easier :)

    Anastacia, how are you???

    Dang, goodluck!!!! hahaha There's only a few of us in the office, so it'll be fun! :) show me your xmas party shots ok?


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