Monday, December 7, 2009

AMW Reviews: The Skin Food White Grape Fresh Foundation

Happy Monday everyone!!!  Start of the week!  An optimistic outlook is definitely needed to survive the Manic Monday! :) 

I haven't been reviewing foundation recently so let me bring back the mojo!  I want to thank my dear friend Zyra from down south for sending this to me!  At first, I was a bit hesitant on how she knew my shade!  Goodness gracious!  She can be my personal shopper as she got it right on! :)

I will be reviewing a brand that I haven't been giving much attention, The Skin Food.  I didn't even know they came out with White Grape Fresh Foundation!  Do I like it?  Is it worth the try?  Read on.....

Skin Food White Grape Fresh Foundation says ---

This fresh make-up foundation for skincare contains white grape extract rich with various vitamins and polyphenol to make your skin more moisturized and healthier.  It is applied smoothly and adheres well to your skin that you feel comfortable and light with make-up as if it were your own skin.  Moreover, your make-up lasts longer owing to its sebum-control powder.

Available shades:
No. 13 Light
No. 21 Light Beige
No. 23 Natural Beige

Size: 30ml

AMW says ---

  • very light, no heavy feel
  • gives out a natural "glow", skin looks healthy
  • no allergies or skin reactions
  • scent: is ok
  • you can apply sheer or build up coverage
  • it covers minor imperfections
  • non-drying
  • it dries up into a powdery finish 
  • packaging: cute and I love it that it comes with a pump
  • manufactured date visible

  • scent: could be overwhelming to some
  • if you have really bad skin, a concealer is still needed
  • limited shades, both shades work well for lighter skinned individuals.
  • super oily skinned individuals: May need primer prior to foundation application
  • I can't tell which shade I got as it wasn't written in the packaging

I heart this foundation.  I have been using this consistently for the past 2 weeks and I like the fact that this foundation is non-drying and it lasts the whole day with super minimal retouching.  The scent seriously was a bit overwhelming for me the first time I've used it, but I can easily get used to it right after.

Lightweight, natural glow is definitely 2 key points that made me sold to this foundation!  Definitely a great foundation for daily use.

  • pump 1x or 1.5x for the whole face
  • you can use your "clean" fingers to apply, I prefer using my Dual Foundation Brush (either from Dollface or Essence of Beauty)
  • oily skinned: needed primer to ensure not oiling up
  • finish up with a setting powder 
  • if itchiness or signs of redness occur: STOP using the product immediately.
Will I repurchase?

Yes!  For personal use and my colleague tested this on herself and she love this so much to want to purchase her own too!

Where to purchase and how much?

At local Skin Food stores for Php1,150 (approx $25.00)

A closer look on the texture


Swabbed on hand with and without flash
The shade looks a bit different than my skin


But when blended well, it actually blends into my skin


Applied on face
No Base
No setting powder


Have you tried this?
Share your experience!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

Stay positive!


  1. Wow the foundation looks great on you! Too bad they don't come in darker shades :(

  2. i like how it stands up to the flashlight. the pic with flash on looks the best. and there is no scary white overcast which i hate the most in a foundation. very natural too when there is no flash on. but the colour seems to be lighter for your skin tone, no?

    i will check this out. not sure if there is a colour for me. asian brands really should produce more choices of colours like shu uemura.

    awesome reviews!

  3. This sounds really cool! I love the little bottle too - so cute!

  4. It looks very nice, very flawless. :) I just hate how Skin Food prices are so jacked up here, it's ridiculous. How did it get to be like that? :( The prices they have here are practically more than half the original price! It's super bad especially when you're lemming for something, and I've been after their salmon concealer and cinnamon & black tea eau de toilette since they came out. Hehe!

  5. it looks really good! too bad idk where to buy skin food products -_-

  6. Wow this sounds great! Thanks for the review :D Too bad it is kinda expensive for me :(

  7. Nice one..looks very natural on you and not exposed under the flash...used to have skinfood products and smell is so yummy!!!

  8. Wow!! This foundation looks super nice on you!! :D

    Thanks for the review!! I don't know why but i've never really checked out their stuff before though the shop has been around here for ages!! :D

  9. never knew that they carry liquid foundies hehe,i ll look for that,and it seems big enough,ive been looking for a good liquid nfoundation thats not expensive cause all i have is bb cream,ive never tried liquid foundations pa..haha

  10. hmm.. the shade is too dark for my skin.. but it does look great on you! ^^ great review! ^^

  11. It looks flawless on you, Nikki! I'm just worried because my skin is not as clear as yours. =(

    Great review, as always! =)

  12. i LOVE this foundation on you nikki, it blends perfectly with your skin. It looks so natural like you have no foundation on :) i wonder if Skinfood has other types of foundations more suited for oily/sensitive skin gals like me..

  13. I thought you used setting powder coz it really looks matte! =) what shade did you use nikki?

  14. I haven't tried any of their foundations but I love their Gingko & Mushroom BB creams and the Buckwheat loose powder =)

  15. Thanks for the review. The foundation looks great on you, very natural and flawless!

  16. I like Skin Food products but i haven't tried their foundies yet.

    Your skin looks great as is!

  17. I wonder is this foundation available in Malaysia... definitely will check it out...

  18. I'm disheartened because korean foundie and bb creams always come in very limited color shades, and very few could match my skin tones T.T I really want to use bb cream because I love the hassle free, time saving factor lolz..but yeah...unfortunately...

  19. Fifi, true, they are only available in lighter shades, I think that's one major con :)

    Jojoba, thanks, but in person it is natural and I think it's even a tiny bit darker than my original skin tone, probably the flash or the cast? Not sure :)

    Catherine, the bottle indeed is a cute selling point

  20. Karysa, so true! it's way cheaper in Korea for sure! I do plan to purchase the Salmon Concealer too! :)

    Chommie, where are you located?

    e.motion in motion, it is quite pricey right? But I think its cheaper if you purchase this on ebay via a Korean seller :)

  21. Jenn, thanks! :) Same here, I just check out their nail polishes when I get into their stores :)

    Jessying, the smell is indeed quite good :) At first I'm not used to having such sweet smell on my foundation, but I got used to it

    Shobe, I've always thought of BB cream when SkinFood brand name is discussed :) well now we know :)

  22. Serena, thanks sis!

    Ceecile, really? even the lightest one?

    Dang, awww sis, there's always concealer! Trust me, I don't have perfect skin, I do have zits every now and then :) Thanks for being nice though!

  23. Ima, I think they have other types of foundation, they have several actually, I checked on their website! :)

    Khymm, no setting powder :) I seriously Khymm don't have a clue what this shade is, i have to checkout the counter and will let you know :) I've heard about the Buckwheat loose powder, and Salmon Concealer of course

    Gio, no worries, my pleasure

  24. Liza! sweet girl! How are you?? Thanks for being so nice on your comment!

    Syn@3sTh3sI@, I think they're available in Malaysia, I think I saw one Malaysian site of Skin Food :)

    Acutelife, so true! its always Light, Light Beige then natural beige! I guess they just cater to Fair Asian Skin! :) But I believe the Face Shop is carrying more shades for foundations

  25. i havent tried this but i guess i just keep buying bbcream XD

  26. I agree that SF is overpriced here. Way overpriced. I didn't know that until I got to Seoul and found that their prices there were actually affordable! Boo!

    Anyway, I have the light pact for this! I guess i have to buy this now don't I? (I'm making excuses for my purchases haha)

    BTW, have you tried the Light Grape makeup fixer? I'm matte everywhere except my nose, so I really want to find a way to keep the shine off.

  27. The foundation does look great on you. However, I need something a bit heavier.

  28. ohh, this just makes me more eager to purchase a Skin Food product :)

    But I'm eyeing another product, Agave Cactus Serum :)

  29. Yumeko, I know what you mean :) I havne't purchased any liquid foundation much :)

    Kaye, lucky you! How's Seoul? That's my next "want to visit" place! They are indeed OP down here. I haven't tried the Light Grape Makeup Fixer, if I do have the chance, I'll let you know :)

    Fab Beauty, I know, this looks quite sheer and natural.

    Madelyn, let me know how Agave Cactus Serum works out :)


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