Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: The Frazzled Cook

The week gets to be super challenging as the days unveil!  I am glad my dearest highschool friends decided to unwind in a new restaurant around San Juan Area called The Frazzled Cook.  Take a peek!

If you are familiar with Fat Michael's, I've read that The Frazzled Cook's Chef is from the said restaurant.  Excited to learn more about the place?  Take a peek (warning: Heavy photo content, do not scroll down if hungry :P )
Very cozy place that greeted us


Funny how inconsistent the designs are
but everything worked well together
and complemented each other


Even each chair are different to the other


Out of nowhere, we got a Hello Kitty printed spoons!!!
I love this!

Potato and Basil Chowder 
with Prosciuttto
Php150.00 (approx $3.26)

Herbed Chicken Salad
with Basil Vinaigrette
Php275.00 (approx $6.00)

Seafood Paella
Serves 4
Php550.00 (approx $11.95)


Spicy Chicken Kebab with Garlic Rice
Php285.00 (approx $6.20)


Pan Seared Dory in Olive Oil & Thyme
Php325.00 (approx $7.00)


Corn & Chops
Php375.00 (approx $8.15)


Grilled Beef Spareribs with Mixed pasta
Good for 2
Php600.00 (approx $13.00)


Grilled Chicken Rosemary
Php225.00 (approx $4.90)


And cute "Lucky Cats' Waving goodbye!


Good friends are seriously hard to find
If you found them, keep them and treasure them
Thanks to Berlyne and Charlie for the wonderful dinner!


The food tastes fabulous, service is great and background music is just right!  Definitely a wonderful place to hang out, enjoy a date or even spend quality time with the family!

The Frazzled Cook
#916 Luna Mencias Street, 
Barangay Additional Hills, 
Mandaluyong City
(632) 725-3354

Keep smilin!
Stay happy!
Enjoy your weekend food tripping!


  1. ^__^ i always enjoy food post! i wanna go there too, all the food looks sooo yummy!!!

  2. The decor of the place is soo cool. It looks like someone's house. The food looks delicious especially the paella.

  3. eeehh...nakakgutom naman!hmm when i go there ill hide their spoon and fork ang cute!!ahaha..clepto...hehe;peace.why hello kitty?hehe.nakakagutom na ang cute pa ng silverwares.iba na talga mga resto ngayon

  4. Nehs, go ahead !i'm sure you'll enjoy dining there :)

    Becky, paella tastes great :) I am not a rice eater but this Paella definitely gave my tummy the fulfillment

    Shobe, I know what you mean, I joked about keeping the spoon inside my shirt too! hahha ;)

  5. What a fun family outing!! CamRenRai16: That's not HK, those are lucky Nekkos (cats) from Japan, that attract properity and good luck!

  6. Wow, the food looks AMAZING! And super mura! Yum! Yum! Yum!

  7. Good friends make the foods taste twice better :D I feel like eating the laptop screen now, those foods got me hungry T.T

  8. The spoons look cute and the food delicious!!

  9. JC, I think Shobe was talking about the HK spoons! :)

    Frances, you better have a date with Vince here! I'm sure you'll enjoy the ambiance!

    Caby, indeed, it is very cozy! :)

    Acutelife, so true, no matter where you dine, crappy restaurant or not, if you have great company, it's definitely worth it!

    Abril, :) Same here!

    Gio, :) thanks

  10. Omg, I love that spoon/fork set...I love anime characters in spoon and forks!

  11. Citrine, I know! I was shocked to see HK printed on the spoons :)

  12. The place is similar to Kilimanjaro in QC. Though it has been more than 10 years, I'm not sure if its still there. Thanks for info :) going there today!


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