Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eureka Moment: EOS Brush Set & Dollface Dual Ended Brush Set

Some people just can't own enough brushes...including me!  Remember my previous post on the Dollface Dual Ended Brush Set?   How everyone thought it's such a dead ringer for the Essence of Beauty Brush Set?  Well there's one way to find out!  You have to own 2 sets! And you're looking right at the crazy lady who seriously own one from Dollface and one from EOS!

The EOS Brush set whom my dear friend helped me purchase (thanks Angel! You know who are you).  She's super nice to help me purchase the limited edition one with a free Eye Shader brush!

And here's my Dollface Dual Ended Brush Set. 

A closer look on the E.O.S. Brush Sets, 
they are branded Essence of Beauty
it is printed

While Dollface has theirs with stickers

The imprint of the brush usage is the same on both

Essence of Beauty


And Dollface

Quality wise, they are exactly the same!
Now, isn't this a perfect Eureka Moment? 
These brushes are available both locally and in the US! :)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Happy weekend!


  1. oh man, this is what happens to us beauty addicts

  2. nice comparison nikki! how much is the Essence of beauty brush set?

  3. oh great comparison! but where are either brand in malaysia? lol. do we have at least one? i need it!

  4. Mona, *high five* to you!

    Khymm, It costs around $12.00??? Forgot the exact price!

    Sugar Bunnie, yes they do right?

    Jojoba, I know what you mean! That's why I said US and Philippines, I do wish they have it available in malaysia! I have a feeling you'll adore the foundation/concealer brush duo! That's my ultimate fave!

    B, indeed, they are!

  5. I wonder if both companies use a 'private label' supplier and just slap their name on the brushes?

  6. Ms. Kendall, probably, who knows? :)

  7. This reminds me of the antibac brushes with red handles being sold in Sephora, which is EXACTLY the same as V&M's! Good thing I got the one from V&M because it's half the price. ;-)

    Good Day, Nikki!

  8. Dang, thanks for the tip :) Great day to you to :)

  9. Nice post! By any chance, where is this available in Manila?

  10. Anonymous, checkout that's where I bought my Dollface dual ended brush :)


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