Friday, December 4, 2009

Something New: No to Oil, Yes to Clear Skin This Christmas

Holidays are here and gift giving is definitely part of your list!  What if you're on a budget?  What to do?

Luckily, Clean & Clear makes available two special product bundles to keep the skin from breaking out and help girls achieve fair and radiant skin, without the excess oil, this holiday season!

Enjoy pimple and oil-free skin with the help of Clean & Clear pimple Clearing Kit

This kit consists of one Clean & Clear Active Clear Pimple Clearing Cleanser (50g) that helps clear pimples while at the same time, gently soothes irritated skin.  What's more, it comes with the Clean & Clear Oil Control Film at 50% off!  The all-time favorite oil blotter instantly removes excess oil and shine from the face.  It can be used anytime, anywhere throughout the day as it doesn't smudge make-up!

Available in all supermarkets, drugstores and department stores for Php133.50 (approx $2.90)


To those who suffer from acne breakouts due to oily skin are also likely to have dull, lifeless skin.  Bring back your skin's naturally clear, fair glow with Clean & Clear Clear Fair Glow Kit.


This kit contains one Clean & Clear Clear Fairness Cleanwer (100g) and Clean & Clear Oil Control Film at half-price.  According to Johnson & Johnson, the Clear Fairness Cleanser has a unique whitening Vitamin C Beads Formula that effectively lightens skin, making it fair and radiant.  It's oil-free and non-drying formulation makes it ideal for everyday use.

Available in all supermarkets, drugstores and department stores for Php186.50 (approx $4.00)

Promo runs until December 31, 2009!
If you know someone who uses this brand and swore by this,
it's time to stock up and give love on Christmas season!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. C&C is so cheap there!!! The blotting sheets are about $6-7 here! =[

    But I so want to try this!! Canada doesn't seem to promote fair skin very much, lol. But lots of tanning stuff =/

  2. omg so cheap! want to send some to the UK?!

  3. This is a good deal...especially during holiday season...wth soo many deals arounds, I don;t know what to gift, as i end up spending all my money on!1

  4. my goodness! this is super cheap. I love clean and clear's black head's scrub ^_^

  5. I love the oil blotting sheets♥♥

  6. wow the kits are so inexpensive.. I love their Oil blotting film! i wanna try the fairness cleanser coz of the Vit. C beads! hehe

  7. whoa !
    thats a cool offer. wish they come up with such promotions in India too !!

  8. OMG really?! I would buy the first set for the blotting sheets alone! They're $5-6 here!!

  9. i'm getting this for my bf, he uses those two products!! thanks for the tip!!

  10. Those are nice kits and so cheap! I wish we had such great deals here too.

  11. Nice bundles, I hope they have those in indonesia so I can pick it up when I go there :)

  12. Not bad! I may need to get these for my little cousin who needs a set of everything. Perfect!

  13. Lisa, I can't believe the blotting sheets get to be so expensive there!

    Limes, hahahaha I should start selling them lol!

    Resham, I know what you mean, I haven't been shopping for gifts yet!

  14. Becky, really? I haven't tried that, i never purchase any scrub!

    Sugar bunnie, thanks for letting me know! But I do remember my brother using them, they are indeed good!

    Khymm, oo, its such a great bundle!

  15. streetsmartjunkie, I hope they will too!

    Catherine, I know! such an expensive product up there!

    mimi, no worries, my pleasure

  16. Gio, you love the oil blotting sheets too?

    Acutelife, let me know if they have it or not!

    B, hahahah so cute! :) li'l cousin uses this too?

  17. I used to use clean and clear before :) But after I used cetaphil. my skin broke out like crazy and the clean and clear woudn;t work no more.. :( I would love to try it again though :D

  18. Iyah, I know what you mean, I was a Clean & Clear user myself til I got older and have dryer skin!


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