Tuesday, December 22, 2009

AMW Reviews: Orly Nail Lacquer Remover

Funny how I'm addicted to nail polishes and never blog about the nail polish remover I've been using.  I guess I've been using it for such a long time it felt like washing my face!  *laughs*.  For your information, I do have a preferred nail polish remover brand.  And I discovered it when I went to Hong Kong a couple of years ago when I purchased this for it's size.  I can't seem to find huge sized nail polish remover locally!

Orly Nail Lacquer Remover
Extra Strength
16 FL Oz/480 ml

Orly says ---

  • Perfect for natural nails
  • non-drying formula
  • no oily residue
  • works instantly
Available in 2 variants
  • Orly Gentle Formula Nail Polish Remover (in green) - Great for artificial nails.  A non-acetone, non-oily formula that removes polish quickly and safely.
  • Orly Extra Strength Nail Polish Remover (in blue) - Developed for natural nails, this salon-proven formula quickly removes polish.
Acetone, Aqua/Water/Eau, Parfum/Fragrance, CI42090/Blue 1, CI 17200/Red 33, Citric Acid

AMW says ---

  • does not have a strong acetone scent
  • non-drying
  • easily removes polish without wiping hard
  • it shouldn't make a difference, but the color is quite nice to look at! LOL
  • pricier as compared to local brands
  • the huge 480ml size is not available locally
I never thought the right type or kind of nail polish remover would make a huge difference in nail polish removing.  I haven't tried a lot of brands but I've definitely used local brands as compared to this and I am obviously hooked to this as this is non-drying and doesn't leave a white "film" around my nails.  I also like the fact that it doesn't make my nose suffer each time I remove my nail polish.  

  • I prefer using a cotton pad instead of cotton ball to remove nail polish
  • Leave it for a couple of seconds before wiping gently
  • Always keep the cap tightly closed when not in use.
  • If you have an acetone pump, use a pump dispenser for easier polish removing (can be purchased at Prettynails' website)

Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I have backups and I need to repurchase.  Anyone going to Hong Kong? lol

Where to purchase and how much?

The huge bottle I got from Sasa Hong Kong for HKD36.00 (approx Php216.00)
For Local Buyers: 
Gentle Formula (16 oz) : Php 595.00
Gentle Formula (04 oz) : Php 179.75
Extra Strength  (04 oz) : Php 179.75
Marrionnaud, First Aid Greenbelt, PCX (Rockwell, Ermita, ATC), Watsons (G5, Makati, Megamall Department Store, Ayala Cebu), Landmark - Trinoma, Caswell-Massey, Jesi Mendez (New World, Ermita, Park Square I, Tutuban), Chocolate (Trinoma), and Nail Tropics (Serendra and Eastwood)

*Thanks to Sprint Asia Marketing for the information on the prices above.


What's your favorite nail polish remover?  Nail polish remover for me is an "unsung" hero!  Not everyone gives it the time of the day but come to think of it, it's such a vital part of nail beautifying! :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Now that you've said it, yes, they are totally unsung heroes! :) It was only recently when I realized not every polish remover is as great as the other. I ran out of my favorite pink polish remover from TFS so I ran to Watson's and bought some cute looking bottle but it won't remove nail polish to save its life. I naturally chucked the bottle and bought TFS and I'm a happy girl again :) Things are not HG for nothing, eh?

    Happy Tuesday, Nikki! :)

  2. coolness! any idea if its available in Australia?

  3. I'll be in HK in Jan. Let me know if you want a backup (you do have to let me know where Sasa stores are located).

    :-) CG

  4. Ahhh... Orly was the first makeup remover i bought when i was in my teens!! :D We don't have the huge bottle here too!! :(

    I'm currently loving the Silkygirl Extra Strength one!! Cheap and good! :D

  5. Thanks for reviewing this! I can get this locally, so I'll give it a try!

  6. That's a huge bottle! This sounds great, thanks for the review but unfortunately I don't think it's available here.

    I don't have a fave polish remover, I just use whatever cheap one I can find locally.

  7. Unfortunately, I don't know what polish remover the salon I go to use but I like it also that unlike acetone, it doesn't leave a white film on my nails. Let me check the Orly stall in our Watson's here.
    - Kaith

  8. I haven't tried Orly's. I'm stuck on Zoya's. And I use cotton pads too!

  9. Teeyah, yes! thanks for agreeing! I felt bad! LOL I didn't give them the time of the day, now I'm glad I did :)

    Beauty Blitz, not sure, I know they should be available in Australia, I may check it out and let you know :)

    CG! You are too sweet, but no need to let you travel with such huge bottle! LOL Thanks for the offer sweetheart :)

    Jenn, wow..it was available back then? We just had them here a couple of years ago!

  10. JC, thanks :)

    Gio, hay, sadness, some great products really are unreachable ha?

    Kaith, thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

    B, zoya! we don't have it down here, so I guess I'm stuck with this, I'm happy with this :)

  11. Hahaha...oo nga pala, it's almost half a litter. Didn't realize it until I reread your post. Let's see na lang if I still have room in my luggage :-)


  12. CG :) Just the thought of it makes me feel happy! thanks girl, no need to even worry about this! :) *huge hugs*

  13. i've tried face shop, it's scented..it doesn't give whitish effect after applying, tnx for the review

  14. Zashiq5, Oh I've used the Face Shop's as well. I like it too but I find I use it up quite easily! I need HUGE bottle! LOL

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  17. im in the search for a non-acetone nail remover which is not pricey.hehe. would you happen to know one except for orly which is so expensive.due to the environmental impact of acetone, i decided to trash the thing.

  18. Hey Guys! Just wanted to say hello to the new community :). Thanks for letting me in! :D

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