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AMW Reviews: Stila Convertible Color in Peony

When I purchased the Stila's Ulta-mate set, it came with the Stila's Convertible lip and cheek color in Peony.  I didn't gave it a bit of thought as the color looks "bleh" on pan!  But when I went to makeup school and learned the magical secret of cream blushes, I have to give this a go and so far...I'm in ELO-ELO-ELO-VE! *winks*


**photo from Amazon

Stila convertible color in Peony says ---

As seen in In Style's Best Beauty Buys 2007! This multi-tasking marvel brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent color. A must-have in every stila girl's kit.
Stila's ingenious lipstick and blush-in-one proves to be irresistible. As seen in In Style's Best Beauty Buys 2007! This versatile favorite brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent color. Tap onto cheeks and press onto lips. The sheer tint adds an inherent glow to the cheeks while lips bloom with fresh, radiant color. Our two-in-one compact holds the key to easy, monochromatic makeup. A must-have in every stila girl's kit.

AMW says ---

  • dries up easily once blended well
  • creates a very soft and natural glow and blush
  • makes my powder blushes stays a little bit longer
  • pigmented
  • on cheeks: very natural look, can build up pigmentation
  • on lips: applies easily and quite creamy
  • some people fine this hard to blend or tedious to use
  • if you have zits or acne scars around the cheek area it enhances it more
  • is not moisturizing enough for dry lips
  • I'm not a fan of using this as a lip tint
Peony shade definitely looks boring on pan!  I never thought I'll give this the time of the day!  It looks brownish and dirty and I thought it won't do anything for my skin!  Boy am I glad I was wrong!  This is such a lovely peachy pink color that gives out a very natural glow on the cheeks!  I love using this prior to powder blush application.  This works well on pink and peachy colored blushes! 

This definitely is a great investment if you don't want your blushes to be gone just half a day!  I found this as the best 'secret' especially for wedding makeup or any makeup gigs!

Peony and Nars Orgasm!   
(Milot is a beautiful client of mine!  Thanks for the trust!)  


  • test on different brushes and look for the one you're most comfortable to use
  • if you're interested to know, I love using the Foundation brush from Smashbox for the convertible color, works perfectly and never too clownish

  • always pat on powder blush to "set" the cream blush, then using a big fluffy brush, gently blend
  • if used on lips: always prep your lips with moisturizer, or if your lips are super dry, top with a clear gloss to prevent lips from chapping
  • always start applying sparingly then slowly build up the color
Will I repurchase?
Yes.  Thanks to my dear angel B I got the Petunia shade!!!  Post about the shade in the future!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Rustan's for the full size approx $20.00 (Php850.00) not sure on the price, so please correct me if I'm wrong thanks!

A sample size of Peony on pan

Swatch on hand

Applied sparingly on cheeks
no powder blush applied


*whew* a bit too much information for just a tiny cream blush eh?
Have a wonderful day dearies!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. The convertible colors are aren't that pretty as lipstick/stain for people have dry lips but sometime it works really well on top of a moist balm/clear gloss.

  2. your client looks so pretty Nikki, great job! that blush is pretty too, haven't tried cream blushes though, maybe one day. :)

  3. I have this from the Ulta Mate set too. Yet to fall in love with it, but lucky I kept it instead of giving it away after initial look. I think I'll give it 2nd or 3rd chance when I figure out how to use it, and your tip on using the foundation brush, I must try! Thanks for posting this up! Those cheeks in photos look so blushfully nice! =P


  4. thats a lovely color when applied Nikki! I love Milot's makeup, its so natural! She looks gorgeous! Peony also suits your fair skin.. =)

  5. awww... it looks lovely !!
    wish we had stila down here :)

  6. Lol @ Edward Cullen. Whats he doing over there?!! Haha.

    The Stila blush looks pretty! <3

  7. Pinaka benta si Edward Cullen on this post haha. But ive been seriously considering this too. Maybe i'll be a cream blush convert when I get one. Hehe Great review :)

  8. when you said, pat the powder blush on the cream blush, that means you only put a little amount of powder blush on each tap?how do you blend the powder blush if you only tap it??

  9. i'm one of those people that find this hard to blend but love it on people who wears it well!

  10. wow
    she looks so pretty
    the cream blush suits her

    same with you. to think it's just a base...i'm pretty sure that with a light dab of the perfect blush, it would last all day na!


  11. I definitely try this on my clients too.

  12. I love Peony :D Looks great on you and your client. I'll try mixing it Orgasm. Thanks for the tip :)

  13. I agree with you that the color doesn't look too nice in the pan, but when applied it's gorgeous and natural!

    Milot looks gorgeous! You did a fantastic job, as always.

  14. Oh this blush looks sooo pretty and just gorgeous on! Perfect for a nice flushed, glowy look! I defin. have to look into this one.. wonder if Santa has finalised his list yet ;)

  15. Citrine, I know what you mean, it does dry up my already dry lips :)

    Catherine, thank you!

    Nehs, yes, do give them a try ! You'll like it!

  16. Dana, I know what you mean, I didn't use it when I got it as I felt its just too tedious! Thanks for liking my photos! :)

    Khymm, thanks for liking Milot's makeup, she's such an easy client, gorgeous to start with :)

    streetsmartjunkie, I wish you have it there too :)

  17. Fifi, lol I think it was the cable tv...

    Caby, kakatawa no? Still shots of Edward Cullen!

    Acutelife, sorry, i have to rewrite it, pat with powder then gently blend it :)

    Mona, I know, it was hard for me to blend too, but with the right foundation brush, I am ok :)

    ~tHiAmErE~ , yes yes yes! Agree with you!

    Naturalcosmetics, :)

    Crissy, no worries, its my pleasure to share tips

  18. Gio, thanks for agreeing :)

    Sarah, hahahaha let me know if you have the chance to use it! :)

  19. this is one product that i can't use but always wish i could. cream blush and brown spots don't work together, no matter how.

    it looks very nice on you. and your makeover for the lady is lovely too.

  20. I actually didn't think about using a brush with this. I thought that it would streak XD
    But hm, will try with some of the brushes I have, cause it is better than having to stick my finger into the product :)

  21. thanks nikki for the tip on using foundation brush! i was able to use it today finally! it was kept untouch until i read your post, yey!

    i got mine from the ultamate set from strawberrynet =)

  22. I love this on the lips too. And it looks fab on your cheekies. :)

  23. Jojoba, I know, I remember you when I talked about cream blushes! :)

    Rasilla, so far, no streaks on me :) probably just apply it lighthanded

    Lelila, yayness! Glad you were able to try it! I got mine from strawberrynet too! :)

    B, thank you sweetie! Thanks for Petunia :) I love it!

  24. Wow, your client looks great! NARS O + Stila's CC Peony looks like a promising tandem. Thanks for sharing great blush tips, Nikki!

  25. I appreciate the information! It's not difficult to pour your heart out when you're loving a product :)
    Thanks for the review! I bought the ulta-mate set too but I'm yet to use this one! I had the convertible color in lilium (I think that's the name) but didn't like it. This one definitely looks more like my color!

  26. herroyalbleakness, no worries, my pleasure as always :)

    Connie, oohh Lilium, what's the shade of it? :D


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