Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 2009 Finished Products

Soon, it'll be goodbye 2009!!!  I have rounded up a couple of products I've finished up or even repurchased for this year!  I don't have the complete list but you get the point! :)  I'll be sharing my 2009 Finished Products!!!!

1. Clinique Liquid Facial Wash Mild

I've finished a total of 3 bottles of this!  I love this that it doesn't dry out my skin, I hate it that this finishes up super fast! :P

2. Clinique Clarifying Lotion no. 2

The huge bottle lasts more than 6-8 months.  I like using this prior to moisturizing my skin.  I think after these 2 botttles, I'll go for the non-alcohol version, the lighter version.

3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

I finished a huge bottle of this this year and I haven't repurchased as I've been a bit lazy and go straight to the Moisture Surge Extended Skin Relief.   I do miss this moisturizer though.  I may go back to this next year.  For now, I am using other sample moisturizers I got from GWPs. (gifts with purchase)


4. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

I know this doesn't do a lot to other people but I seriously love the "gel" texture and the relief it gives me as soon as I apply this on my skin.  On days that my skin are super dry, I would apply an ample amount and leave it as facial mask and I wake up with really soft supple skin!


5. Ellana Intensive Coverage Mineral Foundation in French Vanilla Latte

Thanks to Shen for introducing this foundation, I do own a lot of other foundations but on days I want a very simple yet good coverage, this works very well and the shade is perfect on me!  Like I woke up with naturally flawless skin! *winks*  I finished 2 full size of this and *note to self*, I NEED to repurchase!


6. Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation

I've finished up 1 compact, 2 refills of this for year 2009!  This is my ultimate MUST bring powder foundation to "set" the makeup I do for my clients.  This never fails me!  I use this alternately with Ellana foundation.  If  I want something more luxurious, I use this, if I want to save up and get the same good result?  Elllana is ok!


7. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light

This is one product I finished this year not on myself but for clients.  I seriously do not even need any oil controlling primer but I depend on this for my oilier friends or clients.  I already repurchased a 2nd bottle and it's nice to have a good primer on hand.


8. Orly Nail Lacquer Remover

An unsung heroine I recently reviewed, the 2 bottles on photo below does not give justice!  I...admit...I've finished a total of 3 bttles and I'm on my 4th bottle!  You can't blame a girl who changes her nail art every weekend right? :P


9. Cream Silk and L'oreal Elseve

I've used up 4 tubs of L'oreal Elseve and I just recently tried Cream Silk's Precision repair Treatment and finished 1 tub.  I will probably alternate both brands!

10. Rexona Skin Light

I got this from the Rexona Event and I've finished up 1 and repurchased another one.  This is actually a nice alternative for my HG Secret. 

I've finished up a lot more products but these are what I can remember for now.  What about you?  What have you repurchased again and again for the year 2009?  I'm sure there's a long list for you too! 

I want to wish everyone a wonderful end of 2009 and let's all look forward for a better and brighter 2010!!!

Happy New Year!
Continue to keep smilin' and stay happy!!!!


  1. you are indeed a clinique girl nikki! woot! i love the products! I must say i should revisit my p&j dual powder again..

  2. Great list!! I just got started with the beauty world so I don't have much that I've repurchased or used up yet LOL But you seem to enjoy Clinique! I'll definitely go check them out the next time I go to the mall =]

  3. WOW, you used up a lot!
    I wish I was able to do that! ^^

  4. ooooh i'm using you're #1 and #2, the clinique face products. i absolutely love those too! i'm currently on my 2nd bottle of the cleanser and still on the 1st bottle of the toner. that big bottle really does last a long time huh? great list!

  5. Good job on all the hit pan products!

  6. Wow!! You manage to finish so many products!! I must learn from you!! hehehe!! :D

    Happy New Year my dear. May the new year brings you love, joy and all things wonderful!!! *hugs*

  7. i finished quite a few items this year too but i didn't document any like you did. i can't use clinique 3 step stuff nor its other skin care as they are all too drying for me. i am often surprised that you can use its products as you are dry too. i guess skin reacts differently.

  8. i think the most product i used this year has to be nail polish remover :p happy 2010 to u sis!

  9. Thats a lot of products that you were able to go through! that's awesome! now I have to work on my

  10. clinique girl talaga! i'm glad to know that ellana is a good alternative to P&J. as for me, i religiously buy godiva vit. c serum every month and also generic tretinoin in watsons.

  11. Great list! I finished up some products this year, but the only thing I'd repurchase is the Beauty Credit Double Moist Pomegranate Collagen Emulsion because of the fantastic smell. As a moisturizer it's just normal and doesn't break me out.

  12. Good job on finishing a lot of products! :) I still have a ton of Clinique toners on my vanity table :( I never finish big bottles but you're great at it! :) Congrats sis, and looking forward to your upcoming reviews this 2010.

    Happy New Year! *hugs*

  13. yay for finishing products! great post per usual! lots of clinique!

  14. You are really a Clinique girl!! I haven't seen Orly Nail Polish Remover here, wish there are all these brands in Australia, but nevertheless. Since I've only been into makeup/skincare recently, I can say there are few items that I've finished... such as face wash, face moisturiser, nail base coat, nail polish remover... oh I might as well do a post on this when I can!! hahaha

    Have a Happy New Year!!!


  15. Have you tried Laneige's Water Sleeping Pack? Serves the same purpose as the Clinique Extended Thirst Relief, but way cheaper (got mine for P900 from resellers)

  16. You ran through FOUR TUBS OF HAIR MASK??? o.0 LOL. Wow, I need to finish more of my stuff.

    Happy New Year dearie! Hope 2010 will be a joy-filled year for you! =D


  17. Lady Joan, I know! I haven't really thought about it, but looking at my finished products, I am indeed a Clinique girl :)

    Lisa, thanks! Well its not only about makeup, probably hair products? Skin care? :)

    Maggie, I know! I make sure to finish products that I purchase, well not unless I have negative reactions with them!

  18. Jaclyn Rose, the cleanser is the bomb, I only hate it that it finishes up tooo fast! :)

    ndoodles, thanks!

    Jenn, I have finished up a lot more, I forgot to take photos on a lot of them as I already threw the bottles, I've finished up 2 huge bottles of Shu Uemura cleansing oil! :)

  19. Jojoba, I know, I haven't documented a lot of them, yes, Clinique works for me, surprisingly, with my super dry skin, it does work :)

    Xin, for someone who's into nails, I wouldn't be surprised you've finished bottles and bottles of acetone :)

    Mary, yup, i'm glad I didn't waste a lot of stuffs this year!

  20. Crystal, lucky you to have generic stuffs that works for you, i'm still on the lookout for that, if I find anything cheaper that works, I'll definitely shift :)

    Kuri, thanks for sharing your to repurchase product

    Teeyah, thanks girl! Have a wonderful new year !

  21. Yummy411, I know, a lot of Clinique stuffs, guess the skincare line works for me!

    Dana, yes, show us your finished products when you're done with it :) it'll be fun :)

    melvel, I haven't tried any Laneige product pa :) I guess I should :) thanks!

    Syen, yup! Coz I do the hair treatment weekly! as much as I can :) have a wonderful new year to you too :)


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