Wednesday, December 30, 2009

AMW Reviews: MAC MSF in Dark

I've been searching for a back up contouring powder just in case I ran out of the limited edition MAC Sculpting Powder . My requirement?  Something non-shimmery, natural-looking and readily available to purchase (no no to limited editions!)

Have I found the one?
Before you further react, this is not meant to be just a contouring powder, MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish Natural is multi-purpose and it really depends on the user on what you plan to do with it! :) 


MAC MSF SkinFinish Natural in Dark says ---

A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish.  Provides perfect low coverage.  Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.

Ingredients: (you can click photo to enlarge)

AMW says ---

  • multi-purpose: can be used as setting powder for darker skintone, used as contour powder or blush/bronzer
  • lightweight
  • product lasts a long time!
  • since this is "baked", it never gets cakey and gives out a really soft, natural finish

  • applying too much may turn out quite "orangey" <--- be careful
  • because of the "dome" shape, the powder if very delicate
  • no mirror that comes with this
  • powder tends to fly everywhere when you swirl using a denser brush, product wastage

Matte yet gives a bit of a sheen finish, that's the best description I can give for the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural Line.  I have purchased this mainly for contouring but I find this a bit too "rusty" for my NC20 skintone, I think this will go perfectly for NC30-35 skintone.  I've used this to give a bit of healthy glow all over my face on days that I feel like I need the "color", but using the right type of brush is very crucial for products like this! 

  • depending on your preferred usage, always test on different brushes to find the "perfect match"
  • to achieve a nice healthy glow, apply lightly on areas that the sun naturally hit your face with a stippling brush for "softer" dimension
  • prefer more coverage:  wet your sponge or spritz your brush with water 
  • to prevent product from flying everywhere, I prefer using a "dab dab" method rather than a swirling method
  • NEVER drop this!
Will I repurchase?
I purchased my MAC SkinFinish MSF Light last March and I use it daily, I've hit the pan (just in the middle) but still have a lot left, since I bought this only for contouring, this may last LONGER.  Not sure if I'll repurchase this within the year!


Where to purchase and how much?
At MAC store for Php1,600 (approx $34.78). I purchased mine cheaper from a blogsale!  Thanks Hedley!

Let me give you a closer look
to the MAC MSF Natural in DARK

On pan



I know contouring is not really for everyday, but if you do, have you finally found "zee contouring powder" that works so well for you?  I'd love to know!

The year's almost over!!! 
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks for the review Nikki!! Can you believe it, this MAC fan of yours have yet to own any MSFN!!! :S

    My MAC MA always used Medium Deep to contour for me... since we're of the same skintone, maybe you can check that one out!! :D

    I'm currently using the MAC Eversun beauty powder blush to contour my face! Wanna try out Benefit Hoola soon!! hehe!! :D

  2. im not much into contouring...

    but if i do need one, i just used a darker foundation...a shade darker is what i use

    or since i have the 10pc blush palette, i can just use anything there since i really just do a very light job of contouring

    have a great day,nikki!

  3. Hi Nikki, how are you??Ive missed your blog much during my holiday :D
    Ive been thinking lately to start trying contour my face, but as you said, it's not for everyday, so Im still undecided...but I got darker from Bali so this MAC might be suitable for my skin now hahaha
    btw, Im still away so I havent had a news about the parcel. but I will let you know once Im back> the tracking number you gave me doesnt specify the location of the item, I tried to check.

  4. Jenn, thanks for the reco! I actually am not into contouring daily! but the medium deep could be a great addition to my kit :) thank you

    Thiamere, darker foundation works super well! :)

    Acutelife, awww enjoy your vacay! Bali!! Eeeekkkk :) I'm sure you look gorgeous with tan! its ok, let me know once you receive it, I hope you get it ASAP :D

  5. I am still very stupid with contouring *sigh* :( But the MSF Light, if I may ask, can be used as foundation, right? :)

    Great review, as always! :)

  6. yay! I love contouring! I do it everyday. I'm NC30-35, and the MAC MA also recommended this MSF for me when I returned the dsquared Accentuate & Sculpt duo (which did not show up at all! >:( ) But I found Dark too burnt orange. It makes me look tan, which I don't want.

    MAC Coquette e/s works sometimes, if you don't mind the slightly olive tone. I've also tried Bobbi Brown Cement, a pinkish grey-taupe. I also use various matte brown eyeshadows.. I was lemming for NARS Zen or Benefit Hoola, but they're always out of stock in my Sephora, so I gave up on those. So far, what works best for me is a powder foundation a few shades darker (Palladio in Rich Mocha). I just use a sponge on the cheeks, jaw and nose. Cheaper, too. :)

  7. thanks for the great review. I use a bronzer that came with a Pupa palette to contour. It's matte and light enough for pale skin.

  8. The sculpt and shape powders are not limited edition. They are actually permanent pro products and come in a full pan, not the half contour/half highlight duo's.

    Hope this helps! I actually use my MSFN as a foundation. I use either Medium or Medium Plus even though i am a NW20-NW25.

  9. teeyah, oh come on! I don't think you are stupid in contouring! Probably you haven't been doing it regularly lang :) Yes, this can be used as "setting powder" actually or light powder :)

    Aguadora, I know, using too much of this looks a bit too orange! MAC Coquette? I use MAC Coquette for my brows! You're talking about eyeshadow right? Thanks for the reco!!!

    Gio, thanks for sharing, PUPA seems to be a nice brand!

    Jacqui, really? is down here, we don't have PRO products down here :)

  10. That seems a bit too orangey. Anyw, awesome review as always. :)

  11. Sofia! yes, it does seem a bit too orangey if applied too much :) some skintone really have to be careful in using this, as it may turn out a bit too orange :) Happy new year girl!

  12. Loves the MSF Natural as a setting powder and also sheer powder foundation for light makeup days :)
    I don't contour all that much so I just use whatever I have that seems appropriate :-/

  13. hey nikki! just catching up on your posts :) you should try benefit's hoola. it's a bronzer with no shimmer. I use it as a bronzer as well as a contour.

  14. I use this same one as a sheer powder "foundation" since I don't do heavy makeup. I really like it since it really does give you the natural skin look. Great post!


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