Monday, January 18, 2010

AMW Reviews: Benefit Lyin' Eyes

A shoutout to my sis Gracie for sending this to me last year for my birthday.  I've been using this several times and it's time for me to give my proper review based on my experience with this.

Benefit Lyin' Eyes is such an attractive product with the right packaging the screams "Buy Me!"


Benefit Lyin' Eyes says ---

With just a click of this concealing pen, you've got a lightly tinted under-eye color corrector that's swift, fast, and oh-so-sly!  Apply anytime, under or over makeup.

This concealer is suitable for most skin tones.

Size: 1ml
Net wt: 0.03 US fl. oz.

AMW says ---

  • easy application
  • easy to take along for touch ups
  • easy to blend
  • dries pretty quickly
  • does not sit in fine lines or wrinkles
  • does not cake
  • brightens up the under-eye area
  • the brush is soft and doesn't scratch
  • if you want more coverage, this is a bit on the light coverage side
  • since it has a bit of "shine" that gives out an awake look, be careful in using this as this could enhance the look of your undereye circles
  • you have to twist a couple of times for the product to come out, too much product may come out which leads to product wastage
  • you wouldn't know how much product are left

  • not available locally

If you are looking  for "easy" under-eye concealer applicator or touchup, this is a very convenient product to tote along.  You can also leave it as it is as it isn't too creamy and it finishes off in powder form.

  • since this can "highlight" or make you look like you have 8 hours of sleep, this works well to highlight your nosebridge area too and the corners of the mouth
  • I prefer applying this after foundation application
  • apply the brush pen directly on areas you would want then blend in with your fingers or brush
  • on application, do not forget to apply the inner corner of the eyes too
  • set with a translucent powder
Will I repurchase?

If its on sale and available locally, yes.  If I have to pay for hefty shipping?  No, there are a lot more concealers out there.

Where to purchase and how much?
Not available locally, can be purchased on ebay or multiply sites.

For your reference, this costs $13.50 (approx Php621.00) on sale from original price of $18.00 (approx Php828.00) at Benefit website

Benefit's Lyin' Eyes no. 2


 A couple of clicks, the product comes out in between


Shade 2 is considered medium
I think this goes much better for skin with pink undertone


it blends easily and disappears


Here's a before and after photo of me using the Lyin' Eyes
no setting powder used

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you find this review helpful especially if you plan to purchase this :)

Keep smilin
Stay Happy!


  1. Wow, I wasn't even aware that Benefit made a product like this! I'll definitely have to check it out once I run out of my MAC concealer. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hmmm, I never saw this at a Benefit counter before! I wonder if they still make it. :o

  3. Huh, this looks pretty cool, I've been wanting something to brighten up the area under my eyes. But, wouldn't "the brush is soft and doesn't scratch" be a pro, not a con? :)

  4. Great review -; I tried this years ago, and loved the consistency, the counter girl was insistent I buy the dark (Im always the medium) and the dark looked like bronzer on me so I had to give it away :( I never did repurchase.

  5. wow! it looks quite dramatic. and it seems a lot cheaper than my bobbi brown too.

  6. Thanks for the review! I'm always on the lookout for undereye concealers, so I'll def. consider trying this! (:

  7. nice! I hope that you meant that the brush is soft and not scratchy as a PRO, instead of a con. LOL

  8. nikki dear, how come "the brush is soft and doesn't scratch" is a con? :P

    i just had to tell u!

    by the way, is this still selling in benefit? i dun remember seeing it at all >_<

  9. sure looks greaaaat on you Nikki! I'd love to have light coverage concealers since most of the ones that can really hide my dark undereyes are getting too cakey and settles on the lines.

  10. I love all your reviews Nikki :)

  11. I use to hate this brand, Benefit, but I think they're improving... wheee~ Thanks for the review. Does it have SPF? I doubt it does, but I want to make sure since I'm allergic to SPF products.

  12. ooo i didn't know such product existed from benefit, def need to go check this one out! thanks for the helpful review Nikki :)

  13. wow i can really see the difference! it really did brighten your undereyes!

  14. wow i can really see the difference! it really did brighten your undereyes!

  15. i need to tell my mom to check this out! looks great!

  16. Thanks for the review. It looks great on you.

  17. neat review!
    I've tried this a long long time ago and didn't quite like it cuz the coverage was rather sheer and it's pricey! I have the revlon one and I'm liking it better

  18. i love how benefit named their products so creative eh hehe,how i wish i can use my husbands CC sa sale ng benefit..

  19. Catherine, no worries, its my pleasure, I learned about this through various beauty sites too :)

    Maggie, I wonder if its available worldwide! as its not available down here!

    Shao, thanks for letting me know, it was an honest mistake on puttnig the pro in the con area! :)

  20. Raspcherry, oh no on wrong shade! I'm glad this shade matches me :)

    Yes sister Xin, for now I am still using it :)

    e.motion in motion, :) I'm glad you find this review helpful

  21. Y, yes, it was a mistake! thanks for the holler lol

    Plue, yes dear, it was me being human! hahah thanks for the heads up :) We don't have Benefit down here!

    herroyalbleakness, this one doesn't settle which is a huge PRO for me :)

  22. CHARRY, thank you

    Aly, so far, I don't see any SPF on it! :) But do check the ingredients list first before you purchase, I will be checking too :)

    Lulu, it's my pleasure to do this review :)

  23. Khymm, yes, it does no? But the nega side probably is , if your eyes are VERY puffy, then it will probably enhance it :) So be careful in using this!

    Jojoba, :)

    Gio, my pleasure

  24. Connie, yes, the coverage is indeed sheer, but I add more for more coverage at times, and this is definitely great for highlighting :)

    Shobe, I know, the name is just fabulous :)

  25. Connie, yes, the coverage is indeed sheer, but I add more for more coverage at times, and this is definitely great for highlighting :)

    Shobe, I know, the name is just fabulous :)

  26. I love these kind of things.. like YSL touche eclat and bobbi browns thingy majig that looks like this. This is pretty tempting. I had no idea about this product. I'm going to look into it. ty for the awesome review!

  27. Natalie, I know, the packaging is just so easy to use :)

  28. this is great! i've been using YSL touche eclat for a long time, it won't hurt to know that there's something out that's much cheaper.

    just a heads up i believe Benefit is due to release its STAY DON'T STRAY concealer and highter, when? a friend of mine said around March (she works in an ad agency :) can't wait!

    thanks for the review!

  29. Dhel, I haven't tried YSL touche eclat so I'm not sure which one works or if this compares :) Thanks for the headsup on the concealer :)


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