Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Valentine- Ready" nails

Good morning!!!  Nail art tutorial for the week is inspired by Valentines.  I know it's a month away til the day of hearts but who cares?  Love is love... I've created a very simple, non floral nail art :)  Inspired by 2 color combination I love, reds and pinks!

Step 1:
As usual, apply your favorite base coat and two coats of OPI Nail Polish in Suzi & the Lifeguard.  (see? I am mature enough to use this cutey)

Step 2:
Apply The Face Shop Red polish diagonally.


Step 3:
Using LA Colors Art Deco in black, create lines.


Step 4:
Using LA Colors Art Deco in white, create a line between the 2 black lines I've created.


Step 5:
Using Prettynails' Art Pen in black to create  dots.


Step 6:
Create white dots using white nail art pen.


Step 7:
To create a nice glitter, apply 1 coat of glitter polish from Elianto.


Step 8:
Top with OPI RaPi Dry Top Coat to protect the nail art.


Here's my final nails ready for the Heart's Day :)

I hope my simple nail art would make people who are in love with life to go on and enjoy it!  Life is really difficult and there's a lot of trying times, but there's always simple things in life that makes us happy :)  Seize it!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. ahh its valentine"s already! havent got the time to paint my nails :(

  2. it's so pretty/unique!
    i really like the dots and lines effect! :)

  3. wow, it's been quite a while since ive seen notd's from you!

    That suzi and lifeguard polish looks so subdued and nice. perfect background!

  4. so pweety!! :D I reckon some will be going for a mix of red and pink (cherry blossoms, anyone?) to combine valentine's and chinese new year into one look... :D

    (I'm so tempted to try that this year...heehee...)

  5. Wow, this is so pretty and creative! Love it!

  6. You are my nail guru! Such amazing design! Really lovely for Valentines day!

  7. Really gets me in the mood for Valentine's Day!!

  8. The nails are cute!
    And I can't believe Valentines Day is almost here, any plans? (;

  9. You always come up with the CUTEST nail tut! I love how creative you get every time!!!

    keep it up!

  10. Too cute! I absolutely love looking at your nail tutorials/designs. They inspire me!

  11. I love your nail designs, this one is so pretty and perfect for v-day!

  12. WOWOW!!! i love it! professionally done!! i can't do that clean. very pretty Nikki! :)


  13. Thanks girls for liking my nail art design :) *group hugs*!

  14. This is so nice, and looks easy enough to do. =)

  15. This is so cute! I love it! I haven't even thought about my Valentine's Day NOTD yet though!!! I'm going to be in SF for an interview then...

  16. Wow that is SO not a 'simple' look! Not to me anyway! But I LOVE IT! :)

  17. Really lovely nails. Lovin' the colors, too.

  18. That’s pretty good! How long does it take you to make that?

    Can you do this in 10 min.?

  19. depends Nail Art Info, I need to wait for the base coat to try sometimes so it'll take approximately 20-30 minutes for both hands :)


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