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AMW Reviews: Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact

Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact caught my attention when my colleague (from first work ever) came at work with very clear and smooth skin.  When asked what she did, she whipped out a silver compact with a HUGE mirror.  I won't forget that day when I took a mental note to myself to purchase this for myself when I get my first paycheck. 

First, second, third and many paycheck came and I didn't have the chance to purchase this because during those times, I can easily purchase a cheaper powder foundation that works A-okay.  Funny how the universe have this magnetic field that FINALLY reunited me with a product that I've been longing to own!

Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact
my teenage years CRUSH


Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact says ---

This extraordinary powder formulation blends evenly with skin tone to hide imperfections for beautifully natural-looking coverage. Contains Vitamin C and Licorice Extract, plus sunscreens to help protect the skin against harmful UV rays and prevent the formation of sunspots. Immediately leaves your skin luminous and helps improve skin fairness every time you apply it. Hypo-allergenic. Fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic. Resistant to humidity, sweat and sebum (oil). Comes in Light Beige and Natural Beige shades.

Ingredients (click photo to enlarge)

AMW says ---

  • dermatologist tested
  • easy to blend
  • non cakey
  • I like the plastic cover that comes with the compact

  • has SPF 15
  • huge mirror
  • does not have weird smell, there is a tiny hint of fresh scent
  • does not feel heavy on face
  • can be applied both ways for light to full coverage - wet or dry
  • no allergies or skin irritations
  • I've applied once in the morning and late afternoon, I find that the powder foundation is still intact
  • the sponge that comes along with the product is good quality
  • packaging!  I don't like the long compact
  • applying too much can make you look "powder-y" or unnatural
  • dry skinned individuals: using this without moisturizing your skin may make your skin looks flakey
The Neutrogena Fine Fairness UV Compact has been around for years but I just managed to use one recently, I have used one in the past but ended up giving it to my mom as she likes it.  I'm glad I reunited with this foundation again, it's not super cheap but its not expensive either, for its price, I like it that it's dual purpose.  Can be applied both wet or dry.  I personally prefer applying powder foundation dry because I hate the hassle, but with this, probably due to my dry skin, I prefer applying this by spritzing a bit of water on my sponge to dampen then gently apply my foundation with a light hand, the effect comes out more natural.  For people who prefer the compact foundation that works yet doesn't cost too much, this works fine!  I cannot say this is the BEST powder foundation out there but this baby has a lot to say! 

from Neutrogena
  • Apply with a water-moistened sponge for more complete coverage, or with dry sponge for a light matte finish.
 from AMW
  • if the application turned out to be too unnatural or powdery looking, spritz your face with mist
  • make sure to choose the right shade, this gives out a white cast on flash photography if you chose the wrong shade
  • I personally s uggest if you plan to use this wet, use this wet ALL THE WAY or vice versa
  • oilier skin may need to retouch but doesn't have to retouch many times.  
  • prefer even lighter coverage?  Use a brush to apply this
  • wash your sponge applicator at least once every 2 weeks, or better? once a week!

Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
At any leading beauty stores or Neutrogena counters for approx Php700.00 (approx $15.00)

A closer look on Natural Beige #21

Applied on hand


 Applied on skin, no base, no nothing
just pure foundation

Note: You can still see a bit of "redness" on my lip area as I applied this "dry"
either I conceal it first or apply the foundation wet for heavier coverage

It's a nice drugstore foundation that lives up to its promise of a good performance. 
Worth to try for sure!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Heh this was my first foundation back in the school days, when I was still a makeup virgin =)

  2. nice review nikki.. this was my first ever foundation back then and i love it i just wished they have more shades.. :D

  3. Interesting but not available here =[ Why must soo many products be Asia-exclusive? No fair =P

  4. I've always wondered about this baby, too :) And you're so cute that this was your teenage crush heehee :)

  5. I remember this! I think I have tried this before too! :) But this is not my teenage crush. Mine was the AVon - its pink something with a flower design. I forgot the name.. ahahah! Powder dries my face off too much though..

  6. This was my foundation together with Clinique way before I ventured into the world of make up. And I must say I loved it. :P It is good for those with both oily and sensitive skin. :)

  7. Thanks for the review. It sounds like a nice and interesting product. Too bad it's not available here.

  8. Jessie, I know what you mean, this has been around quite forever :)

    Donnarence, wow, a lot of you girls use this as the first foundation ever, I guess I'm too late!

    Lisa, so sorry :( I don't know too! I guess its the ingredients or probably most foundations sold here are great for humid weather

    Teeyah, hahahhaa coz it was quite pricey for a student like me!

  9. Iyah, oohh AVON ! I guess a lot of us have bought from Avon too!

    Pammy I guess this does not aggravate sensitive skin, it is nice no?

    Gio, yeah, I read, I guess there are just stuffs you girls can enjoy there or vice versa, I just have to deal with it :)

  10. hi, i think it only has 2 shades, right? so is the light beige only for super fair skinned people?fim kinda fair but more in the yellowish tone. hope you can help me. thanks!

  11. Do you have Neutrogena counters near you Anonymous? I hope so, much better if you have it swatched on your skin just to make sure, the light beige one isn't very very light, its just right, coverage is not too heavy! If you are fair with yellowish tone, the shade that I'm using will work for you as I have yellow toned skin too! Goodluck :)

  12. thanks so much for the quick reply. :) but im saddened that they dont have testers available at most watsons stores :( im in search for a perfect powder foundie since ive tried loreal, revlon, facehop, bodyshop, mac, in2it, cover girl, max factor and other drugstore make ups. only max f, mac and faceshop worked wll with me. but im looking for THE ONE. do you have any suggestions for my oily skin? i hope you'll make a review of powder foundations one of these days. thanks so much for answering. as im anxious to get the best powder foundation :) price wont be an issue since if it will be the one, then i guess it will be worth it. thanks. your reviews are very helpful!

  13. Hi Anonymous, I hear ya! I know your problems! But the thing is, I don't think its the powder foundation problem, you do have very oily skin base on your description so you probably need a good primer prior to powder foundation application, have you tried Smashbox's photofinish primer light? This is great for oily skin to be applied before you put on powder foundation. I think they have tester size at Beauty Bar :) If they have tester, better! You can ask to apply on your skin first to check if you're allergic to it or not :)

  14. hi...ive'd been using for I think 8 months already...but, now its out in the it already phase out?if not, where can i buy this?

  15. I've been using this for about 2 years now.. and unfortunately, i can't find this in the neutrogena counters anymore. Can someone suggest or inform me where i can buy this?

  16. I recently bought mine at Robinson's Place in the area of personal hygiene and beauty care. Maybe you can give Robinson's a try.

  17. same problem here.. they're always out of stock! went to robinson's and is still unlucky... :((

  18. this is the only pressed powder that works on my skin perfectly but it has been phase out :(

  19. same here.. it was the only pressed powder that works on my face.. is it really phase out? i've been looking for almost a year but cant find one.. sad..

  20. @iceice I've been looking around for you guys too but it's true, it's not available na :(

  21. @Anonymous Like I said to ice Ice I've been watching out on this for you guys, but I guess it's really true, they're not around anymore! :(

  22. @Anonymous Don't worry, once I get the chance to attend to any Neutrogena Event or if I get to talk to someone from Neutrogena, I will ask for you guys !

  23. I bought mine @ watsons in alabang festival mall, but that was maybe 2 years ago.. but it feels that its really phase-out..

  24. Where can i buy this? It's not available at Watson's.

    1. very old product written 9 years ago, they have discontinued it.


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