Sunday, January 3, 2010

For the Win: It's Time! Sun Life Financial Kulay Pinoy Daily Organizer (Contest Closed!)

Thanks to my dearest friend Teeyah, for trusting my blog to be a channel of goodwill, I love contests!  I love it when my readers have the chance to win something!  Thanks again Teeyah.

Sun Life started a financial advocacy campaign called "It's Time!" last July 2009. In this campaign, they aim to educate Filipinos on the vehicles their money can ride to a better future. They believe that a large percentage of Filipinos are still uneducated in terms of finances, savings, investments and insurance.

To win the Sun Life Financial Kulay Pinoy Daily Organizer to keep track of your financial goals this year:

  • Leave on comment box "What your 2010 Financial Goal Is"
  • Include your name and email address
  • Contest run starting now until January 15, 2010
  • 5 Winners will be announced on January 16, 2010
  • Sorry, this is open to Philippine residents only
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  1. "It's not how much you earn but how much you save that matters". This is one of the many nuggets of wisdom I learned during a seminar on how to achieve financial independence. So this 2010, regardless of how much I may be earning I am set to deduct 20% of my take home pay at once to go straight to my savings account before I attend to my expenses. I will deduct another 10% to support my church for one can never outgive God who is the source of all blessings. Lastly, I also would like to finish off paying my pre-need plan this year.


  2. 2009 was a year of "too much" spending for me. I spent too much on travelling abroad, unnecessary splurges on cosmetics, and other "wants". I wasted too much money last year that I have exhausted the proceeds of my parents' house. =/ I have zero savings and my only investment is 50% of a house and lot in Imus, Cavite.

    My financial goals for 2010:
    1. Pay up my credit card debts! I think I should pay up my debts first before actually keeping money for savings.

    2. After paying them up, hopefully by mid 2010, I can open a REAL savings account (meaning a passbook without ATM so I won't be tempted) and a time deposit account.

    3. Zero-travel for 2010. Save up first!

    4. I am interested in stock market but I think I have to understand this fully first.

    5. I plan on putting up a computer shop business at the end of the year - last quarter, most probably. No final plans for this but I really want to make this happen.

    6. No more impulsive buying - or at least, try to avoid purchasing things that I do not need.

    7. Lastly, work more, save more, spend less and live the simple life!

    it's mgna15 at gmail dot com.

  3. payoff all my loans, save more money!

    losarim @
    mira sol villa mayor

  4. aside from saving more
    i want to:

    . buy house
    .begin saving up for a small business
    . save for emergency fund...

  5. Financially, i want to be able to really save up. Having an ATM/debit card is such a great temptation to splurge out that's why i promised myself that starting this january, i'll be depositing my money on my bf's account.

    I know that some people might think that it's very risky since we are just bf-gf, but it's way better than me going off then spending all of it. He is good at managing money that's why!

  6. waaahhh!
    i forgot to include my name & e-add


  7. I've recently just stumbled upon a U.S. financial guru, author and motivational speaker by the name of Dave Ramsey. His financial and investing philosophy is so simple that most people overlook how sensible and practical it is to start with the basics. He suggests 3 simple steps before investing and this is the financial template that I'm going to implement this 2010: a.) Start an emergency fund. b.) get out of debt ( I guess I have to skip this one and c.) Save up 3-6 months of expenses in savings. Right after I've done this, I can say that I am able to start investing my money in different financial instruments that can yield interest and dividends for the long run.

    Christian Evangelista



    - the amount that comes from my salary
    - income from my business
    - my bonus or given as a gift

    - gambling
    - branded clothings
    - daily fast food dine in
    - weekly out of town getaway
    - non-stop TV watching and radio listening

    Financial Goal
    - to save almost 50% from my salary and business income
    - to use my savings in purchasing house & lot
    - to expand my business


  9. Set aside more money for savings, rainy day funds, future travel plans and spend less on beauty and fashion items.
    Maria Cristina Martinez

  10. This 2010,
    -I would start saving up money.
    -Would try to buy cosmetics with my own money rather than letting my mom pay


  11. I used to be good at writing down my expenditures and keeping track of my expenses/income. I need to get back on track and keep track of all my expenditures and save receipts, see where my money is going in january and if possible, deduct a good percentage from spending $ on nonessential items the following months based on what i spent money on in january. I need to have a solid budget and stick to it. That's my goal.


  12. Between hubby and I, I am the designated budget officer. As such, these are my goals for 2010:

    1. Our first priority is our son's education. We have to have Php100,000 ready by June of 2010 for my son's tuition fees. That means that I need to set aside 17K monthly from January to June so that we have adequate funds by June.

    2. My daughter will be having her first birthday by June. Maximum budget will only be 30,000, for a simple party. That means that we have to set aside an additional 5K a month from January to June.

    3. After June, I will attempt to save the same amount of money per month to build up our emergency fund, and once that is fulfilled, the next months' savings will be put into additional investments and paying off debts to my mom (which was incurred because of some emergencies)."

    Joanna V.

  13. It’s 2010 and It’s Time to straighten things out. We’ve experienced many financial bumps last year and thankfully, we have recovered from it all. Unfortunately, we’re yet to face more financial calamities this year so I’ve come up with this four-point financial plan: It’s TIME!

    TRIM DOWN THE EXPENSES: Enough of my partner’s endless escapade for branded thingies and my addiction to pizza and pasta. Once the twins are born, we’ll also revert to using the washing machine instead of having our clothes sent to the laundry shop. Also, I’ll make it a point to turn off the TV the moment I get sleepy. And, as soon as we get a helper, I’ll make sure that we’ll resort to cooking at home rather than buying fast food meals.

    INVEST IN BUSINESSES: We’ve opened this small motor shop last year and since I’m not much into it (My partner takes care of it), I’m thinking about having my own business apart from my full-time job - a small printing business which I can manage. I’ll put my frustration (in graphic design and layout) into profitable use.

    MAKE MORE MONEY: Cutting down on the expenses doesn’t really work if you know that your monthly income doesn’t really fit the cost of living comfortably nowadays. That’s why I have to try to make more money. In addition to the small printing business and I’ll try to take on some extra work during weekends once I can move more after the CS delivery

    ENSURE OUR FUTURE: This year, my baby’s turning one and my twins will be born February. So, I’ve decided that a part of what I make monthly should go straight to the kids’ savings account – about ten percent of what I make or even more.

    - Ellen Joy Castel

  14. my major goal is to provide a good life for my kid so i guess my priority is to ensure she gets a good education. i'm setting up an educational fund for my little girl.

    Karlenma Mendoza

  15. Annually, we always have this financial family meeting. We discuss all the things about money. We make sure that each and every member understands it, esp. my 8 and 6y/o kids.

    These are the conclusions of our meeting:

    a.) My kids is will save thier daily monetary baon. We'll deposit it in the bank monthly.
    b.) Their xmas, bday and other special ocassion monetary gifts are additional savings in their time deposit.
    c.) We'll be targeting a 50% savings from my hubby's padala each month.
    d.)We decided to lessen kiddie events/ activities. Malling is only 1x/ month.
    e.) We decided to dine into fine dining restos only on special ocassions.
    f.) Only important things should be listed in the grocery. Limited budget only. No more additionals :D
    g.) Everything is timed.. aircon, tv, water pump etc. Lessen usage of everything.

    Will not lend money anymore.........!

    I know this will work out :D

    Suzanne delos Santos

  16. My Very Own Short-Term Financial Goals for 2010

    2 - Two means to open 2 bank accounts. One is for savings account for my family's future. This is going to be the emergency fund or the "no tocuh fund". And another account for the business that I will be creating. I will also register it in Paypal.

    0 - Zero is for zero "utang". Bawal umutang at bawal magpautang.

    1 - One stands for One hundred pesos (P100) a day. I will no just open two accounts. Of course, I need to put money in it. After a week, I will place it in the bank so that's P700 a week. One also means one business. I'll start one business which is home transcription.

    0 - Zero means ZERO to compulsiveness and impulsiveness.

    Have you seen the pattern? It's 2010!

  17. My financial goal for 2010:
    1. first and foremost is to pay all my debts allot a portion of my salary for my daughter's bank account
    3. join "ipunan" and "paluwagan" in our company
    4. identify things as to "need" and "wants" before buying
    5. open a special "emergency" bank account
    6. teach my toddler the importance of saving

  18. I want to consider getting a life insurance this year.

  19. My financial goal for 2010 is to open up a savings account intended for putting up a small business in the future.

  20. Now that i moved to our own home (well the bank still owns it), i plan on putting a lot of my extra money to it. no more excessive buying og clothes, makeups etc. i'd rather than i get to have the deed of my place rather than accumulate stuff like last year. :) hehehehehe!

  21. Hello dearies!

    My financial goals for 2010 are:

    1. Pay all debts and wipe the state clean.
    2. Have a little more self control when it comes to buying stuff.
    3. Gauge if it is an immediate need or just an evil want.
    4. Proper budgeting.
    5. No more impulsive shopping!

    My email address is:

  22. for 2010 these are my financial plans - clean the credit slate and save up for home of my own.

    i've always believed in savings and budget, but a foiled investment has changed that. i look back and learn from this fall and little by little move on and start new. to turn things anew, i have learned to invest in something solid. and to merge my plans with what the 'rents approve, i hope to save enough this year to afford a home. and who knows, within the next 365 days, will finally BE WITH mr. right *wink!*

    iamtorque15 at gmail dot com

  23. i hope makahabol ako.
    my financial goal this year is to eliminate cc debts, i have learned from this a lot.
    i also want to save enough to upgrade my mc and my laptop, both of which i use for work to improve my craft, hence improve my earnings.
    bushpipe is at bushpipe*at*yahoo*dot*com