Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eureka Moment: I Can Now Shop at Sephora!

Good Eureka day everyone!!!  I know how some of you like my Eureka Moments.  I enjoy sharing some good finds and exciting treasures!

I remember those days that I would "window shop" at Sephora website!  How I wish I can shop there!  But because of geographical difficulties, all I can do is salivate in front of the screen as I see the deals passing by my very own eyes!  That's when I'm glad that there are smart sellers out there who reads the mind of buyers like us!  I've chanced up a local multiply seller called Maison d'elan House of Flair online store.  I believe we can pre-order anything available at Victoria Secret and Sephora.  There are also some interesting on hand products sold.

Anyways, yours truly got intrigued with the Benefit To Go Beauty Bestseller priced at $10.00 and they sell it for Php715.00 (approx $15.50) + shipping!  Not bad since I get the product faster and I'm sure the product  will get to my hands as compared to getting lost in local post offices!

I wanted to try the famous Posietint for quite some time and I don't want to spend a lot on a full size not knowing if it'll work for me or not. Since the price ain't bad, I gave it a go!  The order came in approximately 2 weeks!  And here's how it was packaged!!!!

Finally! I have my own Benefit to Go Beauty Bestseller!  I can't wait to test them and give you a review as soon as I have the chance to do so!!!  My heart melts when I see sample sizes housed in a very cute packaging.


This set contains:
- 0.08 oz Posietint: A poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain
- 0.06 oz Some Kind-A Gorgeous: The foundation faker
- 0.25 oz That Gal: A brightening face primer
- 0.09 oz High Beam: A luminescent complexion enhancer
The itchy hands tested the Posietint right away!  The shade is really pretty!  No wonder it was raved by many!  


I also got a freebie from the seller!  Thanks for the Hourglass Veil Oil Free Mineral Primer  

I will definitely window shop more at Sephora!  Glad to have a third party seller who helps bring these products! Oh, please do not forget to email the seller on how much they would sell the product plus shipping rate before you place an order!  

Sephora addicts out there, hope this helps!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. yay! I'm glad that you found a seller. I hate it when products are only sold outside the USA

  2. So glad you can shop at Sephora(.com) now! Although you still can't actually touch/feel the product, you can still buy it! :D

    I wanted to get the set too! It was so cheap and such a nice way to sample Benefit products. I was too late though. :(

  3. nice one, nikki! thanks for sharing this!

  4. thanks for sharing this nikki! :) no more waiting on friends and relatives from abroad just to get my sephora fix hahaha :P

  5. wow, such a nice packaging and the products are so adorable. Shall wait for your swatches / review. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You're so lucky my dear!!!
    Nice haul!!

  7. yay!got mine din!hihi. im really excited to try it.will wait for ur review ms nikki. =)

  8. wow!

    they are so cute!

    i bet that they are way cuter up close :)

  9. lucky you!! :D
    i've been eyeing those set! look fwd to your review!

  10. How exciting! Sephora pulled out of the UK so I have to shop in France or the US when I'm there!

  11. wow that's nice! I want one too :)

  12. I'm glad you can now shop at Sephora! The set looks great and the packaging is so cute. Can't wait for your reviews.

  13. Y, It is difficult to purchase from Sephora especially for us down here :) So yay its definitely a Eureka moment

    Maggie, yes, touching and feeling the product is still great, but if you really want something, you do anything! hahah I think they still have the set online :) they ordered a couple to be sent down here :) Check their site na lang :)

    Lanie, no worries, my pleasure

  14. Coffregorge, yes! And the worst? I don't have relatives in the USA, my relatives are in Canada!

    Lavender, yes, will swatch and review them soon!


  15. Makeupbaby, really? yay! enjoy!

    Madelyn, yes, they are super cute!

    hana, check back for reviews in the future!

  16. JC, lucky you, you are one jetsetter so you have the chance to shop in different cities :) Happy Birthday JC!


    Gio, I haven't tried much Benefit product so this is a good start!

    Crystal Gale, thanks

  17. yay!!! im excited for you. I dont trust p.i.'s local post office :/

  18. that's an excellent find! i always ask my mu buddies to buy thing from sephora for me. the spehora in singapore didn't have much to offer when i visisted so i never bother with that place again. but now this has opened up a different access for me too. thanks!

  19. hey not fair. i just checked the site. it's only for your country!

  20. Becky, i hate local post office!!! Even sending stuffs is difficult!

    jojoba, so sorry, it's a local "EUREKA" moment :)


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