Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "The Heat is On" Nails

Happy nail art day!!!  After Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day, I can definitely feel the heat!  Summer's definitely coming!  So my nail art tutorial for this week is inspired by summery colors!  Let's turn on the heat and enjoy the sun!  Don't forget the SPF ok?

Step 1:
Apply base coat prior to 2 coats of your choice of nail polish.  I am using The Nail Fantasy polish no. 66 (glittery peach color)

Step 2:
Create a French tip using Elianto polish in Yellow.

You can stop in this step, apply your favorite top coat and enjoy the bright colored Orange and Yellow combination French Tip! :)


Step 3:
Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in black, create 3 lines going to the directions you are comfortable with.

Step 4:
Using L.A Art Deco in white, create lines between the black strips you've created on Step  3.

Step 5:
Using the same yellow polish you used as French Tip, I've dotted random dots using nail art dotting tool.  How?

Drop several drops of Elianto's Yellow Polish on a used CD

Using a nail art dotting tool, gently apply dots on areas you prefer
You can always be creative on this step

Step 6:
Protect your nail art with OPI's RapiDry Top Coat or any top coat of your choice.

Wave your hands and enjoy the hot combination!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. very nice and creative.. i love it..

  2. Wow that's so creative!
    I love the color combo :D

  3. Hi, Nikki, yey, welcome summer! Could you share where you bought your dotting tool, and do you use nail brushes, too? One blogger (I forgot who) shared that she bought nail brushes, and then a reader of hers commented that those brushes were disposable because the nail polish couldn't be cleaned off after. Would you happen to know where good nail brushes are available in the Philippines and for how much? I realize that's a lot of questions, sorry. ;) Thanks.

  4. very nice! asian na asian ang dating! way cool! :)

  5. oh may goodnesss! i love this super!!! too CUTE!!! i will try this sometime. great Nikki!

  6. Nikki, this is darling, and summery, too! Send us some heat in the States! We have over 1 foot of snow! BRRRR!

    I just found you blog, can't wait to enjoy more!

  7. So cute! Very pretty design! I really do like all your nail arts!

  8. wow!that is so cute!
    love it ms nikki

  9. Love it, it's so pretty and creative! Love the color combination too.

  10. SO CUTE! It reminds me of fireflies in a field or of fireworks!

  11. Thanks everyone!!!

    jo.frougal, I actually sell nail art pens and give the nail art dotting tool for free when purchase 24pcs at I am not a nail art brush user, as you're right, it does dry up the brush and I find it at the end too diffucult to control. I think brushes are great for those acrylics or gels! :)

  12. This is a very cheerful and brilliant design! I like it.

  13. I use that used CD method for my liquid foundation =)

  14. I love this, so summery! I especially love the yellow french tip. I have so many of those nail stripers but I somehow don't use them so much...I stick with Konad coz I'm a klutz with freehand art. lol


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