Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: V-Day Nails - The Last Hurrah!

Valentine's Day definitely talks about romance, lots of flowers and love!  No wonder I didn't have a hard time doing Valentine's Day inspired nails as I'm in love with the theme!  Well not to forget, I am in love :)

I did promise last week's nail art tutorial that it'll be the final red and pink combination for Valentine's Day, but I did not promise to stop doing Valentine's Day nails!  That's where the name came from --- The Last Hurrah!  Definitely the final V-day nails for the year 2010!

I want to make it easy especially there's 2 days away from Heart's Day!

Here's My V-Day Nails ---
The Last Hurrah!


Step 1:
Apply your choice of base coat to protect your nails prior to nail polish application.  Let Dry.
Apply 2 coats of ELF Nail Polish in Champagne. 

Step 2:
Making sure the 2 coats of nail polish are dry, create French Tip using L.A. Colors Art Deco in white or any regular matte white polish.


Step 3:
Using Elianto's glittery polish, brushed on 1 coat of it to create a bit of shimmer and glitter.  You can skip this step if you don't like the shine.

Step 4:
Making sure step 3's polish is dry.  Use a tweezer to stick on the remaining stickers from my previous nail art tutorial, alternating flowers and hearts.


Step 5:
Protect the stickers with your choice of Top Coat.  I am going back to The Face Shop's Top Coat (I'm on my 3rd bottle baby!)


Sit back, relax!  Isn't it nice to have lovely nails with or without a date?


Advance Happy Valentine's Day!
What's your prettifying trick for the Heart's Day?
I'd love to know!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. This look so pretty for Valentines Day! Thanks for sharing, Diva!

  2. Thats such pretty nails! The little hearts looks so cute!

  3. Very dainty, romantic design. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Cuute! Love the hearts hehe. The Champagne shade is pretty too!

  5. I am loving that elf base. REally pretty.

  6. This is a nice, simple and dainty way to spice up your nails for V-day. Lovely

  7. i' always inlove w/your notd's Nikki! super galing mo!

  8. so nice naman!

    it's girly but it's easy

  9. This is so pretty and romantic. Love the hearts!

  10. Sooo cute, Nikki! Now this is something even I could do!

  11. Dwana, thanks, glad you enjoyed this

    Anastacia, I know! The stickers are fab when you're busy or in a hurry!

    jo.frougal , hey! you're welcome!

    e.motion in motion, the ELF Champagne shade is one of my favve!

    T, same here, the ELF base is my fave too!

    Tish, thanks sis!

    Nehs, hey, thanks for the sweet message, you do have great nails yourself!

    Thia, naku ha? Not as nice as your super complicated v day nails :)

    Gio, thanks!

    B, yay! go for it sweetie!

    Lavender, thanks

  12. Hi there! First time here and thanks for the nail art tutorial and the great photos.

    It looks easy enough but I'm afraid I'll mess up the French tip part. Any tips (pardon the pun) for an art duff with shaky hands like me?

  13. KittyCat, hey! welcome! Thanks for the comment and I hope to see more of you! :) Shaky hands? hahaha All i can advise it to practice! :) I've practiced too long for French tip and I got the hang of it just recently! Would you believe I've been trying everysince college? Which was like..hmm..9 yrs ago?

  14. Such cute nails for valentines day! Thankyou for sharing all your gorgeous nail designs and inspiring me to try out different designs myself. Your nails are always gorgeous!

  15. 'chelle, thanks for visiting and thanks for your comment :) I can't wait to check out your nail art :)


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