Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Wonder: "Have You Tried Airbrush Foundation?

Good morning dear friends!  How's the week going?  Me, I find it a bit too slow!  And it's only Humpy Wednesday and it felt like Friday!  Is there a fast forward time machine out there? :)

Speaking of time machine, a lot of my friends are getting married this year and the choices of regular makeup and airbrush makeup are always raised!  I really wish airbrush makeup was readily available back then when I got married!  I've always wanted to try Airbrush makeup myself but since I'm already married and turned out to be a make-up artist, there's no chance for me to try on airbrush makeup let alone have someone apply makeup on me! *self pity*

Not until, one fateful day, when AMW won her own set of Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics Set!

And it has been days I've been testing on Airbrush Foundation.  It is indeed fun!  I'll definitely do an in-depth product review and step-by-step tutorial on how to use GlamBox Airbrush. I have to use this more prior to finalizing my review.  So for now, all I can do is to leave you with a photo, a nude photo *gasp* <--- do not click Report Abuse button please!  hahaha

In the photo below, I've used nothing but GlamBox Foundation in Florence applied using the GlamBox Airbrush.

Which led me to an I Wonder question:
"Have You Tried Airbrush Make-up?"
If yes, do you like it better than regular make-up application?

Oh before I forget, I've had my hair cut shorter months ago by Steph and Jeave *waves hi*  Thanks for my shorter 'do!  I love it! 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. your skin is really flawless. i love it! i haven't tried airbrush foundation but i have seen it on other people at sephora. its so nice! temptu is really's just so expensive for me.

  2. oh i saw your comment on neeyuh's blog about lush...beware! you might get addicted if you go there! if you do make it there try big blue bath bomb and honey i washed the kids soap.

  3. you're skin is really nice, nikki! i wish my face would stop breaking out. and congratulations again on winning.. :)


  4. Looking airbrushed! :D Would be fun to see how you use it. I'd like to have it done on me but I don't think I'd ever be able to air brush anything on myself. BTW You're right. It feels like Friday and its just only Wednesday! Argh!

  5. nice skin nikki. i love your new hair do!

  6. Congrats on winning. I sure would love to get my hands on airbrush equipment. :-)

  7. congrats on your fab win! can't wait to find out if YOU think airbrushing is better than regular fdtn application!

  8. you're so lucky Nikki! cant wait for your full review!

  9. Aww! I so don't want this weekend. That will be new year in here. Hate that dates!

    Airbrushing getting very popular now. You're lucky to have own.

  10. Hi, thanks for the post!
    I've been using SK-II air touch foundation, and really love it. I think it's one of the best foundation i've ever tried. The spray application gives a nice flawless loss, with a little bit of glow.

  11. Talk about a flawless finish! I think airbrush foundation is the way to go - if only they'd cost less. Can't wait to try it!

  12. i want to have an airbrush set too. i tried it once and it's nice nga. very even yet doesn't look thick.

  13. Rjs mamas, I am quite lucky that day :)

    Jensmakeupbag, thank you sweetie, it actually looks very natural and if I want heavier coverage, I guess I have to redo the step over and over again :) I've actually tried LUSH way back, but it melts so fast! hahaha

    Jheng sis,thank you for the compliment, and thannks for the well wishes! I have a feeling you'll own your own airbrush set someday!

  14. PB, I may give a photo tut on how I apply my airbrush foundation :) Gosh, I am too tired and it's only Thursday tomorrow!

    Lelila, thank you! Thanks for loving the hair too!

    Liza! :) Goodluck!

  15. yummy411, hmm..for now, I still prefer regular makeup application for myself, but airbrush is something nice on special occasion, or as makeup artist, maybe if I have to put on makeup to a lot of people! :)

    Khymm, wait and see :)

    Anastacia, why do you hate new year? :)

  16. Penelope, oh yeah I've read about the SK-II Air touch foundation, how was it? Glad you like it!

    Yani, yes, they do cost quite a lot for the professional ones, I'm glad this one is cheaper and comes in handy

    Crystal, someday, you will who knows :)

  17. Congrats on winning! I've never tried airbrush makeup, but I'd love to. Your skin looks flawless!

  18. I've never tried airbrushed foundation, but would like to try it out. It just seems like more work than the typical foundation!

  19. love the hair ate nikki :)

    haven't tried airbrushed makeup before..but my mom did,once when she became a ninang for her client's wedding. at first it looked okay, but the color oxidized on her and she looked orange..-_-

  20. Gio, trust me, my skin isn't flawless :)

    Fab Beauty, it is indeed more work especially the cleaning part :) hehehe

    mie, thanks sis! I enjoyed the shorter hair too, I've had long hair for so long :) sorry about your mom turning orange, probably the foundation didn't work on her skin!


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