Friday, March 26, 2010

AMW Reports: Discover the Hollywood Secret at The Spa

The mere word reminded me of the "unreachable", living the life of total beauty and glamor.  Beauty treatments are readily available as the demand calls for it.  But one treatment has been raved by so many and here are just some of their testimonials.
"I love the treatments, so does my face!" --- Madonna
"The treatments are a necessity before every major event." --- Eva Longoria
"I use this skin treatment to hydrate my skin and give me that fresh, well slept glowing look before any performance or appearance" --- Katy Perry
"I am in the business of beauty and perfection and this is the ultimate secret weapon." --- John Galliano, Fashion Designer, Christian Dior

Intriguing right?  I, together with some of the beauty bloggers were invited by THE SPA to take a sneak peak on what the celebrities have been raving about!  To "Discover the Hollywood Secret" is the theme of the event.  Perfect!  I love secrets!  And I spill the secrets on beauty to my readers!

As I got into Crustacia at Powerplant Mall, an area was covered and a table of products immediately caught my attention.   Products from Intraceuticals Infusion.  Too medical for my regular brain! :D

An Intraceuticals Infusion is an all natural, non-invasive treatment that simultaneously infuses moisture, vitamins and antioxidants into the deeper layers of the skin via therapeutic grade topical hyperbaric oxygen creating visible age-defying results you can immediately see and feel.
This combination of pressured oxygen and specialized serums promotes superior dermal hydration, neutralizes free radicals, stimulates collagen and elastin production and supports healthy cell growth, all in all contributing to youthful, healthy, vibrant skin.

  • Rejuvenate Infusion for Age Defying
  • Opulence Infusion for Brightening 
  • Atoxelene Infusion for Wrinkle and Line Smoothing
All 3 products above are used together with the  Oxygen machine in which they named it Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology (H.O.T.) 
The Company has also developed a complementary line of skin care products called Essential Home Care to prolong the results of an Intraceuticals Infusion and designed for total product synergy.

Ms. Emily Sia-Koa, the Marketing Executive of The Spa, conveniently volunteered me to be their model for the night! (such a lovely girl who's got an energy of an energizer bunny).  It was a bit stressful at first as I've never done any treatment in front of a crowd!  I can be shy at times you know! *winks*  I didn't eat much as the mere thought of having a crowd taking a peek on my face during and after treatment scare the bejeebers out of me!

Before they start the oxygen therapy, I was introduced to the CEO/Senior O2 Therapist Dr. Lorenzo A. Mata Jr. to evaluate my skin.  Spot on to my skin problems.  He talks about my dark undereye circles (due to late nights), some lines around my eye area (signs of aging? *sigh*) and minor pigmentation on my right cheek (due to the harsh sun)

And let's start the Oxygen therapy!  I am so ready!  

As my skin was being prepped, I was all ears listening to the presentation wonderfully done by The Spa's Marketing Associate Ms. Jo Vicencio.  I learned that this treatment fits for all skin types.  It helps increase the skin's moisture levels and effectively targets dry, dehydrated, prematurely aging, sensitive or stressed skin and addresses fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation and uneven texture and tone.  All are major skin problems men and women suffers.  In a treatment of 40-60 minutes, I was told to expect plumped, tightened and lifted skin with visibly reduced wrinkles and pigmentation.  Yay right?  That got me really excited!

The treatment was very soothing and calming and seriously painless!  I am trying so hard not to fall asleep. 

Half of my face was done to show the world the instant effect of the treatment! *shudders*  As seen on photo below, everyone gushed on the lesser puffiness on my right eye (left on photo).  If you could reach out and touch my skin, it does feel like a baby's bum!  I should also add that prior to this treatment, I had a dry, flaky patch on my lower right cheek and it was gone right after the treatment up until the very moment I am writing this post.

This treatment was said to be proven safe and this is the only treatment that you can go to the areas not only around the eye but also on the eye area itself.  My skin looks shiny because of the moisturizer applied right after the treatment!  It absorbs to the skin right after.  Oh yes, I was told that you can apply makeup right after! 

As the result is immediate and visible in just one treatment, it is still advisable to continue the treatment up to 6 sessions of repeated infusion as recommended by Dr. Mata.  There will also maintenance treatment to prolong the result.  Of course, the individuals' lifestyle will always play a very important role for results.  Better say goodbye to the three S's --- Stress, Sleep-deprivation and Sun Exposure!

L-R Shen, Sab, Teeyah, Jamie and myself

Overall, it was a wonderful treatment, I've never felt my skin so rejuvenated  in my entire life!  And the great thing about this is that, the Hollywood Secret was finally brought down to our country.  We don't have to be in Hollywood, we do not need to sing "Material Girl" gazillion times hoping to turn into Madonna. (A little birdie told me Madonna bought 3 machines on all 3 homes as she's in love with this treatment!)

Scared of the treatment rate?  I was told that The Spa is trying to tie up with credit card companies so women can enjoy this luxurious service at staggard payment 0% interest!  Let's cross our fingers this will push through so  more and more women can enjoy this wonderful service!  I will definitely keep you updated!

Again, the Oxygen treatment is now available at The Spa, Acropolis branch.  You can give them a call or visit them to ask them about the treatment and rates.

The Spa Acropolis
Acropolis Center, Acropolis Green Subdivision
80 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, QC
Tel. nos.: 634-2848 / 634-2709 / 0918-8-THESPA

Serious stuffs right?
Well we should always get serious with anything related to our skin!
Have a wonderful Friday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(note from the author: I did not get paid or receive any form or kind of payment to write this post.  This is reported by me base on my own personal experience.)


  1. yay! i can see the difference!
    i wonder how much is their rates for infusion. Would love to try this. Thank you for posting nikki! :)

  2. grabe ang laki tlga ng change. Do you have any idea how much it is? I'm intrigued!

  3. Difference is very noticeable, especially sa eye area, galing! =D
    I hope kaya ng budget. LOL.

    BTW, Teeyah told me about this event, but too late na, sayang, would have loved to meet you girls! =D

  4. You are so lucky, I didn't know if we have oxygen therapy in Australia but I will try to search if we have it, I think it's worth trying it.

  5. Bea, you can call them and check the rates! Because I am really not sure :)

    Vanessa, do give them a call, I've written the number, I can't really tell as it really depends on the products they use on your face

    Dang, I know! We should meet up next time!

    Dennipep, I think they have it! I've read a couple of press releases, I think even in Sydney :)

  6. You have such a nice skin =) I love how flawless your skin is :)

  7. Another glam beauty experience!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. So nice to see you again, Nikki :) I'll post our photo in my blog din ha? Mwah!

  9. Iyah, thanks sweetie

    JC, I know! I've been attending a couple of great events this month and I am really grateful!

    Teeyah, sure! go ahead! that's why I did not watermark them, para you can grab them :)


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