Friday, March 12, 2010

AMW Reviews: Coffret D'Or Fluffy Shine Eyes

My first Coffret D'or ever!  Coffret D'or is under the huge Japanese brand Kanebo.  Kaneba isn't a stranger to me, my first liquid liner that I bought prior to my engagement party is from Kanebo and I love it to bits. 

I want to thank my dearest friend for sending me this on my birthday!  I have always wanted to try this.


Coffret D'Or Fluffy Shine Eyes says ---
An eyeshadow which gives your eyes the 3D effect with its brilliant quality color.

Available in 5 shades
01 white
02 pink
03 gold
04 blue green
05 purple

AMW says ---

  • wonderful, luxurious packaging
  • very light on skin
  • dries up easily
  • easy to blend
  • does not crease
  • works great as a base, can make your powdered shadow more vibrant
  • no weird scent

  • have to dip the product with your fingers, using a brush won't work due to its texture
  • the shade is quite sheer so you have to build up the intensity
  • some of the shimmer can transfer to other parts of your face
  • looks very very shiny on flash camera
  • not readily available
Base on research and further readings, the Coffre D'Or Fluffy Shine Eyes was released Autumn of 2008.  Only 5 shades were released with "Pure Shine Pearls" which gives your eyeshadow a 3D effect depending on which angle you are looking at.  Personally, I've seen a lot of similar packaging and concept from different Japanese and Korean brands.  I admit, the packaging, the concept looks luxurious and I want to own it for the sake of having an aesthetically gorgeous product on top of my makeup table!  

My final thoughts after using one, this is a great product if you are someone who likes shimmery eyeshadow.  This products works alone and as an eyeshadow base to intensify your boring powder eyeshadow.  The mousse-y texture makes it easy to blend and it dries up almost instantly!  

The only problem is that, this was released a long time ago, I've done some research and seen ebay or some online sellers selling them but the prices are jacked up to $30 above and the retail price of this is only around $10-$15.  

If you have someone to swap with, then go for it.  To go through all the trouble to find this and pay for the high price?  Not worth it.

  • apply a similar shade of eyeshadow on top of this fluffy shine eyes to lessen the shimmer and intensify eyeshadow color, making it 3 dimensional
  • use your clean fingers to gently apply this all over your lids
  • always close the cap tightly after use
  • if you want a sheer shade, gently blend out with short strokes
  • press down the product directly onto the lid for a more pigmented shade
Will I repurchase?
No, I think this one pot is enough, I think this will dry up on me before I finish this up.

Where to purchase and how much?
I haven't checked local Kanebo counters, but online for approx $30.00+ (approx Php1,300+)

Coffret D'Or Fluffy Shine Eyes in 05 
The shade is purple with a bit of bluish undertone.  This works well as a base for my purple eyeshadow and even pinks!  I like applying this just on my crease area not going beyond the lid for a nice "shimmer" everytime I blink! 


 05 Purple on pot on swatched on hand without flash

  05 Purple on pot on swatched on hand with flash


You can't blame me for falling in love with this!  Bling blings are girls' bestfriend!  
Have you tried this?  Or similar concept eyeshadow like these?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. pretty! It reminds me of MAC kitchmas pigment! And I nominatd you for a blog award!

  2. that reminds me of my shiseido HP cream to powder shadows. but you are right, there is no point to repurchase such products as they tend to dry up before used. but having said that, I had repurchased shiseido white gold as i really used them. that's when i didn't use that much makeup. everything got used!

    those were the days. lol

    beautiful lilac! it's one of my favourite colours for eyes.

    ps: i can tell you that no matter how busy i am, i need to read your blog DAILY. coming from a busy and sometimes lazy blogger, this is my highest compliment for you! :)

  3. Ooh, looks like Jill Stuart's Eye Jellies!

  4. i heard their lip products, especially the gloss, are fab grabs too. need to cave in to this line someday hehe.

    how are you btw sweetie?

    also, please support my ongoing contest. :)

    take care and God Bless always! ;)

  5. Looks very shine and it's not creasing! Yay! Great stuff!

  6. *can't open eyes* love the bling! the jar can easily jazz up any boring dressing table!

  7. the jar looks really cute. I was interested in this product once but I was totally put off by the dried up testers at the counter.
    I don't think I've tried any mousse eyeshadows. I usually go for cream. Paul & Joe has a liquid one that I quite like though :)

  8. Jill Stuart Eye Jellies is that you?! haha, ooh I'm picking up Jill Stuart eye jelly, lipstick, benefit bronzer/highlighter and a japanese magazine at Wang Lai's Mart today! <3

  9. lovely iridescent color! I'm using Maybelline's mousse eyeshadow or Lancome color dose as my eye base now..

  10. I've never tried any mousse-y eyeshadows. This sounds intriguing and the color is so pretty!

  11. I'd love to see you do a look with this color :)

  12. I have the Blue Green, and the fluffy texture is wonderful! I use my as a base under powdered shadows.

  13. Wow, it is sparkling something serious and I like it. Hope to see a look with you using this soon. :) Feel the pressure? LOL!

  14. Love the shadows...the color and the luster...make the eye look so beautiful specially in the evenings.Thanks for helping us with so many make up tips here.

  15. they're actually not cheap. it sells ¥2100 with tax but yes they're pretty


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