Thursday, March 11, 2010

AMW Reviews: TBS Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush

Happy morning everyone!
I like how the world is becoming such a "hi-tech" place!  From computers to cameras to mobile phones to cars and now...make-up!  There's oscillating mascaras, oscillating foundation, heated lash curler and there is such thing as Stamping Blush!

The event from The Body Shop that I recently attended, one "hi-tech" product (in my dictionary) caught my eye and I was too excited to bring it home and try it!  It's The Body Shop's Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush!

TBS Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush says ---

Give cheeks a radiant, rosy tint of colour in an instant, thanks to the innovative blush tamp, easily portable for make-up application 'on the go'.  The sponge applicator is coated in the pressed powder so it can be applied lightly to the cheeks for a fresh -faced glow.  Cheeks look like they have been gently pinched by Mother Nature. 

Available in two delectable shades --- 
Limited Edition 01 Vibrant Rose and 02 Golden Coral

 **photo courtesy of TBS

The blush is stylishly presented in a fresh white pack with a handy mirror for making-up on the move.  To help care for skin, the Cheeks Blush features moisturizing Community Trade sesame seed oil and Community Trade Brazil nut oil.
AMW says ---

  • convenient to use, non-messy
  • blush color is very pigmented
  • I love it that the key ingredients include brazil nut oil and sesame oil, both helps soften and moisturizes the skin!  Makeup that keeps your face healthy! 
  • easy to apply using the stamping method or even using your favorite blush brush
  • a little goes a long way
  • cute packaging
  • the tiny mirror that goes with the packaging!
  • has a faint "stationary" scent
  • gives a nice natural glow, not too bright or over the top
  • blush stays approximately 5-6 hours without cream blush, no retouch, which is actually impressive and good enough for a powder blush!
  • cannot wash or disinfect the "stamping pad"
  • the mirror is a fab idea but after carrying this around your kit, the mirror gets blurry because of scratches
  • a bit pricey to some who doesn't have the budget
  • limited edition!  What if I want to repurchase???
I know this idea isn't new, but an innovative blush WITH the added care for the skin is definitely a better choice for cosmetics!  The Body Shop has always been a skincare brand for me so I don't have high expectations when it comes to their makeup line. This definitely came as a wonderful surprise!  The Body Shop Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush is definitely a must for women on the go! 

The color I chose Vibrant Pink is a very subtle light pink shade when applied lightly creates a naturally flush that comes from within.  This is definitely a great addition to  my "daily natural look". 

from TBS make-up artist
  • softly smile, then press Kiss of Colour onto the apples of your cheeks.
  • using either your fingers or blusher brush, blend up and along your cheekbones

from AMW
  • to create a very subtle blush, stamp onto the apples of your cheeks gently and spread upwards
  • to intensify the blush color, press the stamp further down (you can feel the spring pushed downward) and the color is more pigmented and gently blend outward and upward.
  • if you prefer using your fingers to spread the color, make sure your fingers are clean
  • apply a similar shade of cream blush prior to stamping for more intense blush shade and to make the blush color stays longer
  • use a hot pink lipstick with this blush!  Barbie doll inspired look!
  • less is always more
  • applied too much?  Use your favorite powder foundation and brush it on top of the blush to lessen the color

Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I want the 02 Golden Coral shade before it runs out!

Where to purchase and how much?
At local Body Shop stores for Php1,395 (approx $29.60)

Press and create a dot on each cheek
Please blend and do not leave looking like this! *hahaha*

Spread the color using your favorite kabuki brush or blush brush
This was the "Summer Ready" look I've done early this week 
using TBS Colour Cheek Blush in Vibrant Pink

Hope my cheeky smile makes your day a happy one!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. LOL I almost thought you actually wore it like that, then I read the caption. xD

    It's so pretty! It looks lovely on you. I love pink blushes. Too bad it's a little pricey. :(

  2. Haha, you caught me on the first pic ah.. It really made my day!

  3. any blush color looks good on you =) waaah, i want that too!

  4. Haha I love how you said please blend and do not leave looking like this! You look cute though wearing it like that! :P

    I'm lemming this but am waiting to see if The Body Shop has any promos or sales first :)

  5. This is such a cute product!! :D But then again im paranoid about germs breeding in the sponge, and since we can't wash it, i think i'll skip!!

    But i'll have to say that i really want it though!! hahaha!! :D

    And oh, you look totally adorable with the two pink dots on your cheeks!! hehehe!! :D

  6. wow.. thanks for the tips.. I'm sure gonna find this in The Body Shop Malaysia..Hope the packaging looks cute..

  7. it is just my etude house cheek colour. lol
    your first pic (of yourself with two pink stamps) made me choke on my lunch.



  8. in old korean traditions they would put red dot stickers on the cheeks...thats what the picture reminded me of XD but sooo cute nikki :)

    I really wanted to buy it for myself, but the price did stop me. I'm hoping they will still be there when the do their clearance sale...or hopefully if they have another decent sale before then :)

  9. Hehehe, cute.

    Lorac, Etude House and Dior are some brands I know that have done cheek stampers like this before. =)

  10. the packaging looks like Lorac's stamp blush! the unblended blush looks so cute haha

  11. That's such a cool blush from The Body Shop!

  12. awwww u look so cute nikki! *pinch pinch*

  13. So cool! I loved the first pic - completely burst into laughs!

  14. hehehe,your first pic really is FTW!:)) I thought it'll be the trend in blush-on before reading the caption:D Looks cute! But yeah, I agree w/ some people here its a bit pricey.

  15. Such lovely blush! This pinky cheeks looks so cute!

  16. love the pictures nikki :)
    ive seen this kind of packaging in japanese brand :D but Im not sure whether I will like it or not :p

  17. I'm really curious to try this. The shade is so pretty and looks great on you!

  18. ang nice naman. too bad it's quite pricey :)

  19. ahh, excellant! I was hoping for someone to review the Vibrant Pink colour. It looks great on you! Think I will have to get it..

  20. lookin' good nikki! thanks for the cute review and super cute pics!

  21. Oooohh.. Lovely! ^^ when it's launched here in Indonesia, I'll be the one who grab it fast! ;)

  22. the blush looks really cute! i haven't seen any at here...

  23. Maggie, it'll be fun if I actually wore it like that!!! Would you? hehehe

    Simply Effortless, I'm glad my crazy li'l dot dot cheeks made your day! :) hope I made it good!

    Abby, thanks for the compliment, I actually chose this shade over coral because I've always wanted pink cheeks!

  24. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ', thanks sweetie, so true, TBS always have promos and discounts, so do wait!

    Jenn, hahaha well, I am one paranoid girl too! I make sure to use it on my own cheeks Sorry! NO SHARING this time!

    -AnGiEpInK-, goodluck in finding them! I'm sure they'll arrive there!

  25. jojoba, sweetie! I know what you mean, so many dupes! I hope you were able to continue your lunch after laughing so hard? Don't want you to lose weight because of me! *winks*

    Rasilla, yes yes! You're right, I remembered those Korean series I've watched and they had this red dot on their cheeks! Oh yeah, for limited edition stuffs, they usually don't go on sale huh?

    Catherine, thanks!Yes, I'm sure I've seen this packaging around!

  26. Khymm, I haven't seen the Lorac's one!

    Ally, so true!

    Xin, no pinching sister! hahahhaa

  27. Tanveer Parmar, hahahaha should that be taken as compliment or should I start moping? hehehehe

    Thinay, I hope it can be a trend, I think I'm already crazy enough to post that pix to show to the world!

    ☆Anastacia☆ thanks

  28. Hana, yes, Japanese and Korean made it first , I don't know which among them though

    Gio, thanks

    Crystal, it is indeed, alam mo naman pag limited edition, you gotta have them if you want them or else...

  29. Penelope, thanks for the comment!

    Mona, no worries, always my pleasure!

    Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ :) Goodluck!

    Dina, thanks


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