Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ensembles Summer Campaign

(note: all photos in this post from Ensembles)

Dear Philippine Readers:

It's the time of year again when all we think about is packing our bags and heading to warm weather summer destinations.  ENSEMBLES Summer Collection fulfills your vacation fantasy and its sleek sophistication and comfort.  The collection features light textured fabrics with matching summer bathing suit.  Highlighted in this collection are beautifully cut dresses, bathing suits and cover-ups perfect to make statement in any vacation destination.

This outfit screams Nikki!

I want her shoes!!!

A new collection from one of my favorite clothing brand Ensembles.  I am happy they chose Ms. Carmina Villaroel to be their image model.  She's the perfect example of a woman I look up to!  A bubbly girl with all the right kind of personality.  A great host, model, actress and best of all?  A loving mom to her twins! 

Here's my favorite candid shot of her....

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I'm definitely checking out the stores over the weekend
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. <3 Carmina's gorgeous! hhaha She's one of my faves.

  2. super ganda ni Carmina dito, i love the hair! wish my hair is like that.

  3. nice carmina v shots they have..i like carmina as well,she's very attractive,and doesnt look her age,i love that she's a hands on mom even if she's somewhat busy as an actress..and talk about the dress!!!never worn that kind of dress but im open for new stuffs haha

  4. that model is a mom?? *shock*...I love the dress pattern in the 3rd pic though... :D

  5. Shexilicious, wow! You're a fan too :) I like her too! So cute

    Nehs, I know! I love her hair and the color of her hair too!

    Shobe, I know! I love the fact that she's a mom with such great kid-like personality

    Bee, yup yup yup! and not to mention, TWINS!!!


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