Wednesday, March 10, 2010

AMW Reports: The First Dollface Personal Makeup Workshop

Last February 20, 2010 marked a very memorable day for me!  I was invited to be the instructor for The First Dollface Personal Makeup Workshop by none other than Ms. Pearl of  Dollface herself!  It was weeks of planning, YM meetings, back and forth emails and the day finally arrived. I arrived half an hour early and it was great to meet Pearl in person for the first time!  I also met her lovely sister May.  While waiting for the rest of the students to arrive, we've chatted a bit and decided to take a photo.

L-R May, Pearl and Nikki

The workshop is from 10:00am til 5:00pm, I thought this will be a gruesomely tiring day, but boy was I wrong!  It was heart pumping, over-the-top "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" day for me!

The workshop started with talks about Basic skincare, different skintypes and skin problems was raised and it was a room of oilies, normal, combination and dry skin!  Yes, we have them all in one room!

The next topic includes Makeup Tools and their uses.  Then Cleansing Makeup Tools with a live demonstration was done too!

Choosing the right foundation shade is the next big thing!  The students did admit that it is very difficult to purchase their own foundation shade.  So there's live demonstration on how to test foundation testers and a lot of tips to save your hard earned money.

Watching the students use their own foundation with the right tools 
and application techniques put a huge smile on my face

Color correcting using colored concealers from green, orange, purple etc...  I love how they are very conscious with areas they would like to conceal.  Common questions like how to hide zits, acne scars, undereye circles were raised in this workshop.

Students trying out color correcting, foundation application and concealing

Let's not forget one of the most important basic makeup application, brow shaping!  For me, there's no perfect eyebrow for everyone!  Eyebrow shaping has to be done with sensitivity on the facial features, the characteristics and preference of each individual.  Removing unwanted hairs, using the right tools and trimming long eyebrows are all included in this lesson. See how intense the class is?  *hahaha*

Then it was the students' turn to reshape and fill in their brows to frame their faces before they start eye makeup application.  Of course, there's also me as the "third person's point of view" to guide them too!

Contouring won't be missed on any makeup workshop!  Thanks to Pearl for bringing her projector as it was easier to discuss facial shapes with the dear hubby manually clicking on the next photos!

Live demonstration on how to contour facial shapes and even the nose!

No Makeup Look

Simple Smokey Eyes
Each student was given the chance to create their own smokey eyes with any shade they want

Last but not the least, false lashes application!  Everyone "almost" moaned when they heard about applying false lashes on their own!  It was a challenging task but one student did it successfully!

A group picture with the students and Pearl

I want to thank Dollface for the trust on my teaching capacity and makeup knowledge.  To May, her sister, for helping out and for being such a sweetheart!  Kallfood for the wonderful lunch and snacks (I swore I added pounds on that day).  To Ms. Cats Del Rosario for the wonderful venue and for dropping by for a chat.  To Keith, my dearest hubby and photographer for being patient and very supportive!  Would you believe the students want me to apply foundation on him too?  Of course I didn't!  hahaha

And to all the wonderful students who continuously ask questions and shared information and laughed on my jokes which made the class a wonderful and successful event.  Without each and every one of you, this workshop won't happen!

That's no Oscar speech by the way, it came from my heart :D

It was a full day's hard work but worth all the time and effort!  An added bonus, I've met a couple more new friends too! Aaaahh for the love of beauty...both in and out!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. Congratulations for a successful event. Wonder when the next session will be? :-)

  2. it seems that you like teaching :p

  3. I hope to be present on your next makeup workshop :)

  4. That was totally fun! i was hoping to join the event but unfortunately i didn't.will look forward to another event.congrats to you and to the students who did their best! great job guys :)

  5. wow.. great job.. congratulation to you..

  6. sis!!!! are u anytime going to conduct a workshop in malaysia too? i would love to attend yours!

  7. I echo Xin!! I'll LOVE to attend your workshop!! Hehehe!! :D

    Looks like everyone did have a fantastic time of learning and sharing, so don't worry, i'm sure you did a swell job!! :D

  8. Congrats to you and pearl what a big success :)

  9. Congratulations, Nikki!!! You look every inch the professional and I'm sure the students benefited from your expertise -- it's quite apparent in their class picture. You brought out the beauty queens in them.

  10. Congrats nikki! Good job! Seems you had a lot of fun, how I wish I live in Manila =)
    my makeup artist friend is also organizing a makeup workshop here in cebu, hopefully I'll be able to attend coz I really want to learn more on how to properly apply makeup (for shoots)

  11. way to go ate nikki! galing galing! :) sana taga manila rin ako para nag attend ako!

  12. Seems like it was fun and you all had a great time primping and prettifying each other. :P

  13. Congratulations girl! Looks like a lot of fun but to be honest, I was looking at your nails more! lol pretty!

  14. Aww, HOW FUN!!!

    You look absolutely fabulous, btw - I love that purple of your dress!

  15. wow!congrats ms nikki,sana Im from Manila =( tsk tsk.

  16. It looks really fun there! I wish I could attend this workshop too :D

  17. Congrats Nikki! You did a great job! Looks like the event was loads of fun!

  18. Seems you spent a great day! you looks gorgeous Nikki!

  19. What an exciting event!! Well done, Nikki!!

  20. I owe the huge success of this workshop to you Nikki! Even Cats was pleasantly surprised with how busy the students were. You are just born a teacher and you make everything sound so easy. I cant wait to do the next one with you again! And more chitchats with Keith of course hehe. Thanks again :)

  21. OH wow!!! This is amazing!! I wish I could attend, you are such an inspiration : )

  22. Thanks girls, there will be a second one coming but not too soon, I will be excited to meet more people! Thanks for all the compliments and confidence in me! You girls ROCK!


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