Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eureka Moment: Disposable Mascara Wands


When I started doing makeup for other people, I told myself I will be a neat freak!  Hygiene will always be top priority for me!

Disposable sponges - Check! 
Disposable spatulas - Check!
Brush cleansers - Check!
Cotton Buds to apply lip gloss - Check!
Alcohol to sanitize my tools - Check!

But when it comes to mascaras, I find it a bit difficult to maintain hygiene because I cannot purchase a new mascara tube for each client! I wish I could!  But I'll be the poorest makeup artist ever!

I've seen disposable wands available in some cosmetic counters or even Sally Beauty supply website in the U.S.!  I've even tried asking cosmetic counters' SA to sell those disposable wands to me but I guess I'm not cute enough to be able to sweet talk them!  *hmph*  That's why when Pearl of Dollface Cosmetics told me she will be selling disposable wands, I am doing semi-cartwheels (as I can't do them anymore, signs of old age...sniffs) at the back of my head!  I try not to sound too excited!  But I actually am!!!

Finally!  Someone heard my wish!
Now should I start wishing on winning the lottery? *laughs*

I use this not only as disposable mascara wands for clients, but I use them personally to brush my brows after brow powder application.  I also use this wand to separate the clumps from mascara application.  For clients, I throw them out after each usage but for personal use, well, cheapo AMW rear its ugly head, I, wash them and reuse them because the bristles are actually made with good quality and bristles are firm even after several washes!

Up close on the bristles


The length is just right, the easy grip plastic handle is firm enough and it doesn't break easily.


Length is approximately 10 cm


24pcs of disposable mascara wands costs Php250.00 (approx $5.43) available at Dollface Cosmetics.
Not bad!  Php10.00 (approx $2.00) per piece compared to purchasing a new mascara for each client!  Love the savings!!!

Do you think you need  disposable mascara wands?
What other disposable stuffs you think we need to have?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. LOL really? I actually just take them from Sephora, kohls, and other beauty places. I try to just take a whole ton and look like I'm trying stuff out LOL.

  2. @Y lol I used to do the same thing. I'd also have my sister grab a few as well.

    I never thought of washing my wands


  3. I think Ellana also have that.

  4. i smiled about doing the cart wheel haha.

    i just grab those from the MAC counter in shang if they have it on stock haha

  5. If I'm a makeup artist like you, then I think it's a must. Eye is very sensitive, and I for one, always gets eye irritations. =,( You're such a responsible guru, I hope I can afford you when and IF I get married! Hehe.

  6. yah i've seen this too! i haven't bought though. i plan to buy some although i also want this sort of stiff fan brush from MAC. application for mascara is very nice. that's what my teacher in basement used. and then you wash it out after each use :P

  7. i usually wash the old mascara wand to brush my brow and my lashes..sometimes they tangle :P not like they are alot, but they do tangle.

  8. LOL Nikki, you are so cute. These are available at all kinds of beauty supply stores and on ebay. =P

  9. the size is so cute! I have seen them on MAC's counter but I never seen anyone selling them around before. Thanks for sharing! =)

  10. this is a MUST have for makeup artists, since its really not hygenic to share mascaras! =) thanks for sharing..

  11. disposable mascara wands are the bomb! they're certainly very handy :)

  12. Thanks for sharing. I think disposable mascara wands are very handy and essentials for makeup artists. :)

  13. Super Like! :D

    This is really convenient for make-up artists! And for fixing mascara clumps. I just wish these are available at store counters -__-

  14. I can be cheapo too as long as it's still hygiene, so it's excusable lolz.. i think we have this as well in indo...

  15. hi nikki, you can purchase disposable lipgloss wands from ellana, it's 50 pesos for 8 wands :)

  16. This is awesome! I can only imagine the trouble you had to go through regarding multiple mascara uses. Glad you found a disposable mascara brand that works for you.

  17. Y, lucky you! Even our local counters down here do not offer those mascara wands!

    Makeup by Kim Porter, hahahhaa once, I had my dad-in-law grabbed some at a Duty Free shop! It was embarrassingly FUNNY!

    Simply Effortless, thanks for sharing more purchasing power options!

  18. Lelila, I know MAC has them, but I'm shy eh! heheheh

    ☆Anastacia☆ definitely :)

    Dang, I know! I am very sensitive with the needs of my clients, I do have sensitive skin and eyes too, so I'd appreciate it if my makeup artist would do the same! Thanks sweetie! And yes, I am actually cheap! So you can afford me! plus friend discount pa! hahahha

  19. Crystal , oh yes, I know about that brush, haven't bought it yet! :) I am happy with mascara wands kc :) hehhe

    Xin, that's a great idea too!

    Catherine, well, sad to say, we don't have beauty stores who sells these and I do plan to purchase them on ebay but for the hassle of picking it up at postal offices and paying custom fees, its not worth it! :)

  20. Sue, no worries, my pleasure

    Khymm, no worries, my pleasure to share my find!

    Connie, I know!!!! High five to both of us for thinking these are God's great creations Hahahha

  21. Gio, my pleasure

    DianeShishio, so true, rather than ordering them online right?

    Hana, same here, i reuse it for myself! but never for clients!

  22. Micah, thanks for sharing , that's my next hunt, disposable lipgloss wands! :) Such useful info.

    Yumeko, thanks dear! welcome back to HK!!!

    All Women Stalker, yes, its embarrasing, I used to wipe the mascara wand!

  23. wow! this is really interesting. I was intrigued by how M.A.C has disposable lipgloss brush. Never knew mascaras would have disposables too!

  24. Yep, these are must-haves for make-up artists. I have one in my kit for when I do friends' faces. :)

  25. Jyoan, ooohh, I've seen the disposable mascara wands first on CLinique counters in Duty Free shops! :) I'm sure there will be more "disposable" stuffs in the future

    B, yes! same here!

  26. Haha, dibale, if I don't get married, madami naman akong friends who will get married. I can still get a chance to get prettified by you! =D


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