Monday, March 8, 2010

AMW Version: "Summer Ready" Look

Happy Monday!!! For a change, my  Monday post will be a bit different!  It's the AMW Version once again!!!  I can't remember the last look I've posted, people who knew me personally knows how hard it was for me to do these looks on those months that things aren't that good.  Let's just say, I am one good example that whatever problems you are having right now, no matter how heavy it is, you know you'll survive it!  No problems can kill you as long as you don't let them rule your life! :)  Now that's a positive way to start the week right?

So here we go!  I missed doing this!  I've created a Summer-Ready look!  I wanted a look that's fresh and perfect for both day and night! 

 Here's my super "on-hiatus" eye! *hahaha*


AMW Diagram!


Step 1:
Choose your preferred eyeshadow base or primer.  Since I am testing this new product I bought, I am using ELF Eyelid Primer.

Using an eyeshadow brush, pat on the inner thirds of the eye with Stila's Kitten eyeshadow.


Step 2:
Using an eyeshadow blending brush, I used 72 pcs palette's shimmery reddish brown eyeshadow and gently blend it on the outer corner and above the crease area.  Blending to remove harsh lines.


Step 3:
Using a smaller crease brush, applied deep chocolate brown e/s from the same palette on the outer-v of the eyes to deepen the crease.


Step 4:
Using a bigger fluffy eyeshadow brush, I've used a matte eyeshadow in cream to apply the brow bone area to highlight it.


Step 5:
Create a subtle cat eye with MM Inky Black Gel Liner or any gel liner brand of your choice.


Step 6:
For the waterline, I've used my favorite pencil eyeliner Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in 1L or choose to use any eyeliner of your choice.

 Final Summer-Ready eye look

Curl your lashes and add 2 coats of your favorite mascara
I've used Lancome's Oscillating Mascara in Black

Fill in your eyebrows with brow pencil or brow powder


What's on the rest of my face?

For the Face:
Revlon's Custom Creations 020 dial on no. 2
Using Beauty Blender


Set with Shu Uemura's Setting Powder
Using Ecotools' Kabuki Brush


For the Cheeks:
The Body Shop's Kiss of Colour Blush in Vibrant Rose
Using Thevi Dome Brush no. 15


For the Lips:
Clinique Soft Shine Lipstick 
in Blushing Nude

I'm ready to face the world!


But seriously, I'd rather go for "no make up" look on warm weather like this!  But on days that I need to doll myself up!  This is the look I'll go for!  

Hope you like this simple tutorial!
Have a wonderful start of the week!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!!!



  1. I wish it was summer in Toronto already! LOL. I love this look -- so beautiful and fresh.


  2. Oh, I love this look, Nikki! The colors remind me of a beautiful summer sundown. Very pretty!

    Too bad, I can't wear warm shades at all myself. :/

  3. Very pretty Nikki!! i loved the soft blending of colors!! :D

    You go girl!! You're one strong woman and i really admire you for that!! Just keep going and stay pretty!! God bless you!! :D

  4. You rocked this head turning look Nikki! :) Oh and Blushing Nude -- that's my first and ultimate favorite Clinique lippie!

  5. Gorgeous summer look! I can't wait for summer!

  6. Hello, gorgeous, you! Ima have to copy this soon :) Love ya, Nikki!

  7. Now I have something to guide me on using my dollface palette =) Happy Monday, ms. Positive! =D

  8. lovely as usual nikki! great for summer look.. cant wait for your ELF primer review.

  9. I love this! It's a beautiful and fresh summer look!

  10. lovely look! I especially like the defined outer corner :)

  11. nice and simple.. love you're summer look..keep on posting.. ^_^..

  12. GORGEOUS! Just looking at your sweet face cheered me up!

  13. Such warm eyes! Looks so good! I like this makeup a lot :)

  14. love the eyes makeup! looks really pretty

  15. i really like this look, it's not so overdone love it! suits you too. will certainly read your thought about ELF primer. thanks!

  16. Very pretty! How much eyelid primer do you use? My eyeshadow always slides off after I use it...

  17. Michelle, if it gets this HOT there, I'm sure you're not going to wish the same!

    Jess, thanks dear! I know what you mean about some people not being able to wear warm shades, but who knows? Give it another try! hehee

    jenn, thank you! And thanks for the "rararra" :) I do appreciate it that you admire me and acknowdledge my strength, its people like you who help me go through the day! With all the rooting :) Thanks!

  18. Phobes, me too! I love this Blushing Nude! I'm almost halfway na nga eh! :) Thanks sweetie!

    Catherine, I can't wait for summer to end :)

    Teeyah, I'm sure you'll look sizzling hot!

  19. Dang, aww thanks girl!

    Khymm, yes, I'll review it soon! Do wait for it

    Gio, thank you sweetie!

  20. Connie, I really love defining my outer crease because it just goes BLEH without the definition :)

    -AnGiEpInK-, thanks dear!

    JC, you are sweet yourself and you cheered me up!

  21. Anastacia, thank you!

    Dina, thanks for the sweet compliment!

    Charry, thanks!

  22. dHel, will definitely share my thoughts on the ELF Eyelid Primer!

    K, I use only 2 strokes from the wand, I don't use a lot as it'll get a bit too sticky for my taste!

  23. This is soooo pretty, Nikki. Very subtle but I love that pop of color in the outer-V. And you're like me, I usually go make-up less in the summer. It's too hot to be cute, right? LOL!

  24. I am terrible when it comes to applying brow powder and shadow. Thanks for the useful tips and for the look you've conjured up for us.

  25. B, thanks sweetie! You're always the bomb to me!!!

    All Women Stalker, thank you sweetie for the comments, i appreciate it :) You made me smile!

  26. Hi Nikki, where did you get the ELF Eyelid Primer? Does it prevent e/s and eyeliner from smudging? Thanks!

  27. @apple hi Apple, where are you located? I got mine via online seller but it doesn't stay long , try the one from Etude House or if you have budget, Urban Decay still works like a charm!

  28. I got UD now, I love its staying power. Thanks Nikki!


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